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9-16-13 Well, when I was 18 I got a tattoo on my...

Well, when I was 18 I got a tattoo on my right shoulder. It is very amateur and ugly. Since the past 12 years I continued getting ink. I got a sleeve tattoo on the rest of my right arm. It came out well and I still like it to this day. Two months ago I tattood my enite left arm with dark/dense tribal that takes up about half of my skin on my left arm. I chose not to finish it so it looks horrible and bold now. This leaves me emotionally upset and with a I have to wear long sleeves everywhere to cover it up. I been researching everything I can for options and foumd laser to be the best option. It makes me even more upset that I cannot find one success story of someone in my situation. I have an appointment to meet with a M.D in my state that has picosure. The appointment is tomorrow 9/17/13. I am slightly nervous but not too bad. I heard this is very painful. I read a story on this site of woman in a similair situation. After her first treatment she gave up. I am not sure if this much ink is too much pain or impossible to remove. I posted a question about this on the Q&A section with no response and recently a similair question was posted with no wierd. Oh well, tomorrow I will see the professional and see what he has to say. I do plan on going through the entire process for the next couple years. Sure this will cost tnousands, pain and no promise of success. Either way, I am so frustrated with the lack of proof, success or even support on dealing with large/dense tattoos. After the next two years the complete truth will come out of laser removal and tattoos like mine. Stay tuned.

Thanks so much for sharing your story with the community, it takes courage to share your feelings. How did your appointment go? Also, I came across a picosure story I thought may interest you as you mention you your M.D. uses the picosure.

PicoSure Tattoo Removal Treatment: A Real Story




Well I just got back and having mixed feelings.

While I was with the M.D he told pretty much everything I needed to know. I was happy because he stated that complete removal is very possible but upset because he said all that dense black ink means PAIN and $$$. I was told that picosure is not right for me, they need to go with that standard laser to cover all the space....I guess the Picosure does not shot a very wide beam. The price will be about $900 for a full arm with standard a session.
Now I am left doing research to see if maybe I should try other places. I went to him because of his Picosure now his older laser will still cost me a lot. He was very respectful, knowledgeable and he had a M.D....I also watched him on the news. I guess all that fame would jack his rate up a touch.
There is a new laser tattoo removal place even closer that just opened up a couple months ago. They have many medical certificates from what they show on there website and they are new so offering really good pricing. The place is I believe. I left them a message and hopefully I will be going there for a consultation as well.
I was wondering if you guys can help give me some advice on where to go from here? Should I schedule many consultations? What should I base my final decision on? Would you guys ever try a new place without a history? I live here in Ct and from what I seen...I do not have many options.
Well, until tomorrow or whenever I make more progress...
Thanks Eva. Well the picsure will be thousands a session so I really think that is just to steep. I think I will stick with that standard laser but now I have to figure out where to go.

Yes, it can be a costly procedure, I hear ya! It's a great idea to get a few consultations before making a final decision, here is a a few links that will help you locate doctors in your area:

Find the Right Doctor for a Cosmetic Procedure

Tattoo Removal: Cost and Prices

Hope this help :)



A sign or hope

Today I received a call from a specialist from Waterbury Tattoo Removal. He sounded very friendly and eager to see what I have going on. He told ensured me that he can help and he can help me work on a price. This place has only been open since December and he does not have years and years of pictures and all new places. I am concerned about going to newer places but I do understand nano is much safer then previous lasers and if he has been doing treatments for almost a year now I think it might be enough for me to try it out. I will meet him next Thursday the 26th to see what he has to offer. I can always start with a sample section and if it is healed in six weeks with no scars then go from there. This is the beginning of my journey, I just wish others would have shared there journey so I can start mine with more confidence but sometimes you got to lead by example and help others who will be in your shoes in the future. Today marks the first day of my emotional recovery, I actually feel better then the last month and I do realize this is a long expensive and painful journey but it is a journey and journeys come to an end. I want mine to end well but only I can determine that...with a couple obstacles along the way of course. I am in contact with another member in my situation and just chatting with him makes me feel better. It only makes me more determined to this now so I can show him and many like us that it is very possible even with a LOT of inkn such as myself. I am still very nervous because every review I read with people looking to remove as much ink as me gave up or stopped posting updates. I think they gave up because of the amount of pain physically maybe even emotionally...maybe BOTH. Either way, off to my second quote and hopefully this place will be it. I want to start the removal as soon as possible but refuse to rush into it like I did with all my ink. Hope everyone is in high spirit today. I will be updating by next week and I will be one step closer to resolution.
I'm getting 2 forearm sleeves removed with Medlite 4 laser. Been around 3 years now and have faded heaps. Still very visible but gone from thick black to a cheap grey look. Probably around 2 years left ( I hope). Advice is just get started as the start is the worst as the ink is so thick and dark but trust me it does work in time. Just need patience.
I just started yesterday and due to density in my tattoo the treatment hurt extremely bad. Does the treatment get less painful due to less ink? I know they crank the power every session but the pain was insane and I can only imagine the density and ink hit was a large amount
oh oh 900! way too much,,, going to a doctor triples the price of going to a tattoer or someone who has learned the laser.Shop around tatoo shops and find a good tattoer who has learned to use a laser. the price will be dramatically cheaper, mine is 250 a session and its a full half sleeve, check my review for results

