Booked Surg for Upper and Lower Eyes - Halifax, NS. Canada

I went to Landings Surgical Centre in Halifax. I'm...

I went to Landings Surgical Centre in Halifax. I'm 39, both my parents have HORRIBLE bags under their eyes and I have to fix this. It bothers me every time I see myself in pictures or the mirror. Wondering if anyone has gone to Landings Surgical Centre in Halifax. The Dr seems very nice. I was so nervous that I forgot to ask what the outcome would be...... If my expectations are realistic or not. My surg is not booked until December when I can take time off of work. Thanks for any input!
May I suggest that you read as many recent blepharoplasty blogs as you can. Of ladies your age . .....maybe not mine. Well done for doing it now...I'm sorry I didn't do it at 40. We all have different experiences. Make notes and then ask your PS about what you have found. Ask hims specifically how he is doing the surgery. How many has he done....lowers are difficult to do. Will you have dissolvable sutures etc. Some of our experiences will frighten you a little ...but if you are educated as to what might happen you will be able to get your surgeons answers beforehand ...forewarned is forearmed. Follow Dr Steinsapir on this site. I don't know him at all but I read his answers and he is very kind and encouraging. Don't let all this put you off. In general most of us are pleased. My main warning is ....patience is a must!!!!
I can't find any info on that doctor, I hope you get some responses from the community :)
Keep us posted on what you find out.

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