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I'm a 5"0 128 lb drug down diva! I have been...

I'm a 5"0 128 lb drug down diva! I have been considering breast reduction since probaby 16, where I felt like the girls were never gonna stop growing! I'm now 21 and have started the reduction journey. I will be having my surgery on Dec 12, 2012, only 2 months after my first appointment with the PS. Here's my story, have loved reading all of yours.


Congrats! Keep us posted! I suggest taking before and after pics! It is so neat to look at and think WOW!
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Welcome to RealSelf!    Your a tiny little thing:)    Yes you will feel amazing getting rid of the load.  

Keep us up to date on everything.

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I am sure you will be happy after your reduction.
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One week + 2 days away!! I am getting so anxious...

One week + 2 days away!! I am getting so anxious for the surgery, have been carefully preparing everything so that I will be able to completely relax over the weeks leading up to Christmas. This will probably be the first and last year that all of my gifts are bought and wrapped, tree is up and decorated by Dec 1st!

I have managed to hunt down compression bra's after searching intensely! FYI Ladies.. If you are searching in the Maritimes, it is difficult to order things online! Your only options (that I have found)will be at Lawtons, I call them my granny bra's as they only come in white and are .. welll.. not exactly gorgeous hehe, velcro straps and all!

I'm getting nervous and feeling like people can only listen so much to you talk about your impending pain, excitement or anxiousnss.. and wanting to scream, "I CANT WAIT TO HAVE NEW BREASTS" isn't exactly what goes well with a morning cup of coffee. Happy there are communities like this where I can safely vent my ideas, god love my hubby for being so supportive, but I think he's at the end of his ropes listening to my droning. It is such a huge part of me though, it is hard to believe within a week and a half I'll feel so different.

I don't have a pre-op appt, just going to the hosp 2 hours before my surgery, is this normal? This Dr is new to Halifax.. has anyone had work by Dr. Tavid Tang? He seems great, I just haven't found any online referrals!

Am I crazy ladies? Anyone else consumed by their upcoming surgery? The good and the bad?


I also do not have a "pre-op" appointment that sounds like everyone else's, I just have a phone interview with a nurse in hospital admissions to go over my medical history. My surgeon doesn't require bloodwork since I am a healthy 21 year old, just slightly over the BMI I should be at. That's got to be why you don't need one as well.
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i believe a Pre-opp is neccesary! that is when your blood is being taken and physical is done before surgery to let them know how your system is working along with your red and white blood cells. i go for mines in a few days, i already did my blood a few days ago, just got to go to my pre-opp and my surgery is next friday.
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And oh ya I'm consumed with it also and do stop myself wonderin if theryre being polite but sic of hearing me. Lol
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EEEP. Doctor just called to ask me to come in the...

EEEP. Doctor just called to ask me to come in the evening before my surgery for my preop now. oh my god. i am so excited.


They changed my instructions, and I do have a pre-op appt now. Same day and time (dec 12th!) but I actually have to go in. Because my surgery is being held at the hospital, and not the surgeons surgery center, this is why my stuff had to change.
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oh perfect!! yeah seems to be a last minute thing! i will be completely gonezoed while you are at your pre op but will be thinking of you! hehe. good luck!
yeah so do a preop. mine did blood work and vitals but wasnt anything major. i think they just check things to make sure nothing sticks out and then ur good. if ur healthy no worries its normal they do it a bit before ur surgery. i guess if ur dont have any other issues they go ahead and dont worry with it.
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What.a.weekend. It is absolutely exhausting...

What.a.weekend. It is absolutely exhausting preparing for surgery. Even a one bedroom apt feels like it taked forever to clean, plus get ahead of work, get xmas stuff ready, groceries etc etc etc. I am 3 days out and want it to be here so I can relax!!


