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I Had Radiesse Hand Rejuv a Few Hours Ago - Love It!

I finally had my hand rejuvination done.I had one...

I finally had my hand rejuvination done.I had one syringe of Radiesse injected/ spilt between both hands total.

Pain during injection was almost non existent. I only felt the needle prick. So far I love the results. My hands had obvious veins that were embarrassing and I would hide my hands in photos. I felt I had the hands of a 70 year on a 41 year olds body.

I will see final results after swelling goes down, but I don`t have much swelling. I will update my progress. So far wonderful. Getting my cheeks done in two weeks.

How long does Radiesse last in your hands? Are you still happy with the results and have the results lasting to date?
Did you ever develop any problems from the filler?
Now I am having a painful itch and redness on my right pinky knuckle.I called my dr today and he said to take motrin.I don`t think motrin is for bad itchy red pain and swelling.I`m going to the office in the morning because it`s starting to feel like it`s burning!
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