I Had No Idea What I Was in for

I Like many thought I had researched lipo disolve...

I Like many thought I had researched lipo disolve but no never enough could you research something that gave you so much pain - I am 44 years old I have been looking at my sagging arms, looking at my mothers knowing that my future was in my genes so after much thought I knew I had to do something - a girlfriend had had liposuction ( best friend from school days wheelchair bound) - nursed her through her lipo - she breezed through it thought no problem will do it - worried about down time though 6 weeks at that time seemed like a lifetime - decided no - heard about lipo disolve everything sounded good - no down time - a little swelling slight discomfort etc - straight back to normal..............well where is normal now - from the first injection I could not believe the pain by the time I left the surgery ( I reckon I was in there for 15mins) my arms had swollen 3 times their size could hardly drive home - took weeks to become near normal - could not do anything for 5 days everything hurt - exercise was out of the question - I am a tennis player play 3 times a week couldn't do it my life and personality changed - something that I thought would be so good was so bad - look for me it hasn't been as bad as some I have read about but the experiences that I had are mine and it was not good - I have had two sessions - went to the second because I thought hang on can't be as bad as the first - (maybe to get the desired result I need to continue) and truly it wasn't as bad only I think because I took pain killers as soon as the procedure was over - still had the same problems arms as big or maybe bigger than popeye's couldn't do anything still can't and I am into my fourth week - I am no wimp but I have decided not to go back for my next appointment - haven't decided whether or not to confront my (don't even know what to call him) but truly don't do this - its not what they say and in fact I am so disappointed that I didn't look into it more - but really I thought I had - my arms are not mine anymore - DO NOT GET THIS PROCEDURE DONE - ITS WRONG - ITS PAINFUL - IT HURTS - MORE DOWNTIME THAN ANYTHING I HAVE HEARD OF - IT HAS TO BE STOPPED - don't think you will be different - YOU WON'T - DO NOT DO IT
I was particularly interested in having my arms done after looking into the mini-lift, which I know is a lot of down time. But, your story convinced me that I am just going to keep my flabby arms. I am so sorry for your experience but appreciate your sharing it with us.
i was looking into doing this on my tummy but your story is making think not. do you know if it may have been a bad dr that didnt know what he was doing or do you think its the lipodissolve in genral? im sorry you had to experience such pain! if its any consolation your arm does look really nice!
I guess you know by now the company filed for Chapter 11 - doors abruptly closed leaving everyone high and dry. Who knows how we can get our money back. Do file with the Better Business Bureau in Kansas. Corporate Lipo office is 2150 Schuetz Rd. St. Louis Missouri 63146 They owe me $3600. no results after 9 treatments. Tummy looks disfigured. I am steaming mad. Only if Lipo regroups could we possibly stand a chance to even get our money back. If you find out any new information that would be helpful please e-mail me back. I went to the Las Vegas facility - anyone out there gone to the Vegas facility please contact me. Thanks noel14@cox.net
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