It has begun

Well yesterday I went for my second consultation. The place has been in business for a year and I expected he would give me a great price due to the lack of years. I looked at the before and after pictures of there work on FB and I noticed a thick black tattoo like mine with great results after two sessions. I also checked out the Rev Lite machine they were using on the internet....which had great reviews btw.
The guy performing the procedure was really nice and made me feel very comfortable. He offered me $600 a session for 10 sessions and the sessions will be broken in two or three depending how much I can take. The deal sounded great, the machine was good and the guy seemed right so I said yes.
He asked if I am mentally ready to start now. I did not think I was but my heart asked what are you waiting for? So, we started.
The pain was extreme! I spent 12 hours in a chair getting inked. I took a break for food and bathroom and that was it. I consider myself to have a solid pain tolerance but this was INSANE! The entire left arm contains all vegan ink...which is carbon. He checked it up before our appointment and his sources said vegan/carbon ink is water based and comes out in 3-4 session. This ink is heavy shaded and takes up half my skin on my left arm. The results are amazing!!! The ink on the top of my arm faded A LOT! The forearm has many blisters right now but the upper arm faded dramatically and only got a few blisters...only one large one. I think the ink responded so well it caused more pain than usual. I really hope next treatment will be less painful due to loss of some ink.
I was in a bit of pain a couple hours after and my inkd areas had swollen up bad but by the end of the night the swollen was down and pain decreased dramatically.
I expected to wake up to much pain this morning but to my surprise pain was minimal. Throughout the day is when my blisters started forming. Some are pretty huge on my left forearm.
My right arm is a few years old on the forearm. It is really black but not vegan ink and not as dense. I noticed the pain on this forearm was manageable and not nearly as bad as the vegan ink but the vegan ink has better results. Don't get me wrong the right arm has faded but not as much as the left arm. Also, the right arms does not have as many blisters. The arm seems to be swollen a little more due to more ink but I just fee the vegan ink responded so well it is only accurate that more blisters will appear.
I got about 1/3 my ink done before he called it quits. The pain was intense and he noticed me turning pale so he said we wil resume the session in three weeks.
I am excited to start this. I believe I took a risk by going with a newer place but because of your comments below, I believe I chose a great place with a way better deal and from what I have seen....he did a great job.
I might put a couple pictures up but I am sorry to say that it is very difficult for me to post unfinished crap ink that is on my body to my review...I hope you guys understand. Either way, pictures will be posted soon enough.
A special thanks to Whiterhyno and Falco for advise that helped get me this far and I hope you keep up with my reviews and give some advice to this noobie when needed.
Hello, I don't have as much ink as you (I think?) I have two palm sized tribally black ink tattoos on my back. They were only a couple of years old when I started getting them removed - and they were super dark, the artist had gone over it twice and had gone quite deep, I even have some raised scars. I am just sharing my experience since you hadn't gotten much response that way yet. I was told that the size of mine were large enough that they didn't recommend numbing cream - instead they recommended lidocaine injections. So I did what they recommended - but the injections themselves really hurt! It is a LOT of injections, and the doc isn't concerned about spacing them out, so it's rapid fire injecting - maybe he has a reason for that, not sure. Then the parts that are numbed you sometimes don't feel anything, but usually some snapping, like a rubber band maybe - but the parts that somehow weren't numbed, wow, it hurts!! I was going through a very rough time in life then that added to the anxiety - which apparently increased my perception of pain. Long story short, if it hurts a lot - ask about different options for numbing. Also, if you start to develop anxiety over the pain of it - as I did - you may need to take medication before. I don't think that's really normal - most people seem to be fine, but my anxiety from that time got pretty bad, so I actually took a prescription medication before my session just to help me deal. It's also harder having zero support there or in general, that was my situation. Sometimes part of the price differences you see between places has to do with who is doing the actual lasering - a tech vs. a doctor. I think most places have techs? I really wanted a doctor, but that's not important to everyone. There is a degree of skill involved, it's not just having the right equipment. Best of luck!! Mine has taken a lot longer than I imagined, and it has been very expensive....I am getting into the final stretch, but I have to wait until I have enough money to start up sessions again.
