Got HP 330cc Saline implants, 39 Years Old, 4 Kids.

My surgery will be happening soon and I really...

My surgery will be happening soon and I really cannot wait. I am so excited anxious, happy, honestly, I can't describe. I saw my PS this week and we agreed after reviewing my case that a HP implant will be the best option. I opted for 330cc. Still not sure how it will look on me. Might chance the last minute who knows. I am happy but not a 100% sure. My concern right now is that it will look huge and make me look shorter than I am. Right now my weight is 105 lb, height 5'1" my bra size is 32 AA. Should be 32AAA because there is nothing much left. :-) Anyways, after nursing my 4th child for 13 months, all I have left are my nipples and skin. I actually tried to get my BA 2 years ago but almost 2 1/2 weeks before surgery I found out I was pregnant. It was a big surprise, I was taking my birth control pills and had no symptoms whatsoever. My period was irregular but I thought it was because I was my hormones getting back to normal. Well, needles to say I had to change plans pronto. But now I am ready and looking forward to the new me, the more feminine me. I can't stand looking at myself and seeing nothing anymore, specially after nursing for so long I grew a costumed to my breast bigger. I am so happy I found RealSelf because it help me in so many ways. The reviews are gold to me. They are truly helpful and inspiring. I am even more motivated now than ever. My goal is to document my journey and hopefully be happy with my ending result. We will see. Right now I am in process of getting a mammogram done soon. Yesterday I got my blood work done and filled the prescription for pain during PO. I am now trying to find and affordable sport bra(not sure if I should after after the surgery to purchase one since I don't know how big I would be in the beginning. I aiming of a C cup but with the swelling I am assuming I will be bigger. Not sure. I might be wrong. Any advice ladies? I also not sure when to start taking Arnica pills. It is really effective? GNC has a brand 30x for about $6 but I wasn't sure if was something I should get. I would love some advice on that one as well. Lastly I am concerned about the scar. I am ring for an inframammary incision. I think it will work better for me. I am brazilian and I have issues with scarring, they tend to get darker and sometime bumpy. Any suggestion on a cream to help me with the healing? I know there are many brand out there but I am willing to pay a few more $$ and get something that really works. Arnica gel or silicone gel what is better? I also heard that taking vitamin C is not good, so I just had my last one yesterday. Well I guess that is it for now I will post more pictures along the way. Thank you so much reading and for any advice you can give me as well. Beijinhos everyone :-)

Having my surgery in 2 weeks

I cannot believe it will b hapenning soon. I am so excited, I cannot wait! This past week i got a few things taken care of. Did a pregnancy test, a breast ultra soubd and mammogram. What a relief to find everything is normal. Went ahead and purchased a pair of front openening spirts bra at Wal-Mart. $10. Not bad. I bought size 34c assuming this will be my size with my 330cc Saline implants. Hopefully it work. Tomorrow i want to start taming tge Arnica pills. Not sure if it is effective but i want to try. I also filled my prescriptions. My pain meds are ready. Now it is basically wait for tge big day! Literally Big for me!

Bought the Arnica but not sure

Not sure if this Arnica will work, can anyone give advice on this? I also need to buy the silicone strips. I think the strips will be a better option since I am prone to easily having keloids in my scars. I opted for an inframamary incision. I try buying online but there are so many options that I decided to wait! I really need advice. I don't know which one to get! Anyone has experience using them? I'd appreciate any suggestion you coukd give me. Thanks!

6 days and counting!

Can anyone tell me if I should trust the rice sizers? My doctor uses the imaging which is great but I want to see how it feels. I tried 300cc rice sizer and 330cc and feels like a huge difference. Now i am second guessing my choice of going with 330. Do i really loose about 50cc when the implants are under the muscle? I don't know...need help ladies!

more questions...

