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I have a fat transfer set for August 5th, I have...

I have a fat transfer set for August 5th, I have been seeing this doctor for over a year making sure he totally understood that I want to look like me and not some movie star wanna be with a pillow face ( Horrible experience with a horrible injector in Halifax). I am just here looking for some feedback and some people to talk to that have went through this procedure... I am REALLY hoping this will work for me.. The change I am looking for is so small, but means so much to me. Any advice or help would be appreciated. Thank you.


Welcome to RS and congratulations ! Any wish pics and ur b4 and after?
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No before and after, I'm only doing this in August, my wish is to look like I did prior to the weight loss. I will post a pic as soon as I figure out how:)

My wish pic!

This is
What I hope to regain, it's mainly through my cheeks ( I have always has year throughs and they don't bother me" I don't wanna look like a celebrity I want to look like me! Not what society deems beautiful, just me!


I had fat transfer about 3months ago and can definitely understand how you feel. I am 25 years old and also had rapid facial fat depletion especially in my upper eye brows area. After contemplating a brow lift and several other procedures I settled with fat injections. I have to say it was the best decision I made! I am so happy with the results I actually want to under go once more because I would like a little more volume. Most of the fat reabsorbs and the swelling aubsides after about 3 months so you only get a suttle change.
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Yeah, that's why most doctors over correct by about 30 percent. mine said we can keep doin the procedure till I am happy with it, he also said that there is not much to correct so one time may be all it takes:) I also gained some weight since that pic from a pregnancy so I'm very excited to get it done:D
Don't get scared bc for the first two weeks you wi look very swollen and not like your self but as the swelling and dead fat reabsorbs you will see the final results. Congrats on your decision to go through with the fat injections I have to say I am very happy I made the same decision and hope you will be too. Also I'm the process great way to loose a little but of fat from your abdomin !!

Finally done first transfer ;)

Well, it was a long road.. A lot of uncertainty , tears and some days even heart ache. I'm glad I did it and I I'll be adding fillers to augment a few places I want more volume ( fat is too unpredictable) and fillers seems to last YEARS, yes years in my face. Here I a pic :) my first one if before any transfer above.


Oh :( bummer I thought u had gorgeous lips from fat but there natural! I had nice lips but I got a laser down for acne scarring and it made my lips shrink and scarred my face all over. It's been the worst experience I have ever gone that in my life and that is an understatement. I can't seem to find a lot of people who had their lips done. Thanks for posting!
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I never had any type of laser and I never had any acne... That's must be hellish, but I know what it's like to live in a depressed state because your looks change drastically .. I lost 60 pounds .. 40 of them I didn't need to lose when my dad got sick with leukaemia.. I felt so bad he couldn't eat and enjoy it that I just stopped eating because it made me feel horrible .. Eventually my esophagus shrunk and I ran into real issues.. By the time the doctors figured it out and a way to reverse the damage I did to my body it was too late. .. So trust me I know. :(
wow I didn't know the esophagus could shrink....jeez. I too lost a lot of weight and didn't want to as I was thin already and looked fine, and the picture of how drastically it affected my prettiness before and after in just one year or so was devastating. I am still struggling to get my health completely back. So I agree - when you lose "who you were" it sucks. What fillers are you thinking of trying Lilah?
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