Good luck and speedy recovery to you!
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Yup it's officical it is tomorrow that i go in for...

yup it's officical it is tomorrow that i go in for surgery!!! aka The dreams have started!!! tonight I have an apt to go get my markings done etc since I am the first to go in in the morning, I must have dreamed 5 times last night that I missed the pre op appt.. despite the fact that it is at 4:30pm. I also had to quit smoking for the surgery and keep dreaming I have the cigarette up to my lips and then I'm freaking and feeling guilty because I have the surgery within a day.. I swear I am loooosing it.. Will be so happy once I'm awake after the surgery and my mind isn't bombarded with absolutely obsessssing over this surgery!

I will post a picture up later of the pre-reduction bra collection, I figure there is over $1000.00 in bras, sports bras and lululemon excercise tanks!! It makes me feel a little sick, but hopefully I can find someone who can fill out those pups!

Today is my last day at work and after Xmas I go back to school so it is a very exciting day, my mom is also coming over and she's going to take care of me and my pooch (we live in a building with no elevator)! for the next few days so that will be nice

Will post this eve about how the pre op went...


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Thank you all for your sweet words.. I am 6 hrs...

Thank you all for your sweet words.. I am 6 hrs away! Of course its 2am right now and I have given up trying to sleep my brain will just not shut off. Went to see PS at 4pm and got my mrkings done, fyi it takes a while! He took about 30 min so im glad he,ll have a good road map. He also decided I was a good candidate for the lollipop incision so very happy about that! He also said I'd be bandaged up, no drains and dont have to come back for 10 days until after surgery was shocked to hear that but sounds like he usually has patients who do great with that healing time so I guess no care instructions for me until dec 21! I hope that's a good thing lol. Wish me luck soul sistas, I feel lie the worst part of this might just be the being anxious-cantstopthinking-dontsleep-nowgetting hungry at 2am part of this all... here's to hoping!!


Hope ur surgery went ok. Now u can relax and rest!!!
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Hope you are doing well this morning:)

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good luck with ur surgery!!! hope all goes well. keep us posted as to ur progress! :)
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Okay ladies sorry I have been so mia! Let it serve...

Okay ladies sorry I have been so mia! Let it serve as the fact that I have been enjoying my rest and taking my time recovrring!
So here are the deets about the big day!
My surgery was t 8:30 but had to be there at 6:30. Got registered,had preop nurses ask me questions about my health and my medications. I waited with my hubby until 830 when the anesthesiologist and nurse brought me into the or. I had an IV put in and they gave me a Med to helpme relax, hooked up the ekg tabs gave me the mask and away I went.

*TIP take both surgical bras if you have them! Despite the fact that I was given gravol before/while in surgery I proceeded to throw up within 2 minutes  of going to the recovery room and ddnt have my other bra. They gave me another nausea Med and I immediately  felt better. At 3pm I was sent home.

Getting home was fine,  I felt strong enough to walk the 3 flights of stairs to my apt aonnd just wanted to get into my recliner o rest. I was prescribed dilauded and spent the rest of the day quite content in my chair. It is day 6 since my surgery and i have slept in my chair since the surgery, tonight will be my first sleeping in my bed argh cant wait! Onday 4 I stopped taking the pain meds on day 4.
*TIP take stool softeners!! I swear to god you will thank me for this! On day 5 I had to go to the ER as I was dry heaving and hadn't had a bm in 6 days, they gave me gravol in an IV, fluids and sent me home with an enema... trust me you do not want to get to this point! I thought I was dying! It was by far the hardest part of recovery!

On day 3 I went to winners for a bit with myh momma was good to get out but got hot wearing my fleece jammie top so I was sweating and getting itchy from the bra! I found using a fan has been great! Wear my fleece button up jammies cuddled in a blanket comfortably so the fan was on me, it was great.
Since day 3 I've been ghoing out on errands with my mom, dad nd hubby. I have not driven yet but it is on the list. Starting to feel more like doing stuff now but mostly ive been enjoying the fact that I'm able to totally relax.

I haven't seen the girls yet as my follow up isn't until Friday the 21. Looking don my brathough they look like hey have a great cute perky shape so I can't wait to see them fri! My dr has been great and he said in total they removed 407from lefty nd almost 400 in right. I had the lollipop icission and no drains.