I find interesting after seeing the reviews and reading other ladies journey that my doctor never showed implants. I really don't know how silicone gel implants feel like. I also see that many people had several appointments before the surgery. I only had 2 and they were 2 years apart from each other because I found out 2 weeks before surgery I was pregnant with my forth child. I am now second guessing my choice and I don't know if it is too late to make changes. My surgery will be in 5 days. I want a smaller implant and I am considering silicone instead of saline. I have small, to almost no breast tissue and I have been reading doctors comments and suggestions for people with similar condition where the majority suggests silicone. I don't know what to do!!!!!!!!

Made my decision!

My ps is really great and I should trust his years of experience. I called my insurance, i researched, i asked tons of questions and also called Allergan-Natrelle. Ultimately the decision is very personal. I'd love to get silicone but it is just not the right time for me. Perhaps in the future when the time to replace these implants I am getting now comes, I will b able to select Silicone. Who knows in 10 years the technology might be even more advanced. Well, Saline it is. I am happy any ways! Can't wait! This a long time dream of mine and I am super excited about it. I filled my prescriptions already and now is counting the days. I am a little in the fence in terms of size not sure if i should do 300 or 330. But this is super easy to address and can be done the day of the surgery. I want to thank the wonderful girls who helped me with their comments. I am so thankful because it truly helps!??

I have boobies!!!!!

I am so happy! I can't believe it actually happened! Yesterday was really hard for me. I was super excited and anxious and as i result i didn't sleep well the night before my surgery. I arrived at the doctor's office with headache i was very nervous! But everyone was so amazing and quickly everything happened. He is amazing! Not so thrilled with the way the look now bit hopefully they will drop. My pain level was 10 and then some. My meds did not work for me. The pressure was toi much. I felt i coudn't breath. Doctor called to check on me and tild us to double to dosage. Helped a bit. I had nausea and pain. Lots ofbpain but din't regret at all! I am so happy! My boobs look awful now bit i am hoping it drop. Sorry i hooe i am making sense i am taking my pills now!

Day 2 and the pain is awful!!!!

I have zero tolerance for pain and this recovery is the worst! I can breath or laugh but back and arms hurts so much and the pressure in my chest feels like i broke a bone! I was advised not to use ice pack but i am very swollen. My ps is great. Love him and would do it all over again but i really was not expecting this much pain! Boobs are very high up in my chest and hard like a rock. I was also advised not to massage. Now to top it all i cannot sleep because the pain is too intense. The great thing is that after this painful phase I will b happy and i can't stop thinking it is all worth it! Love having bobbies and feeling like a woman my age!!

Forgot to add

My doctor allowed to take the surgical bra off from time to time to help with breathing and pain. It does help!

3days post op

Well, i have to admit, I am one of these few people who has ZERO tolerance for pain. This recovery process is very hard for me personally. Thank heavens I have my sweet hubby patiently taking care of me and helping in every-way he can. Also have my best friend who is an amazing support and has been so positive through out the process. The pain sucks big time but i do realize I am very lucky! My doctor is an amazing PS! i know now I couldn't be in better hands. Every penny i spent was worth it and i really recommend him. Now going back to my recovery. I think my boobs look awful! They are so stiff! Omg! there is no shape and they are all the way up to my chin. I hope and pray this condition is temporary. My PS recommended that i walk around around the house but no massages or icing. He allowed me to remove the surgical bra from time to time so I can have some pain relief but I try to put it back as much as I can. I really don't know if there is something wrong with me, this is a long time dream of mine and I wish i could fast forward and enjoy but right now the pain is really taking overI can wait to literally burn all my 30AA padded bras and start this new chapter. Honestly i don't even expect my boobs to be perky at this point all i want t is to be pain free and move on. Feel feminine again, feel a woman my age which i am, by the way,very proud!

9 days post op - feeling blue????

