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I Had Surgery a Week and A Half Ago

I'm 34, mother of 2, had two hernia's (one failed...

I'm 34, mother of 2, had two hernia's (one failed hernia operation), a totally absent belly button and a lot of loose skin. Admitedly, my anxiety was high at even the thought of a surgery. But after dealing with girdles that either roll up my belly or under my belly and all the other uncomfortable contraptions, I gave in.

I had my surgery a week and a half ago with the most amazing Doctor ever. He was great, his recovery room staff were great, even his anesthesiologists was great--hilarious. They all made me feel comfortable, like I really had nothing to worry about. And I didn't.

Since my surgeon requires patients with Tummy Tucks to go to an after-care facility for one night where you're waited on hand and foot by nursing staff, you feel like royalty. The smoothies were excellent.

I can't even imagine having had to go home right after that major surgery to my 2 and 3 year old with drains and bleeding and medications and vitaling. My husband is great, but I think it would've been tough for him. So I stayed two days. ;-) When I got out, I was walking well, learned how to manage my pain, cleaned up and relaxed, ready to heal.

The best part, I think, my surgeon was more than a surgeon. He's actually invented some of the procedures that other doctors are using. And did the hybrid tummy tuck on his wife, Extra presenter, Dayna Devon. I work with doctors for a living and I know what makes a good docor great is 1) bedside manner and 2) someone who doesn't treat you like a list of plug and play symptoms but someone who goes above and beyond to better his work, the industry for that matter.

Pros-My biggest concern was that I'd look boxy in the middle, not really natural. I don't know if anyone else has noticed but with tummy tucks, I've noticed a sort of boxy look in the abdomen, not really sculpted or contoured like a natural look would have. I would have been happy to live with the box above what I had but I must say, only a week and a half later, I'm seeing the contour and I'm really pleased. I'm not sure if that was the extra lipo-sculpting that did it. I think so.

Cons-Drains for 7-10 days, maybe longer depending on how you heal. Mine was 7 days. Little nagging pains. Constipation from the vicodin. I had to stop taking Vicodin after 3 days and switch to Tylenol. But that first bowel movement was excrutiating.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

To live a comfortable life again without hiding my belly from my husband, my friends, or a high wind that wraps my clothes tight around my belly or lifts it up. It's nice to have my old self back again, girdle free. It feels right.