Ladies if yo are getting ready for this do not stress! I have been feeling great and never had extreme pain, mostly discomfort at times. I was breaking after I got up on the surgery table, but wish I could have been more aware that it wasnt as bad ass in expected.. I even feel like going to hubbys Xmas party ( for a short time)  on thurs. Will update with pics on Fri, any questions just ask :)


Congrats on being a postie!! xx
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Try to take it easy! I know you feel like you are ready to do all the things you are use to doing, but your body may say otherwise. i had my three week follow up yesterday and was still told to delegate task and to take it easy. So you do the same!
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congratulations!!!! so happy for you!
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***question*** Okay ladies!!! I have a question!!...

Okay ladies!!! I have a question!! I didn't have drains put in after surgery and had lollipop incisions, 2 weeks after my surgery (now) oone of my incisions is leaking, it started 2 days ago and is still draining a small amount, it looks to be an orangeish red color. It does not smell at all and the wound does not look green or yellow or really red. Help? Is it normal to have drainage after 2 weeks and not really having any before??


From what I understand it is normal BUT I would def get it looked at as your Dr may need to drain so that your incision line does not go POP!!! Keep an eye on the fluid and the smell. I would make sure you are keeping the area extra clean and as dry as possible. I would always gently very gently massage the breast and any extra fluid if there is should seep out. It may be a stitch that has cause it all so also gently rub the surface to see if you feel a stitch somewhere. If you do gently tug and you will probably find a knot that your body could not or did not want to absorb. Keep us posted!
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I have read in some other reviews that women have had drainage that late but I would still call your doctor just in case he wants to see you. Good luck!
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As as. I write this, I sit in the plastic office,...

As as. I write this, I sit in the plastic office, a very frustrated girl. I have open wounds that now require daily wound dressing changes and the possibility of corrective surgery. I am feeling so frustrated and alone. My hubby has been incredible in taking care of me and aiding the frustrations I have, I don't know where I'd be without him. I was supposed to have nurses come into my home on the weekend to change my dressings and low and behold, my paper work never got sent so I had no one come, having to wait until monday to have these changed. Having wounds packed makes me want to nearly throw up. I hope none of you have to experience this. I am doing my best to stay positive but it is proving to be difficult when I am feeling so weak and tired from the infection and open wounds. Despite that, I still believe in my plastic surgeon and know he will take care of me . I just wish this would end


thank you for all of your support and well wishes... still working on figuring out where I will get my dressings changed each day which is very frustrating but luckily i have it covered for another week to have someone do it. fingers crossed that this will be over soon
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you look amazing! The open wounds and infection will pass, the healing will just be a bit longer. Just gotta say that your new shape is beautiful, keep a smile on your face and keep in touch and chat with all of us boobie reduction ladies for moral support! xx
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I'm so sorry your not having a good recovery Try to stay positive and keep saying to yourself it won't be long and all this healing will be done and I'm Gona look and feel great no more neck and back pain and I'm Gona be able to wear what I want and omg I can shop in Victoria Secrets Your young your Gona bounce back from this I promise and its all going to be worth it think bikini tops Eat plenty of protein ,rest lots I'm Gona be sending you healing hugs and praying for a better recovery for you xoxox
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**New Question** So I've been getting my...

**New Question**
So I've been getting my dressings changed regular and am still healing slowly, however I've been talking some with my doctor about having another surgery in about a year to aid in the scarring due to my wound separation. Has anyone else had wound separation and how did it heal afterwards? Please leave me a comment I'd like to check out before and after pictures if possible, feeling alone and just want to know how this may look in the end!


Hey... hope you are recovering well! That sounds like quite the hassle, but on the bright side you look incredible! I am also getting my reduction done by Dr. Tang... despite your wounds (which are a total bummer... good on ya for trying to stay positive!!) your story makes me that much more excited! I can only hope they turn out as well as yours did. Best of luck :)
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