Well, although i am very happy with the fact that i have breasts now my results are making me depressed. My husband thinks is the drugs messing my head and making me more dramatic but I am pretty sure i am upset with these results. I never expected to be perky in fact i love the pear shape look i wouldn't mind if they were down to my knees as long as they had volume and a human kind of look. This now looks like...the uggliest boobs i ever seen! I hate how uggly they are. The pain still bothering but my PS told me to stop taking the heavy drugs and muscle relaxer. I can take tylenol and that is it! I am hoping they will drop. I have to be positive. I don't know if massaging will help or stress the muscle more. Still taking the arnica and I think they helped with the bruising. I get those nasty purple bruises easily and nothing happened around breast or incision. I give credit to the arnica! Growing up in Brazil i remember my grandmother always using arnica on us when we got hurt. She always had herbs for specific things and arnica was one. Anyways, going back boob central, i am also experiencing this morning boob pain. OMG! What is this? I get up and go straight to shower and let the hot water on my chest to relax my pecs. Not sure if this is a wise thing to do but i am open for advise! In fact I need!!! I decided to post the pictures but i have to say i was reluctant to do so because i am really embarrassed but perhaps someone who went through this could see them and give me some perspective. Thanks for reading and enjoy this gorgeous weekend ladies!

18 days post op - Hopeful!

I decided not to post any pictures today since nothing really changed. My boobs are still sitting very high in my chest and they are hard as a rock. I hate them and looking at them make me depressed but I have to say I am so thankful for this site! I have found here a great support system with the wonderful ladies that are going through or went through the same experience. It makes such a difference and is the real deal. Seeing the results on girls that had surgery before me helps with my anxiety. I am more optimistic at this point and I understand that some people naturally heals quicker than others. I NOW accept the fact that I am NOT one of those lucky people. The muscle pain is less intense(thank heavens!!!) although it is still happening. I noticed the muscle spasms are happening less frequently and this is a great sign. My muscle is really, really tight and although my doctor did not recommend,I decided to do some pectoral exercises to relax the muscle. Thanks Jomin for it! My PS is against massaging breasts and I will follow his recommendation it makes sense to me and I want avoid causing them to rupture since I have saline. He didn't say anything in favor or against pectoral exercises so I feel is ok. My scar is healing pretty nice and I have no issues with them. I bought the Mederma cream and the silicone sheets but didn't start using them yet. I know I can start using the cream now but I rather wait until everything they are completely healed. Every now and then I feel itching and a tiny burning sensation on them. I guess is part of the healing process. They are completely dried which is good. I read a lot of reviews and I can only imagine what might be to go shopping for a new bra.It must be so exciting! I can't wait but I am not ready to do that yet with my "frankboobs". I have no idea what my actual size will be. Anyways, I hope this was not a very sad review. It really bothered me that I was giving just sad depressing ones. TRUST me, I wish it was a different case but I also understand it is important to document what I am going through because somebody else might be just starting the same experience and this might help. Things do change I know that! It is a matter of time. Thanks jomin, Tinka, Michele50 for the support and advice!Can't wait to post pictures of my girls when they start changing! Just not there yet! Happy recovery everyone! One more thing! Even tough my results are not here yet I have NO regrets here!:-)

3 wks frankenboobs are here to stay

Well not much has changed and it is frustrating. I can't lie. I wish they would change! I was hesitating to post pictures because i think i look horrible. They are very hard still but i did noticed less tightness in the muscle. I am doing the pectoral exercises everyday. Hope they will help speed the process.

1 month and still odd looking boobs!

Well, today I made the mistake, while shopping at Gap for my kids clothes, to try on a dress.Needless to say it looked horrible. The strange shape of my breast makes the upper part of the dress not flattering at all, in fact you can see something isn't quite right with my boobs. I looked at myself in the mirror and started to cry. I could't control myself. It was awful and the this lady even knocked on the the fitting room to check on me. OMG Soooo Embarrassing!But I don't know... It is hard to explain, I think only people that went through a BA can understand my sadness. My doctor never said this would happen prior to my surgery. I really feel really sad at this point. One month since my surgery and I still look like this. I am wondering if I will need a revision. I guess what is bothering the most is the fact that I spent so much money to have a problem that was hidden before(small breast) now so evident to the point that I am limited to what I can wear. Honestly, I was so excited with the possibility of looking more feminine, more attractive to my hubby. this outcome is certainly a really big ice cold bucket of water on my dream. I thought things would look better at this point and to see these results at 1 month is really upsetting to me. I don't think things will get better anymore. Today was really hard to face reality! I am extremely disappointed.

