Starting the Invisalign Journey - Hamilton, OH

Hello! I am eagerly waiting for my first set of...

I am eagerly waiting for my first set of Invisalign to come in. It seems like I have waited my whole life for the moment to take the plunge and get braces. I have had horrible teeth for as long as I can remember. It never affected me much, however I still wanted strait teeth. My family could never afford proper ortho care so I just lived with my situation. After getting married this past fall and switching to a new insurance plan I am finally able to take this leap!

I am currently waiting for my first try. I took impressions about 4 weeks ago and they are do in anytime. Honestly, I am overgenerous. I have read good and bad experiences. I don't have a great pain tolerance so I am curious how I am feel. I believe putting my experiences on here will make it easier.

I will update as soon as I get my first set and post photos soon! Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. My first tray will be here soon!!



Good luck and keep us posted!
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Thank you! Will do!
Thank you so much for starting your story here, and I look forward to following your progress :).  Don't go in thinking you have a low pain tolerance--what you can stand in your mouth may be different from what you can stand elsewhere.  But, if you can't stand it, there's always over-the-counter medication. ;).  The first tray shouldn't be bad.  Do you know whether you'll be getting attachments, and how many trays you'll have/how long the treatment will be?  When are you due to get the first set of aligners?

If you have any questions after getting that first tray, just ask.  The Invisalign community here at RealSelf is humongous and there is always someone ready to help :D.  Good luck!
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Getting My Invisalign Today, Finally!

Officially going today to get my first trays of Invisalign. I am incredibly nervous and a little excited at the same time. I believe they will be placing the buttons on today and I will wait to put the first tray in on Friday night.
I also finally have a photo to include -


Wow!  Did you have to wait two months to get your first aligners?  Did they give you any reason for that long of a delay (that's waaaaay longer than the norm.)

Thanks for posting a picture!  Your teeth look like my daughter's teeth, only she's not quite seven years old and I assume you're much older, since you're married ;).  Have you had a lateral incisor removed, or is it just in back of another tooth?  Was crowding the only issue you were diagnosed with?  Or do you also have any bite issues or other stuff going on?

Thank you, and I cannot wait to see your first pictures with the attachments!! :D
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Hello! I am 27 years old and should be completely done with my aligners in 2 years. I have a tooth to the left of my front two that is set back. My aligners came in 1 week ago but today is the soonest I could get in. I have severe crowding going on on my teeth and a slight over bit. I'm hoping for a good first few days. I will wait till Friday night to put the first try in because I have a busy two days ahead of me. I'll keep everyone updated! I'm a little nervous!
Don't be too nervous.  For most people it's just pressure, and nearly all issues can be worked through.  Don't hesitate to get on here and ask if you have trouble with something.  And look around at other people's reviews and introduce yourself when you feel comfortable.  People help each other out and support as much as we can!  I look forward to hearing how it goes on Friday!  Do make sure to put them on when you have a good six-eight uninterrupted hours to wear them (without having to take them out for eating or anything else).

Week 1 Update

I am almost to my one week mark with my new Invisalign - phew!

Truth is, they have not been bad at all. I read so many reviews and opinions from others that I was honestly worried about the discomfort I was about to face. I had my attachments put on last Wednesday and waited until last Thursday night to put my first tray in (I really wanted Indian food and was waiting till after that meal to put them in!) I had about 16 buttons on my upper and lower teeth. Those were a little weird to get used to and I can see them slightly. That Thursday night I saw in my living room and put my trays in and then practiced removing them a few times. It was weird - but I rather practice removing the trays before my teeth were sore. I would highly recommend this when you get your first set!
I took 2 pain killers and went to bed. I woke up and was only a little sore. I mean, on a scale of 1-10 maybe a 1.5! Taking them out for breakfast and coffee was not bad either (so glad I practiced!)
The weekend was the same situation. Very little soreness. Some of my teeth has already move a little because I can tell a difference in my bite.

All in all - not bad. Who knows- next week could be a total nightmare. My only annoyance is removing them to eat/drink. I feel a little awkward taking my teeth cleaning it to the bathroom at restaurants. I am still getting used to having plastic in my mouth - I think that is the worse part honestly.

