Tattoo Ruined by Tattooist - Guernsey, IA is this story. I went to a new... is this story.
I went to a new local tattoo artist to add to my tribal sleeve (forearm) heard they were good and was happy to go ahead. The tattooist said he wanted to draw it free hand and I agreed. He drew it on and it looked okay and we started after it was being filled in colour I realised how awful and messy his work is (the tribal itself) don't even look like tribal I am so angry and so depressed over it I feel worthless and everything I came beleive he would carry on probably full well knowing it looks SHITE!!! Anyway I wanna get laser removal but am worried and apprehensive about it all. I'll upload a pic I already know its gonna be a lonngg process because the lines are so bold and thick I'm worried incase it's too much and can't be done.....would like some opinions please


Hey there, checking in to see if you started removal....hope you are feeling better. 

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Hey there, just checking in to see how things are going with you, have you decided to start treatment yet?

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It can be done because I am doing it. Same situation...thick black tribal all over BOTH arms. I am no pro but I am on the same boat as you and currently doing laser.
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