Had Slim Lipo on Abs 6 Days Ago

I am having a hard time finding reviews on slim...

I am having a hard time finding reviews on slim lipo so I thought that I needed to start. I had slim lipo on my upper/lower abs and a bit of the flank, on 4/8/09 and although there was some pain, it was not unbearable. I was loopy and out of it for the most part but could move when needed to and had an understanding of what was going on. I don't understand when people say that they drove themselves home. My dr would never have allowed that. I couldn't have done it! I'm swollen and sore but no more than expected. I stopped leaking/draining by the next morning. They milked a lot out so it wasn't to bad.

My stomach is fairly hard at this point. I did not expect to be so swollen in my pubic region but I think that's because I just didn't think about that area at all. The incisions are very small 2 in the belly button, one on each side at the waist, can't really see from the front and one at about the pubic bone. I am now in a love hate relationship with my compression garment! Over all, so far, there is nothing happening that I have not expected. My dr was very thorough and told me to do as much research as I could before the surgery. I'm excited to see the results but know that it will be a while. So far so good.


I am thrilled with my slim lipo results on my abs! I will post by before and 1 months pics later today.
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hey jodi. i just placed a post today. i paid $3000 for the chin and central and lower abs. Atlanta is cheaper than other areas i believe. it was strangly cheaper to do more than one area than to do just one area. i am only 6 days past surgery so it's too soon with the swelling but i will update when i have less swelling and post pics too
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Hey, can you guys tell me the average cost you are paying for this per area. I am interested. Also, not too many of you mentioned your results.

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Photo Update


Just want to add a different experience to the above. I had slim lip on abdomen, sides and back. I was not conscious during procedure, thankfully. When I woke I was in intense pain and remained so for 2 weeks. I could barely get to the toilet or in/out of bed without wanting to scream. At the same time, there was a large lump - what seemed to be a ball of water - in my right abdomen for which my surgeons prescribed lymphatic drain massage. After 3 weeks of that he finally did an aspiration. All this time I was wearing a compression garment and getting 3x week massages. On check-up all looked good and I went on vacation. Now 10 weeks later the "ball" is back, only very hard. I am unable to complete the mild exercises I was doing prior to vacation.
This has cost more and the after-effects have been nothing like advertised. Back up to normal the next day? Not hardly! And still scared what these hard lumps which seem to be spreading are. After the fact people tell me that oh yeah a whole abdominal region is major.
NOW they tell me.....be careful out there!
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i thinks theres doctors in california who do it theres a website smartbreastreduction.com
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Hi xcherryx, ive enquired about that as well. it seems there are some surgoens will do it on the breasts but im having trouble finding one in my area (Washington DC). I found a clinic in DC that does it but when i ring they dont answer/its engaged and i've emailed them 3 times and no reply so not sure if its that they're busy (washington wellness institute) or that they're out of business!!! i'll keep trying as I want to get it done that way too. very few seem to want to do it - im looking to reduce volume and less concerned about how perky i am - i just want less of me!! if anyone knows a surgeon who does it, we would all like to know who and where and how much it cost!!
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Dr Andy Castillo

He had a very straight forward approach.

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