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This is day 4 of my first week of using Invisalign...

This is day 4 of my first week of using Invisalign. I thought it would be worthwhile documenting my journey as I have spent countless amount of hours over the last 4 months reseaching the Pro's and Con's and have really relied on others review to help make my decision in investing in Invisalign. I am a 34 year old professional female, and for as long as I can remember wished I had straight teeth!! I started my journey 4 months ago, when I went to visit my local ortho ( I saw that they had an invisalign open day). Luckily for me my Orth happened to be using invisalign as well, so I could really see just how invisible they were. After having my impressions done, I had four clin checks. My first clin check was 52 trays and having discussed with my Ortho he wasnt happy with what was presented, this was the case for the second and third clin checks. Finally the 4th one was the one we went with 28 trays. Its important to let you know that the trays are constructed by a computer and therefore its really important to sit down with your Orth to discuss the clin check and how the treatment plan will work - the first one is not always the most optimum solution ( I was lucky my Ortho is extremely good and whilst the procss took longer than normal, I was happy he was vetting the clin checks with his perfectionist eye). So I received my first trays this week - 8th July. The process was relatively quick and pain free. After reading many reviews I took some nurofen before hand, however noted later in the evening my mouth was quite tender The next morning my whole mouth ached, taking the trays hurt, brushing hurt, and putting the trays back in - were extremey painful. I noticed I had a lisp and the lower trays were rough and kept grinding into my gums - I have a feeling this is contributing to my lisp. The next 2-3 days were pretty much the same. I remember coming home to my husband in tears, teling him this was such a terrible choice and I couldnt bear the pain any longer. He told me to stick with it, give it a few more days, if it still hurt, then I should stop the treatment. Day 4 the pain is now subsiding, I have a slight lisp which I think is due to the sharp edges - I am going to see my Ortho tomorrow to see if he can file these down, taking the trays out dont hurt as much and I would even go to say that they I am almost forgetting that i have them in !. Lets see if this continues, fingers crossed


I'm in UK too and that's my second day. My teeth are bad and I have seen at least 5 specialist to make sure invisalign can do it. At the moment I'm in pain and I suffer without my cup of coffee. Keep us updated and post some pictures please as it looks like we are starting the treatment at the same time so it will be intresting to see the progress
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Hi there! congrats on starting your invisalign journey. The first few days were a killer for me, but trust me the next few days the pain will go away. Taking your trays off/ putting your trays on wont hurt . I'm yet to see how tray 2 will go but I have heard the pain should be less than your very first aligners. How many trays do you have? Do you have any attachments ? I have 9 in total and they were ' attached' on my first week. I'll put up pics of my teeth over the next few days so you can see a visual of my journey.
Congratulations!  And welcome to our community :).  Thank you for starting your story, and I hope you post pictures!!  What types of issues do you have that you're trying to correct with Invisalign?

I have no doubt whatsoever that you will be able to forget you have them in.  It sounds like your doctor is waiting with attachments, is that true?  

Do you know what the differences were between the ClinChecks that made them suboptimal?  That you got to go through that with your doctor is fascinating and cool and I'd love to hear more about that!

I look forward to following your progress!  And if you have any questions about RealSelf, please don't hesitate to let me know :).
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1 week anniversary

1 of 56 weeks done. I can now say that the pain of my very first aligners has almost completely disappeared. This process is now feeling manageable and I am feeling extremely positive about this journey. I was quite negative last week. I went to see my ortho a few days ago re the sharp edges. He was quite surprised by this ( no one has ever mentioned this before) however he was keen to feed this back to invisalign. He ' filed' down the sharp edges and my aligners are now comfortable to wear, my lisp has gone away now too! Yay ! In terms of visibility, I can honestly say that they really are. Most of my work colleagues didn't realise I had ' braces' . when i did tell them, they had to really look for them. The only give away was my lisp.... If anything I think everyone is in aw of the process and the technology behind it . I feel I may have inspired others to take the leap and start their own invisalign journey ......


very informative, thanks. good luck on your journey, keep us updated
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LOL!  Hopefully they'll join us here on RealSelf, too :D.  From the front, your teeth don't look that crooked.  Maybe it's the type of crookedness that's easier to see from the sides or something :).  I'll link you to some other reviews of community members who are working on crowding (and some midline) issues.  

HenryZ (had to have a tooth pulled, he's nearly done)
Mil ou's crowding is mainly on the bottom and it's pretty moderate, but there is an overlap tooth.
humbleoracle has pretty severe overcrowding in the bottom jaw
knitsew also has an overlapped tooth in her bottom jaw
JLD_Sail also pretty moderate
kellynyc16 is mostly on the bottom and she's working on midline corrections
Dante555 has severe overcrowding on the bottom but nearly none on the top
Sunluvva's crowding is pretty severe
and finally, both AreYouKiddingMe and Cazzieboo have very severe overcrowding.
mlb502, one of our RealFriends, started with pretty crowded teeth as well, but she's nearly done after a long time.
jbranchfieldYangche, and Ewag2014 are our newest community members before you, I think, with significant crowding.

We have another newer invisaligner who hasn't given pictures yet so I'm not certain how her case looks, but she's in Wales and is called Natajacktoad
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First week of Tray 2

So I am on tray 2. I have to admit that I was a bit worried about changing trays after the pain I felt from the first tray. I am pleased to report that tray 2 was virtually pain free. I popped them in and I didnt feel the tightness I did from tray 1. So far tray two has been going well. I am getting the hang of putting them in and taking them out in a few seconds, and I now dont need to be infront of the mirror.

I have noticed slight changes but nothing too drastic. From reviewing my clin check I think the majority of the changes will start half way through the process. I dont mind, I know they are doing their job. Over the last 3 weeks, I must admit my teeth are becomming extremely white. I have limited my tea/coffee intake and I am brushing 3-4 times a day. It has made a significant difference!. For those of you who are worried about invisalign being visible, my experience has been great. No one at work has noticed (three weeks into the treatment) , and my husband often asks me if I 'have them in'. I am so happy I didnt go for the traditional braces look.

So far so good, enjoying the experience and getting use to them. Lets see how tray 3 goes ! Wil keep you posted !! x


Hi there I am on day three of my first tray! Also from the UK. I have found my teeth ache especially when I take out and even more when I put back in but hoping like it did with you, that this will improve. Also have whiter teeth and also a flat tummy due to no more snacking : (
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Hi there, I wouldn't worry about the pain. Although the first few days I was in tears the pain went away. My second set was pain free. I change into my third set tomorrow night, hopefully it remains pain free. I'll let you know how it goes. Keep with it , it will get better
Glad to hear that the second set provided some relief, compared to the first :).  There may be a couple here and there that are worse, but things should be better than that first aligner from now on :D.  
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Tray 3

So tray 3 is in. Oweeee. Yes I can definately feel the tightness and the aching is similar to tray 1 but not that bad. Tray 2 was a walk in the park . Oh well, the tightness means it's working. Hopefully it will go away after a 2-3days. Will update again few days

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Tray 3 ( week 1)

Tray 3 week 1 attached


I am collecting my trays tomorrow and reading this article is confirming what I am expecting... thank you for your honesty!! It is so difficult finding a decent review, one person either loves it and says it was the best thing they ever did without any details, and the others just moan about the pain and how terrible it was (their teeth are moving... it's going to hurt!!) I will continue to follow your journey as I start mine :) Take care!! Erika, Staffordshire xx
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Congrats on starting your journey! I hope you won't need the refinements, but once you get to that point, you will be quite used to the process so it isn't hard to decide to go forward with more trays. I look forward to following your journey as you move through the treatment! :)
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