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Hey all. Im 12 days post op and UGH Im going crazy because I have 2 and 4 yr old at home that really need my attention. Im still feeling weird about my tummy. The incision doesnt hurt at all. BUT its all the tightness in my abs that are kicking my butt right now. I cant stand straight all the way yet. What I do is I stand up against the wall for a few mins a days about 3 to 4 times a day and I find that relieves the tension from being hunched over. I still cant fit into my clothes. I think its cuz my cut is still tender so I cant put NOTHING over them. My Dr told me I could stop wearing my binder a week ago. BUT Im weary about that. I keep reading about people wearing them religiously so Im wearing some shorts looking gurdle that I bought at the mall. ALSO yelling at my teenager doesnt help out AT ALL. When I eat I feel like my stomach is gona bust... is any of this normal. I tried on my bikini this morning and was discouraged because it seems that the incision at the begining and end is too high for my bathing suit =-( then again if he woulda gone any lower it would be in a sensitive part of my body.. I hope all of this was worth it. I do have a flat tummy. The lower part is swollen still. I guess it woulda helped to have said from the get go that I had a full tummy tuck, and lipo on my lower back and backside of my ribs... that hurt really bad. Someone tell me Ill be nomal someday. My muscles feel so numb its scary, they are tight and pull with any move. OH and DONT COUGH OR SNEEZE... GOD I felt like something inside of me came undone sorta like when u pull velcro apart... =-( Not feeling too great. Im almost regreting this whole thing. I shoulda done lipo 1st.
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I have the same problem with the girdles etc.. they just hold back the skin mostly you can still see the huge bulge that makes me look about 5 months prego... Plus I do massage and it's really hard with a hernia! Not too mention picking up the twins at 20 pounds each!! I'm thinking that if your doctor could do it without the alloderm (or mesh), than mine should too! And I totally agree about the boxy results that alot of people seem to get... I'd much rather find a surgeon who can make me look like I have a waist again!!
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can you post pics of before and after? your doctor didnt need alloderm? thank you soo much for responding, i'm scheduling it in june soo the more info i have the better!
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Hey! I had a huge hernia. It was wierd. There was a hole and it poked out like a huge ball in my stomach if I leaned back. Before my tummy tuck, I had it repaired through my HMO thinking that everything would straighten itself out once it was repaired. No such luck. My surgeon, Dr. Moelleken, had to completely redo it cause teh hernia came back and it still looked a mess. It's awesome now. I'm just 4 months out of surgery. The surgery experience and recovery was a hundred, million, times better than my HMO. I didn't have to pay extra for the hernia repair part though. It's really all connected, isn't it. The doc has to sew everything back in a corset anyway, that would include the hole. So I'm not sure why that would be more. All that to say, I probably had the worst hernia on the planet. Actually, it was so bad that I was featured on a TV show about hernia's after babies (I had two back to back and was 128lbs before) and the before and after, and how a tummy tuck can repair it. It was embarassing to be on national TV like that but I thought it was worth it if it could help other women know there's something that can be done about it. I hope it helps you too. Good Luck. Nat
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Did any of you have a big hernia (diastasis recti)? Mine is ginormous and the doc says I have to pay an extra $2,000 for Alloderm to sew it together.. He quoted me $11,000...
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I am looking to get a tummy tuck here in Alberta. I am 21 years of age and I am 160lbs before my child I was 130lbs and cannot lose the last 30lbs and i have stretch marks below my belly botton. A few questions for those who had a tummy tuck. A) does it take fat off your hips? B)How many sizes did you go down. I know everyone is different. Also how much did it cost everyone?
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that sounds like good advise, i need to have another word with my surgeon,ans make sure he doesn't get too aggresive with taking the skin out. I spoke to a patient who had the tt done with the same surgeon that im using and she advised me she couldn't walk for 6 weeks.Six monthes on,and her stomach is still numb!!! I was petrified after hearing that and decided to canx!Anyone pls advise.
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Wow, that's horrible. I was feeling great at about day 5 except the occassional pulling if I sat or reached wrong. My sister-in-law had problems similar to yours. She said she couldn't stand straight for 6 weeks. Yikes! And had drains for 14 days. Double yikes! So when I met with the surgeon I ultimately chose, I made sure to bring this up with him. He said that when a surgeon is over-agressive (takes too much skin) you get that result of not being able to stand for weeks. He explained that there were ways to avoid it. His technique was right on because I was standing straight within a few days--still protective of the area (hunched when I wanted to be) but comfortable straight. Also, I stayed at an After-Care Spa, recommended by my surgeon, the first two nights after surgery, so I was waited on hand and foot--smoothies, changing dressings, administering medications. THe first 2 days are what I consider the most difficult recovery days. I'm 4 weeks out now and my tummy looks great, totally flat. Some swelling is still there though. I've started a scar fade cream as well. I totally agree about my tummy feeling wierd. Mine's still numb in the middle. My doctor encouraged me to touch it after 5 days to get to know my abs again but it's still a bit wierd. I think that all surgeons aren't made equal and one with great bedside manner, experience and technique make all the difference. Good Luck with your healing.
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I had a tummy tuck on 2/20/09. My reason for doing it was like most others, I hated my belly. I could deal with the fat rolls,most days; but really hated the stretch marks I got from having my first born son. I have had 3 children.My husbands favorite thing to do in the summer is of course to take our boat out on the lake, to the sand bar where everyone hangs out and partys, including my husband. I stayed in the boat and talked to noone, because I was so self conscience of my stretch marks. I felt if I wore a one piece, that people knew I was hiding something. Anyways made summers long and dreadful. Today Im 9 days out of post op. I think I really went into surgery blind sided,"and I read these blogs, and others, I obsessed on sites like this one." like I was going to go in and do this, and after Im gonna be a hot mamma walking around. Well thats so not true right now. The first couple days I was in alot of pain. Having to walk bend over like a hunch back really sucks. And my tummy really did not feel like mine, "what did they do to me" is all I kept thinking, I was going into a depression because my tummy felt so hollow on the inside, and I was swollen and bruised thank god I knew what the incision was going to look like, due to all the before and after pictures I looked at. But noone really talks about how your tummy is going to feel diffrent, not normal. Now on day 9, I can simi walk straight. It was really hard the first day I tried, I kept thinking, OMG Im going to rip myself from one end to the other, there is no way I can stand straight. And the back pain from it is horrible. My husband made a good point, he told me that I can stand straight because when I was in surgery being all sewed together I was flat on my back, everything was stretched out already. And that has helped me alot. I decided to quit being a baby and just do it. Today im walking around pretty straight, but really slow, I have no pain in my belly, but my back still really hurts, and still swollen. I go back to work tomarrow. Kinda scared about it, but want to get back to being normal as soon as I can. I cant say I would do this all over again. But I hope I helped someone realize what really happens post op. Oh and looking at your own before and after pictures really helps. It makes all the bad with this surgery really worth it.
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