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I am getting Internal Ultrasonic liposuction on 17...

I am getting Internal Ultrasonic liposuction on 17 Dec 2012 of the upper and lower abdomen, bra roll, and flanks. I have considered doing this procedure for nearly two years now, before I had my kids I was fit, and because I gained 68 pounds with my last pregnancy it left me with a lot of fat and rolls in areas I am having trouble to lose the weight. I would like to get my thighs done as well as I am very curvy however, couldn't afford the extra 3000 dollars for that area, perhaps down the road. I am hoping to look more slick and curvy and have less fat hanging over my pants. I am feeling very anxious for the surgery and for my results. I'll post some pictures before my operation and post some post op when the date finally gets here. Wish me luck!

I had Vaser Lipo a lil ova two months ago and the best thing I did...still in recovery mode with some swelling and not lovng my profile view yet...It was well worth it and I wish I did it years ago...just remember PATIENCE is the toughest part...and u will nd lots of it...its a much slower process than I realized...but u will get there...u can checkout my profile and see where I started to where I am....BEST OF LUCK and keep us posted....this site is awesome when u have questions...which all of us have had many....take care hun.... Sharon :)
Thank you for your post, I am getting very anxious, luckily I begin my christmas holidays from work on the 15 of Dec and am off until the 9 of Jan so hope to get lots of rest and recovery time. I will update everyone with my results :)
Good luck!!!! I'm looking for my surgeon now :)

I was suppose to go for surgery on 17 Dec 12, now...

I was suppose to go for surgery on 17 Dec 12, now have been moved up to 10 Dec 12, so this Monday, very anxious and excited, will post pics after my procedure and updates as well.
What's the differance in ultrasonic lipo and Tradional Lipo? I am scheduled for Tradional lipo on Dec.21st I am super excited and nervous!
Ultrasonic is used for areas that have more fat, such as flanks, it liquifies the fat sending sound waves, and then the fat gets removed. Its good for getting a lot more fat at one time. Its a bit more expensive. It is also called VASER lipo.
Good luck. Are you having Local or General? I had lipo done 6 years ago so booked Jan 15 for some revision stuff as it was local and hurt so he couldn't do my upper abs. Now my upper abs and back but general this time.

Had my surgery yesterday it went great, the staff...

Had my surgery yesterday it went great, the staff was awesome there, and I was out of there shortly after my surgery. There is not too much pain just feels like I did a week of hard workouts more sore then anything although after I felt a little burning, but the doctor prescribed me Tylenol 3's which have been working, I find it hard to sit up so I lay down most of the time. Having a shower soon, and felt very sick when taking my bandages off made me a bit dizzy. But all in all everything feels great.
Kls, you look great. I will have my surgery on 12/14. Just ready for this to be over. The build up is overwhelming. Happy healing.

Day 4 post liposuction. Today I am VERY swollen...

Day 4 post liposuction. Today I am VERY swollen and look larger then my first two days after lipo, but I know it is all temporary and will get better over time. I am nervous however, because my garment is like a corset and it is getting lumpy, I am scared it will effect my overall contour. I take it off once or twice during day to massage our the creases and lumps and to air out because it gets itchy. But I only took my Tylenol 3's at night tonight as I had a busy day out and about. Overall I am feeling great, and staying positive for the end results as I will get sleeker and better contour.
How was your pain after surgery? Did you go home or stay overnight ? How about bruising. I am getting nervous as iit is now 1 month. Even though I had it 6 years ago its a different kind of lipo PAL and I will be asleep.
Hey kls...I would get a one piece garment and put corset over that...this will prevent markings directly on ur skin....I am 11wks post op and I still wear my one piece compression garment...its a stage 2 and so comfortable I dont mind wearing it at all....Good luck!!
Where can I get one?

I am a weeks post operation, and physically I am...

I am a weeks post operation, and physically I am feeling A LOT better then the first day but the pain wasn't overly bad to begin with. I feel I am a bit discouraged on my results, however, I keep being told to be patient. Fingers crossed everyone is right. My compression garment is the biggest annoyance now, it is so itchy, its loosened up a lot, and is just horrible to sleep in, hopefully when I see my doctor 3 Jan I will be able to take it off.
Thanks so much for the info...It helps greatly.
Hi there, first good luck with everything :) Right when I woke up from my general anesthetic I felt a bit of burning from the incision sites, but it was well managed with medication. I left the clinic about 1-2 hours after my surgery, they put my compression garment on and I stood up and went to the bathroom, and was on my way home (someone had to pick me up). I was prescribed Tylenol 3's and they did wonders, only depended on them the first 12 hours then it was ok. The worst pain is going from sitting to standing or moving position, I found it difficult to sit straight up the first couple of days too, but nothing too bad. I think the worst pain for me was the constipation from the pain medication so I took stool softeners and laxative, I feel much better. My bruising was bad the first couple of days but is going down very quickly, I had a lot of my lower abdomen and my hips, they are fading a lot though. Don't be too nervous it seems so much worse then it is, once its over you'll ask yourself why you were so nervous, because I was very nervous as well.

So today I am 10 days post lipo and I am so...

So today I am 10 days post lipo and I am so excited and happy with my results. There are lumps and swelling still and I am not even close to the end results but I am still very impressed. I was discouraged on the 5th day because the swelling was so severe. My pain level is close to nothing, but the garment is very annoying. I am posting pictures often because one thing I wanted to see was if there was actually any difference, because spending all that money you want something to work. So I hope my pictures give people an insight on their decisions in getting lipo, and realize it does help you regain your pre-pregnancy shape, and regain your confidence :)
Thanks for posting! I also want to get lipo but Dr's are trying to tell me I need a TT or my skin will sag. I do not have loose skin now and dont need to have a washboard stomach. just need some help getting it down! lol If you see this comment would you mind posting a pic now? Would like to see long term results.
Hi. Since having lipo I had another baby, so I am 5 months post partum. My tummy is still very flat and my back with no rolls. If you like I can post a PIC of me, but I am still not in the shape I want. But the lipo results are still awesome.
oh congrats! I have a 6 month old. Would you please post?

5 months postpartum AFTER my lipo I had done in Dec 2012, this is me May 2014

I had lipo done in Dec 2012 and then got pregnant Feb 2013, had my baby Dec 2013. I am currently 5 months postpartum, and I must say my lipo results are still awesome. I am still working towards my weight goal, but the results stayed. So for people wondering if results will stay during and after pregnancy I hope my post helps :)

Also I should mention I also work out 3-5 times a week.
Thanks for your post. I am glad you have kept your good results.
I posted more photos, hope it helps
Nova Scotia Plastic Surgeon

He is an excellent doctor, I give him 5 stars even though wait times weren't perfect, however, that is not his fault directly, he is a very busy man. The clinic I went to is one of the only clinics in Nova Scotia so he chose me I guess, however, he is rated the top plastic surgeon in Canada in Flare magazine, and has a lot of great experience. I would recommend him to anyone. Very blunt and to the point, and is truthful, I like that even though sometimes people may think its harsh. Great doctor, great clinic, and great staff :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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