1 month ugly still - frankenboobs!:-(

Here are some more pictures.

No changes but feeling more optimistic today!

Well I guess this normal. The ups and downs during the recovering. I am waiting for my breast to improve but trying not to think about it much. Taking a break from looking at them on the mirror helps too. I just feel nothing changed when I touch them. Still very hard on top and empty on the bottom, feels like an empty bag almost and when I lift my arms the implants are lifting too. Don't know if this a good or bad sign but I will show my PS on the next visit in two weeks. I also changed my user name to make it easier. My user name was way too long!LOL.Well, this is one more day in my journey to get the dream boobs. Will post pictures in the next few days. Wish a great weekend to everyone!xoxo!

Hard to b happy looking at these results

Wondering everyday if i am crazy and ungrateful for being so unhappy with the way my breast look today. Almost 8 weeks post op. This shape is HORRIBLE. U.G.L.Y! Am crazy? It is so hard accept this is ok...oh well! At least the scars is healing ok. No issues with that! :-(

I am actually 6 weeks and 2 days!

Correction i am almost 7 weeks.
Guilford Plastic Surgeon

If I am not mistaking my doctor has about 25 years of experience. He is very confident really and is extremely patient. I haven't done my procedure yet but I found him through a friend of mine who had done her BA with Dr. Price and she also loves him, she showed me her results and she looks GORGEOUS!i

