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I bought this machine from overseas and the cost...

I bought this machine from overseas and the cost includes the machine and the hair removal lamp and a skin rejuvenation lamp. I purchased it because I weighed up the cost of repeated visits to the clinic, not to mention the time to go there and it worked out cheaper this way. I love it and am looking forward to the day I will be hair free and no more razors.

I have very sensitive skin and suffered from major ingrown hairs and razor rash. I have used the hair removal on my legs, arms, underarms, bikini area and the skin rejuvenation on my face and legs mainly to rid of broken capilary veins, but it has also improved my skin texture and colour. I have used the hair removal on my legs approx. every two weeks a total of about 7 times. I think I only need about another 2 or 3 sessions to completely remove all the hair. I had very dark thick hair. Used correctly and follow the instructions. It doesn't hurt one bit, if it does it means the setting is too high, so just lower it. But bear in mind the lower the setting the more sessions you will need to do.

Sorry I have no photos.


What kind of laser machine did you get? Are you still happy with the results?
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Hi again, I am VERY happy with the results and am almost completely hair free on my legs :) Just a few strays here and there. I also didn't do it as often as I could have. You can use it again as soon as hairs appear, which for me was every 3-4 days. I must admit though that I was using one of the lamps a few times, after it had expired, as each lamp has a certain amount of life in them. There is no way to determine this - only the fact it didn't work, it took me a few times before I realised it. My underarms seem a bit more stubborn and took longer than I would have thought. The skin rejuvenation isn't the strongest, but I am asking a tough task, as I have many spider veins and they do reappear, unlike the hair. I use the IPL VISS machine. vissbeauty.com Would totally recommend to all.... which I do :)
PS. If you planning on doing a large area, I suggest you buy two lamps with the machine to save on postage. Good Luck.

Hi mslenora,

No need to apologize for not having pictures, it's cool, but we appreciate the thought ;) This is a great review for the community to know. I bet you save a ton of money doing it yourself, which is awesome.

Thanks for the review, enjoy your week!


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I cant rate these things as I did it all myself. But the website has plenty of info and you can email any questions with fast replies.

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