Good story Rachel and thanks for the input. You are correct, not too much support. I go to a physician and he can not prescribe any pain meds so I got to tough it out. I really hope it gets less painful with less ink. I am glad I found this site and the support on this yourself. It helps get me through this. I am glad you have a lot less ink then I do and as your sessions wrap up I am sure I will be right in the middle of mine. Do you have your own reviews? I would love to follow it. Please keep in touch, nice to meet you.
I just found this forum a couple of days ago - haven't posted anything on my own experience yet, just a question for the docs, which hasn't been answered so far anyway. The doc did say he felt my experience with pain was unusual, he had never seen it that bad - but a tech told me that everyone does experience pain and discomfort. Mine was just terrible - honestly, it ended up causing a panic attack, then the doc refused to treat me unless I got on some kind of "treatment", and said if it happened again, he wouldn't treat me at all. Which of course, made me feel more panicked - with a half lasered tattoo!. He doesn't have good bedside manner at all, which made the treatments that much worse for me - I'm usually not squeamish about much, but I think it was just the terrible time in life, no support, the pain - emotions associated with the tattoo and removal - all if it. So I ended up having to go to a different doctor who recommended a pill just for before the treatments to calm anxiety. That got me through, but man, it was hard. Oh, he also said he would only laser one tattoo at a time after that, also - which helped with less pain to deal with in each session - but I would go two different nights a week. Even that sterile environment was freaking me out - the tattoo artists were so much friendlier than the staff clinic. I may consider finding someone else when I have the money to return to sessions - right now most of my ink is gone, but I've got hyper and hypopigmentation so they just look like large burns, hoping that will be faded in time. I truly hope that no one else has that kind of problem and that mine was an unusual case. I started in 2009, and was pretty much going every 2 months, sometimes spaced a little longer than that, but my last session was about a year ago - so I went consistently for 3 years, now giving my body, mind, and wallet a break. It has faded enough that I think I could get cover ups if I wanted instead....but not sure what I want to do yet. Tempting, as tats are so much easier and cheaper. But it's odd - I love them on other people, but for me - I'm normally quite private. So - they can be super meaningful and beautiful - and yet I realized I don't want even a teeny bit peeking out through my clothes, ever, for most other people to ever see, wonder about, or ask about. So perhaps tattoos are really not the best for me - at least not the sizes and positions I had gotten them. I had thought they would be totally hidden, but turned out just the very edges would peek out sometimes. There were other reasons for the removals, too - but I guess that's why I might not get coverups. Okay, done rambling! This forum seems good for emotional support, actually, I may get more active here, particularly when I go back, but that probably won't be for several months at least. Even reading about other people's experiences is helping me a lot, so thank you for posting. Also nice to see I'm not unusual in having this process take a few years! I was letting that discourage me. But I do think mine take longer because I have darker skin - medium brown. I have heard with lighter skin and black ink, that's the easiest combo to remove more rapidly. I think it's super brave of you to get that amount of ink off!
Chase Laser Aesthetics

I can't change the location above but this place is located in Waterbury, Ct. The five star ratings are completely accurate! Steve was amazing and the results are amazing after only 24 hours. I cannot wait to see the results in 8 weeks from now, Btw....they contacted me today to check on how well I was doing. The type of compassion is priceless.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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