I will update again next week. Any suggestions on cleaning them? I use my toothbrush and toothpaste twice a day and scrub them. They still have a funky-morning breath odor on them. Nothing terrible, but a little gross.

Total Upper Aligners - 38
Total Bottom Aligners - 28



Congrats on starting your treatment! You'll get a routine down for when you eat... it's a hassle taking care of these braces, but it is worth it! I use retainer bright exclusively now and it keeps my aligners clean and sanitized! I've used denture cleaner as well in the past, but doesn't keep the stains away as well as retainer bright does. I've been told to stay away from toothpaste but I have seen an Invisalign video on cleaning your aligners which states to use toothpaste (conflicting info depending on who you ask, right!?) Some people have done well with using dish soap (but don't soak your aligners in it....they will taste like soap for the remainder of the wear after that... I learned the hard way! haha!) Some people have used a tiny amount of bleach (!!) or even mouthwash. Like TwoPlusOne stated some use hydrogen peroxide. Test out a few methods and see what works best for you. Everyone is a little different. One of the things I think you can do to avoid odor, is to keep your aligners soaking in water when you aren't wearing them. Eating at a restaurant makes that impossible, so when you remove them make sure to rinse them completely so that there is no saliva to dry on them. I think that will help with odor as well! :) Good luck! I look forward to seeing your updates!
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I'd recommend being careful with toothpaste, as the ones that are a little gritty can cause microabrasions on the trays which trap plaque and make it more difficult to clean them.  Plain old hydrogen peroxide solution works great for mine, and you can use any kind of detergent or soap to brush them as well as long as it's not gritty.  Retainer Brite also works great for the occasional brightening, especially if you can get a few free samples from your doctor :).  Finally, some people swear by denture cleaner.  I don't know a good brand for that because I've never tried it.  Don't use vinegar!  :D
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Perhaps a few of you could provide some advice. I have noticed over the past 4-5 mornings I wake up a little sore and I believe it's because I am clinching my teeth at night. I don't think I had this problem before. All I know is that when I wake up in the morning I feel a sense of relief from my mouth, as if I have eased up on the clinching.

Anyone else dealing/dealt with this? If so.. any advice?



I had that problem but, unfortunately, I cannot say that I dealt with it.  I just stopped using the Invisalign type of retainer and that mostly fixed it :(.  I wonder if anyone else has managed to stop.  I can say, clenching did help my Invisalign progress very quickly--just at the expense of comfort and bite problems.

Watch out for a posterior open bite if you continue to clench, but for now, your bite is going to be changing so drastically there's not much point in thinking about it until your treatment is closer to done.

If you're interested in what some of our doctors have said about it, you can look here:  What Can I Do About the Constant Urge to Chew on my Invisalign Trays?
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Quick Update - Tray 4

I am almost at the conclution of my 4th tray. I put my 5th set in this week. So far, not to much of a change. I have noticed that my one major gap is getting better (making room for the back tooth) and the opposite side growing in gaps as well. I can really tell a difference when I floss.. the flosser glides right through with no issues.

I have not experienced much discomfort or anything along those lines. I must say, when I first started I was nervous because I read horror stories of "feeling like your ripping your teeth out".. scared me to death!

Needless to day, I am barely sore for 2 days then I am fine. Its such a relief. If my who treatment is like this then I'll be able to deal with it.

Currently about to start set 5 of 38 for top and 5 of 28 for bottom.. progress...

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Spelling Errors... oops

conclusion.. apparently I can't spell! LOL


Hi! Great review. You will be amazed at how quickly you get improvement. My teeth were probably more crowded than yours and I saw dramatic improvement very quickly! I am on my last set of refinement trays and my total treatment time was 18 months! My teeth were looking pretty good after 28 trays but we decided to tweak the results and I am happy I did. Can't wait to see your progress! I honestly can't believe how fast this worked. Good luck!
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Looking forward to your next pic :).  Sometimes it's possible to see progress in a picture collage that you can't trying to look from one pic to the next.  But it's also early days for you :D.
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MK Dental

So far, I am very pleased with my Dentist/Orthodontist. They are fairly new to the area and came highly recommended. I have had about 4 ortho consults over the past three years and they are the first to approve me for Invisalign.

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