I Had Fraxel Repair Done 8 Days Ago

I had this done in Norther VA, prices are...

I had this done in Norther VA, prices are generally high here. My doc had done about 50 of these types of procedures, I'm 46, at the bottom end of the recommended age range. Fair skin, which I was told has the best results.

The procedure itself, with numbing mask, then numbing cream was excrutiatingly painful. It was pretty short though, about 10 minutes. Afterwards, even though it looked really horrible, it wasn't really painful, just uncomfortable. The first two days, like everyone else, my face looked like hamburger. My skin actually blackened too. Ick. Hard to sleep b/c of the every 2 hour vinegar and water rinses, which hurt the most the first day. I kept them in the fridge, which started to be soothing after day one. I got different creams from the derm, Aquaphor being the main one I used the first two/three/four days. I took a shower and washed my face and hair after 24 hours. No probs. I had a swollen face, so when I went back on the 4 day appt, the derm gave me a four day course of Prednisone. Very helpful. No Ibuprophen etc. though. I ended up not liking any of the creams (including Pyratine 6, very expensive and not worth it) the derm gave me. I started experimenting with my own creams on day 5, the Origins Doctor's line. I used up the whole jar of the Night Health cream, it was very effective in emulsifying the skin, getting rid of the dead stuff. I just put masses of it on, and it would get absorbed, the dead skin could just be washed off. Day 6, I was still very red, but I wasn't scary looking, and could go out with makeup. I used the green Smashbox Primer, which tones down red skin, also is very moisturizing. I hear Eucerin has a green conditioner, same principle.

I'm at day 8, and my skin is still quite red (like a moderate sunburn) and slightly burning feeling, but really looks good. Age spots are pretty much gone. I had a bunch on the side of my cheeks. I just have to keep an eye on the makeup, b/c it doesn't last too long. Maybe 3 hours. But, I'm amazed at how the makeup is in fixing the redness. My neck is still swollen, but most of my skin has lost the super scaly look that characterized the last few days. Still some superficial peeling, but not much.

No scarring, not pigmentation, nada. I was told my derms other procedures went the same way. Can't say what the long term results are going to be, but the procedure's not too terrible, and I am seeing some improvement in my skin even at this point. Maybe too expensive for the results, I'll have to wait and see to make that decision.


I too would like to ask you to update again in a month to let us know how you continued healing. Thanks!
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Veronica62 You should really consider TNS Recovery Serum....It will cut healing in half... Also Revale coffee berry night cream...It is very soothing and the best antioxidant on the market...I use it during the day...and TNS at night on a barely damp face to increase absorbtion..after a few follow with moisture..... TNS is expensive but worth it after a procedure like this... Not selling just trying to spread the results of my trials research and thousands spent over the years... Both of these products are in a class of there own... No other Growth factor serum is as concentrated or effective as TNS... And coffee berry is proven to be the strongest anti oxidant available...Beter than Kinetin,Green tea ect...It also won Allures best night cream.... Also for anyone with sensitive skin who need a good daily sunscreen...AVEENO positivly radiant spf 30 moisturizer is amazing and doesn't sting or feel like sunscreen.. Good luck with your healing and Don't forget to update us in a few months after you see final results....
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