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I Had an Endoscopic Browlift

I had an endoscopic browlift, and upper lift...

I had an endoscopic browlift, and upper lift blepharoplasty, and lower lid blepharoplasty. Really gave me a refreshed look. I flew out from LA for the surgery.

The Dr. practiced in Los Angeles and repaired my friends lower eyelids after another surgeon previously left her lower eyelids retracted.

After seeing what my friend went through I did not want to take a chance so I flew out to see him in NYC where is now located. He is very approachable, and very sensitive to patients needs.

I felt he took his time with me and listened to me. I really would reccomend him. The surgery was smooth, I would do it again. I look amazing. He was honest and told me to wait on my neck as it was not ready for surgery, but I will definitely go back for that!


Please don't do this to your face. You will regret it as I have! Not a good plan!
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these things are awful and should never be put into anyone's body! Run like hell!
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couple of questions...how much was JUST your endoscopic brow lift? what was the pain/discomfort involved afterwards? how long did it take to heal and for you to see the final results? I'm interested in this procedure and this surgeon so any comments would help...I'm nervous to do get it done I'm afraid it will be unnatural or the healing time/results will take a looong time
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New York Oculoplastic Surgeon

He is a pro, a very skilled man who treats you with respect, listens, and performs the best work!!! You will not look done with this doctor

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