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I saw your pics and immediately thought of Miss wifey Tinka ! Yep, slow blooming gorgeous flower. Are you using a strap?
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No I am not but I will see what my PS says tomorrow. Not sure anymore if the wrap does much.We'll see. How are Michelle50. I saw your latest picture and you look amazing congrats on your results!Hot!Hot!Hot!:-)
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Hi hon x ur doing well and it's early days for u xx mine went rind and I got happy now nearly 9 weeks post and they look like they did at the start ggggrrrr xxx we have the same shape ATM moment so I'm sure we will pick each other up xx I expected to be dropped and fluffed by now xx but as my wifey said x ur a slow blooming flower x. Glitter bubbles to u xxx here's to us dropping n fluffing now xxx
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I'm sorry for taking so long to respond Happywife20. I actually felt safer with saline. I looked at the pros and cons and in my case, for me personally, saline was a better option. One of the reasons that made me lean towards Saline is also the fact that my health insurance does not cover MRI and it was going to be too expensive for me to do one every 2 years. It was a concern to both me and my husband. But I know both are great, Silicone does have the positive factor that feels more like natural breast tissue. But ultimately is your choice and what you feel comfortable with. Good luck! Wish you the best!:-)
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Thank you FLM39 I wish you the best too. I think your breasts will look great soon!! :) I seen one woman that looked very similar to yours and it took her like 3 months and then they really started dropping and fluffing. and by 6 months they looked amazing! My husband is still wanting saline for safety.
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I meant silicon is a no go but auto correct lol. Also ive breastfed 3 babies still am nursing my 8 month old
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I've seen this a lot! Some people take longer than others but give it a few months and they will settle beautifully! What made you decide on saline? I'm considering b.a I'm only 20 so silicone is a book but they scare me anyway. I just do not want rippling!
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No hon I don't feel so alone with the boob thing as mine r sorta doing what urs r x it's frustrating ha xx we will get there in time again the time n patience thing needs to kick in again with me xx I cried on Friday avo because I feel my girls r ugly gggrrr but I still have 4 weeks of the strap 24/7 and hope something happens x mine r empty underneath and look ugly without a bra xxx hope u feel better today honey x I don't but with u girls I do get better xx thanks for sharing u help us all xxx love n hugs n glitter rain for more results to make u happy xxx
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Hi hon I'm 8 weeks post on Monday and my girls and dropped or fluffed anybloodywhere x after 6 weeks of massaging I've now been strapped down for 6 weeks solid 24/7 ggggrrr it's depressing and after two weeks still no change xx here's hopeing we get somewhere real soon xx glitltter bomb for us for more changes xxxx
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Hello FLM39, I got your PM, planning to write A LOT in respond, I will finish it this evening, so hold tight, I will drown you with thousands of words :-) Take care!
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Glad to hear that you're feeling better! Positive attitudes always help. :)
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gosh, that really not fair how your feeling with your new girls. You should love them to death! I would go to other pa's and get their opinions also. They might give you some tips on what to do or what you should do. But deff go to your pa and talk to him.
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Hi newboobs5. Well, I received doctors opinions here in this site when I posted my questions. They are certainly helpful. I have to say that after reading so many testimonies and articles about recovering and results, I feel that at this stage it is kind of early for me to start looking for other options. I need to talk to my PS and basically wait at this point. I am giving myself a 6 months before I can literally pull my hair out of my head and start screaming.LOL!
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That's a good idea! Same with me, I'm waiting 6 months before considering a revision. Wish you the best girl! Hope everything goes well.
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You should never have to feel that way, I am sorry for you. I am the type of person when faced with a problem I need to find a fix. I would put forward serious questions to your PS and ask if there is a problem or if something doesn't seem right you deserve the truth. I am sure you would feel better if there was something wrong that you knew about it and if not, the same. I can be quite aggressive in that way, but in a nice way. If you are feeling depressed or like something isn't right I hope things haven't been sugar coated. I really hope things work out for you, you deserve the best after what you have been through.
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Thanks tennischic! I agree with you! I am working on a list of questions that r coming up based on my up to date results, actually the lack of a good results. Thank you for thinking if me and taking the time to write me and give important advice! I appreciate!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
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And hon ur only 4 weeks out still early days x I'm 7 weeks now and still empty underneathe xx time n patients hon you'll get there xx
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You r super nice Tinka I appreciate your support and super kind words!Thank you so much!XX
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Wag just say it how it is hon xx how u feeling xx sparkles to u xx
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Hope u find a way to feel better x my surgeon said for me to start massaging from after a week x it softens the silicone x and 6 weeks post I hadn't dropped now a strap x well get there hon xx glitter sparkles to u to feel better x I guess following ur surgeons way is what is best as he knows what he's doing xx
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New boobies - I came across this website And looking at these photos has calmed my nerves from Time to time. There are post op before and after pictures of various post op complaints. specifically the issue you are facing. It shows 1 day post op then 4or5 months post op. I wish it showed month by month (or day by day because I would obsess and look at all if them!) progress because patience is hard. It helps me just to see other peoples progress and keep the hope for mine (and yours!)
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Hi PostBAblues. You r so nice to take time to write to me. i can't tell you how much I appreciate. I will check the website you mentioned. I know is early but I don't know I have a gut feeling that something isn't right with mine. I hope I am completely wrong!Thank you again for your advice. I will check it out!xoxo!
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HI PosTBAblues. I just looked at the site and read about my case an you are right. Thank you so much. :-)
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Hey NewBoobies, I hope that you will soon see the change that you are looking for. I am sorry to hear that you feel so bad. I have to agree with Itty and Michele though regarding the strap. I am very surprised that your doc didn't recommend it. Maybe there is a specific reason that he should tell you about. I am by no means an expert but believe that there should be clear and transparent communication between doc and patient. I would ask him to provide you with some answers. Wishing you best boobie wishes XOXOs
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