Pretty & Painful but I Will Repeat if Needed

Decided to look into Zoom whitening before a photo...

Decided to look into Zoom whitening before a photo shoot i had coming up. Was really nervous after reading reviews on RS. Seems like 90% of the reviewers say its too painful n the wouldn't do it again. Soon after I got it done & felt the sharp pain coming in and out I thought the same thing. (Back track) I found a $99 groupon so I figured why not try it out. Btw it was my 1st time having zoom whitening . Before I purchase my groupon I called the office to make sure I could come in before my vacation & photo shoot . They fit me in with no problem . The day before actually . I arrived at tge office filled out some paper work then they took me back. had my niece with me n they let her come back after they did my xray pics. The assistant was on point then can the Dr. He checked me out then let the assistant prepare me for the zoom. She put a blue lip holder in then gauze & a gel that protects your gums. After the gum protector dried she applied the whitning gel then attached the uv lite to my lip holder. she then set the timer gor 15min. I thought to myself after the 1st round that this was easier then i thought so i told her that i was ready for round 2. she sucked off the old whitning and proceed to apply the new gel. still feeling fine at this point. relaxed watching tv white my niece took pics of me. Assistant always checked in & told my niece where she would be if i needed her. 3rd round here we go . She repeated the appl and set clock for the last 15 min. 4-5 minute into it a started to feel this warm then hot sensation . Omg here we go i thought. Snapped my finger & n came the Asst. I signal to her that i was feeling heat n she lift the uv light off me n the heat went away. She asked if i wanted to continue n i said yes so i did. Yes i did it . 3 15min sessions complete. Couldn't wait to view my results. She removed everything out my mouth told me to rinse out my mouth in the sink then have me a mirror . Wooooow ( Flavor Flav) I love it. She told me that I went off the teeth chart they have. Stated that ppl pay extra to get my color white. She gave me some Sensodyne toothpaste & sent me on my way. Happy camper I was til I got in my car and turned on the Ac . Wtf huge zinger hit me . My head flew back and my niece jumped . It disappeared a second later but I was so afraid at this point I took 2 pain pills and rushed home not wanting to talk . Everytime I opened my mouth the zingers returned even worse then the last time. Almost cried . Thought to myself why why why. Went home and slept it off . The next day I was vacation day so I was hoping the zingers were done and they were. Thank the most high. All I'm all like the say "No pain no gain" . My advice is to have a least 2pain pills handy n pop then b4 u leave the dentist then don't make plans for the rest of the day. Sleep it off.

No pain no gain is right. The dentist told me when she was about start making dental impressions that the procedure will cause some sensitivity and varies from intense to mild. It depends on the condition of your teeth. However before the whitening was scheduled I had teeth cleaning done and was given some M1 Paste. It helps with sensitivity and restores enamel. I did feel the zinging sensation off and on. It was terrible just uncomfortable it'd start for a couple seconds then go away. To help with that problem I used the M1 Paste and some Sensodyne. Popped a couple of Aleve and I was fine. So it varies from person to person. If you smoke, drink a lot of soda/coffee or anything that would increase the acidity in your mouth, you'd probably feel these sensations more so than someone who doesn't. My advice. Before you do this treatment try to give yourself 3 weeks prior and switch to a toothpaste that is for sensitivity and strengthens enamel. This will give your teeth some time to harden before you go in for your whitening. If you are still unsure take some pain pills before hand. Its all cosmetic but I was thrilled to have it done and I'm always smiling just to show them off. It was noticable. Another thing is I got a take home tray for touch ups. I was directed to use it once in a while for maintenance. It came with the whitening gel and the custom trays and another Relief ACP. The Relief ACP is for emergency sensitivity. It quickly melts and starts to rebuild enamel after you do your maintenance.

They didn't give me a go home tray. It was available with a price. Didn't think I needed the go home tray and the Sensodyne they gave me should be just fine. I noticed that after the zoom whitening when I brushed my teeth my gums were sensitive . Keep that in mind and try not to brush hard. I now use Crest 3D white mouth wash & Sensodyne in the morn and Crest 3D white at night. Sounds like a lot of mixing but I love the Crest and feel like I need the Sensodyne

Thank you so much for posting pics! I'm glad to hear you were able to sleep through the zingers, and that you got great results!!

Are you suppose to do touch-ups at home periodically?

Dr. Paul Ahn

Only saw Dr. Paul got about 10min . He came in reviews my X-ray photo then examined me. He let me know his finding , what to look forward to then asked if I had any questions . He was very laid back & welcome. Made me feel comfortable in that short time. However there was a dental assistant that was do good to me . Wish I could remember her name . Come to find out we have the same plastic surgeon . She went above and beyond to make me comfortable and even gave me free sample toothpaste . She checked on me like every 2-3 min. Really nice clean place with caring staff . After Procedure i haven't from this office since . I don't think it's necessary .

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