RNY Gastric Bypass. 170+lbs weight loss - Hamilton, ON.

Started at 350lbs and ended at 178lbs. I lost 100...

Started at 350lbs and ended at 178lbs. I lost 100 pounds the first 100 days. I feel great. I look great. It was the best decision of my life. 


How do/did you prevent Te extra skin? I'm 6'6" and 315 and 60-70lbs over weight and I was considering the surgery but dobt want the extra skin
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I have extra skin... its just hard to see in the video/pics. There is very little you can do to avoid the extra skin, regardless of what ppl tell you. The more you stretch your skin the less likely it will go back. Plastic surgery is the only way. Its very common. Dont let the thought of excess skin prevent you from having this surgery
Hi Santino. Wow you look great!! Congrats on your WL journey and thanks for sharing.
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I am now almost 4 years post-op and I constantly...

I am now almost 4 years post-op and I constantly get the same questions from people... Have you kept the weight off? Have you gained any of your old weight back? Are you able to eat again? According to my scale as of this morning I weigh 180 lbs. I have been in the 174-184 range for the last 2.5 years. So, yes, im at the same weight i've been since i've had my surgery in May 2009. As for eating... I do find i eat more now but nowhere near the amounts i was accustomed to eating. My breakfast consists of one slice of whole wheat bread, toasted, with either SF jam or cheese or peanut butter. At lunch, i usually have a small greek salad or a small apple. Now that winter is approaching, I like to make soup. I sometimes make one of those Quaker Oats oatmeal packages. I can eat the whole thing but it really fills me up. At dinner, i'll eat whatever the family is eating but in a smaller portion. Mashed pot, corn, brocolli, chicken... about 1 - 1 1/2 cups worth. Pasta doesnt do well with me. I sometimes dump on it. I've tried every single type... whole wheat, rice, egg, it doesnt matter. Im italian so not having pasta was a bummer at first but i'm ok with it now. Ribs and steak also make me dump, along with ice cream. All things i misses the first 6-8 months post-op but rarely think about now. We actually dont keep those things in the house anymore. Outta sight outta mind. In between meals i will snack on a granola bar... half and apple... even a slice of toasted WW bread does the trick. I was never a drinker. I hate beer and wine. Rarely i'd have a mixed drink at a wedding. So i dont miss not being able to drink. I wasnt a big pop drinker before surgery either so taking it out of circulation wasnt a big issue. Ice cream is reserved for bday party's... the rest is tossed. In the summer i go for jogs, in the winter I do a very very light version of P90X or insanity. It keeps me moving. I get about 20-30 emails a day regarding the YouTube video i posted. Im glad its doing what it was intended to do... inform and give a visual of the results from GBP. Everyone should do their homework. Once you've convinced yourself that a particular surgery is right for you then go for it and dont turn back. Dont let other "uninformed" people try to change your mind or sway you into thinking you're making the wrong decision.
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Good luck and best wishes



Wow, you look fabulous. Congrats on your weight loss and thanks for the update!

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You look fantastic. Congrats on all the hard work. :)
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Thanks for the update, you've definitely worked really hard and it shows. Pasta seems to be an issue for a lot of people, as well as rice and bread. Anything heavy and carb-filled seems to have its restrictions.

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I've been asked about any side effects. I produce...

I've been asked about any side effects. I produce kidney stones pretty frequently... sometimes 1x a month. I produced stones prior to surgery too but no where as frequent. My stones are calcium oxalate. There is no medication to cure this. The only way to slow the production is to drink plenty of water (which we should be doing anyway). Gastric Bypass isn't a magic pill, its a tool to help you lose the weight. Its your job to maintain a good healthy lifestyle.


Ciao Santino, congratulations on your great success. I just started the process, I don't even have a date yet. As sad a testimony this is, what makes me most anxious is having to give up pasta. It's not about the taste or anything like that - being first generation Italian American, every holiday, every occasion means family and homemade pasta, usually made by my wife and I from scratch. So there's a whole psychological component and attachment. Can you tell me if you had any similar issues and how you dealt with it? Thanks so much for sharing your experience, it is so helpful. God bless. Joe
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Hi Joe I had the same problem. I loved pasta. I'll be honest... the first 6-8 months were difficult not being able to eat and pasta was the one thing i missed the most. Unfortunately for me i was never able to go back to pasta. It makes me dump. And i've tried every single type... whole wheat, rice, spianch... all make me sick. I'm 4 years post op and occasionally i do crave pasta but the cravings went away after 6-8 months. I rarely think about it. Even at weddings i pass the tray around without touching it and it doesnt bother me one bit. The first 6 months after surgery is where your brain learns that those types of foods are bad and when you eat them they cause pain or make you sick... eventually you dont care for them any more. Its hard to imagine where you are at now that you can go without pasta but trust me, those pasta cravings go away and you wont even think twice about it. I had a restaurant and I do all the cooking in my house, my wife and kids love pasta and i cook it occsionally and i have no problems. You have to look at the big picture. How long will you be around making home made pasta if you remain at the weight you are now?? We grew up with our parents and nonna living off pasta and bread and thats all we know about. There are healthier choices out there. I'm a fanatic of greek salad. I can eat it 3x a day whereas before i didnt even think salad was meal... i thought salad came WITH the meal. Best of luck Joe. Its a decision you wont regret. If you have questions you can email me directly xxxhotmail.com

Thank you Santino and thanks for the email address.




Santiago, it's been 4 years...almost to the day. How are you feeling?
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Its been almost 5 years. I still weigh the exact same. I feel great. Best decision of my life.
Impressive!! I was originally leaning lap band. Ruled that out. Recently leaning towards the Sleeve but, after my first Bariatric Support Group tonight, all five post op individuals had the bypass. Like you, they look great, great attitudes and radiant. Three stated bypass for that total restriction they needed, so if they cheated, you won't do that habit again. Makes sense. Congratulations, and, welcome your perspective or thoughts why bypass over the others. Michael

5 years post-op

I am currently 5 years post-op. As of today i weigh in at 180 pounds. I've maintained my weight throughout my entire journey. I still only eat about 1 cup of food at a time. I still experience dumping syndrome if i eat certain foods (pasta, sugars). If i eat more than i should or faster than i should i will experience major discomfort. This helps keep me at bay. In the summer i enjoy 5-7 km walks/jogs. Life after surgery has been amazing. Best decision of my life.


Congratulations on your journey! You look amazing!
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Hi Meggie,

Here's a link to the sleeve gastrectomy cost map, which shows prices paid by people around the country. Sometimes the surgery is covered by insurance, so these aren't included on the map.

Hope this helps!

RNY Gastric Bypass. 170+lbs weight loss - Hamilton, ON 5+ years maintenance

At almost 6 years post-op, I have maintained my weight loss with the help of weekly exercise.

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5 year post op pic

Ive maintained my weight at 180 lbs for the last 5 years.


You have done a great job very inspirational for people like me who are still trying to lose the weight with their RNY can you give me some tips on your success I still have 50 pounds to go and i am feeling like its never coming off. I live in Hamilton Ontario so anything you do on a daily basis to help you get to where you are would help Thanks Mary
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You have done a great job very inspirational for people like me who are still trying to lose the weight with their RNY can you give me some tips on your success I still have 50 pounds to go and i am feeling like its never coming off. I live in Hamilton Ontario so anything you do on a daily basis to help you get to where you are would help Thanks Mary
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