Week 1: Invisalign - Hacienda Heights, CA

I wouldn't say I had a bad case but there were a...

I wouldn't say I had a bad case but there were a couple of teeth (upper) that were pushed in pretty bad and made me self conscious about smiling to my fullest. So I opted to get my wisdom teeth pulled (which was recommended for invisalign) and started my treatment yesterday 7/18/12. I was worried at first because I had read horror stories about the pain and overall experience, but fortunately I feel GREAT! It feels like I have my bleaching trays in... but I can tell that the molds are making me bite down with less of an overbite. The buttons are more uncomfortable when I take the liners out to eat, since they force me to bite down properly. Other than that, no big deal.. remove when I eat, brush, floss, rise and replace... I even drank my coffee this morning (a bit faster than my usual sipping).

I don't feel these liners pushing my two weird teeth out so perhaps with the next trays?

I'll keep you posted! Really I will...


Congratulations on getting your treatment started!! I'm so glad to hear it is going well for you so far. :) Was it hard for you to learn to get the trays off, or was that a pretty easy thing for you to pick up?

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So I am on my second week now... I've had a few...

So I am on my second week now... I've had a few beers while my aligners were in, I've removed them while snacking and drinking at a party for a couple of hours and I've placed them in mouth wash while taking a shower and have put them in for an hour or so after eating a small snack until I found it convenient to floss/brush... I'm still alive everyone.. no big deal!... afterall they are only in for 2 weeks. I found that mouth wash and plenty of water has kept mine in great condition...get this..the mouth wash was blue and noooo they didn't stain them... still no pain but a button fell off during dinner yesterday, my dentist in on vacation so as soon as he comes back I'll go in and get it replaced...


My dentist actually had me remove them and put them back in prior to leaving his office. I'm not sure if this works for everyone but for myself, I found that snapping them out from the back/right side of mouth was easier than pulling directly from the front of my mouth. I use my index finger for the top and my my thumbs for the bottom.. works like magic.
After reading several posts it seems as if people are overly concerned about every little step they take while on this treatment, they seemed stressed out! I try to not let this take over my life as it's a treatment to help you.. makes sense? So yeah an occasional slip up isn't going to put you back into your first trays or ruin the entire treatment... :)
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Thanks for posting an update. Sounds like you are doing a good job figuring out times to take little "breaks" from the trays.

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Week 6: I went in today to get my 4th - 6th set...

Week 6:

I went in today to get my 4th - 6th set of trays... My dentist examined my gums and asked how everything was going. He reminded me to wear them as close to 22 hours as possible. I then was handed my new set of trays and placed then in and I was on my way (I set another 6 week appointment/check up, he only gives me 3 trays at a time).
I do know that only 10 sets of aligners have been made, which makes me feel confident that my desired results will be reached. I will be getting another mold done of my teeth prior to the next phase to ensure the best results.
I went to a get my cleaning 3 weeks ago and at that time he reattached one of my attachements that had fallen off and proceeded with a cleaning, and also rounded out my attachments. My teeth overall feel great! My front teeth show improvement already. The main problem is that one of my top teeth was pushed inward and it really bothered me. I've compared my old trays with the new ones and noticed the slight movement of that particular tooth which makes me happy:) I have a mild case and expect a great outcome.
I realize that some people have had negative experiences with invisalign, but that goes for every procedure that's ever been done... ever! Getting cavities is really all I am concerened about since I've only had superficial ones. I do have sealant on my teeth which has helped my avoid getting cavities up until now... I try to rinse them out frequently and always rinse, floss and brush... even if I haven't eaten... it keeps me feeling fresh :)
I am going to invest in a bleaching session after.. I think that's the way to go... as a matter of fact my cousin is also using invisalign and her dentist threw in the bleaching for free!
Sweet deal!


Hi Evona, I was wondering who was your dentist. I am in the LA area , and I am looking for a reliable dentist . I haven't found any referrals really since I don't knwo anyone who's ever had invisalign. Thanks before hand =)
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That is great that your cousin's dentist threw in the bleaching!

Since you mentioned bleaching, I thought these Q&A's might interest you:

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