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Lipo Abdomen, Upper Back & Flanks - Guayaquil, Ecuador

I had BA and Lipo done at the same time 23 days...

I had BA and Lipo done at the same time 23 days ago. I am recovering well from my BA surgery, however I am not feeling so well in the areas I had lipo. From the onset the pain in the areas treated has been extensive to say the lease. The lyphmatic drainage massages where excruciating and the compression garment is uncomfortable. Now, I have burning, tearing sensation in my back and flank areas. When I stretch to the sides it feels like something is tearing inside. My abdomen, is very tender to the touch. I am in a Mirena Compression Garment now. Not sure if it's enough compression and maybe that could be it. I had my surgery in Ecuador with a very well known PS who has also operated on a friend of mine and several people in her family all successfully. The therapist who performs the endomology treatments on me thinks the doc may have remove too much fat from these areas. You can count my ribs...so this is possible. I am afraid of what the complication sculd be from this and I am not sure if a PS here in the US will see me and what the cost will be. Obviously, cost was a major factor for me.

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Does someone hace references form dr. jorge patiño in Ecuador? Thanks a lot
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Wats da name of ur surgeon if u wldn't mind me asking plz
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What's da name of da ps plz en wat else dd u have 2 pay 4.any hidden charges?
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Everything you're feeling as for the lipo areas are normal. Lipo takes 4 to 6 months for you to see the final result. Just be patient and you'll see how much your body will change as weeks go by.
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Hi. Would you please tell me the name of the PS you went to?
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O my god. la dra franco. mira mi prima se opero con ella y fue una muy mala experiencia .
Tubo que consultar muchos cirujanos para que le arreglaran again. pero eso fue hace 10 anios atras.


pero bueno. cada caso es diferente.

yo queria hacer el BA. pero me arrepenti dado que hay que darle "mantenimiento "jaja.pordecirlo.
te. veo bien.
En mi caso soy flaca pero tengo un barriga q paresco embarazada.
El lunes consultare en miami con eldr franco.
essi me dice q e tummy y lo q mr hace falta me deprimo ya q por ahora por mis hijos que estan chicos no podre hacerlo.

gracias por responder. que sigas mejorando.
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Hola Laura,

Gracias por tu comentario y buenos deseos. Te cuento que sobre todas las cosas los mas importante para mi cuando decidí operarme era escoger u buen doctor. Mi cirujana ya había operado a mi amiga y varias personas en su familia. Lo que pague fue muy razonable por el trabajo que ella me hizo. Estoy súper contenta con los resultados. Li que me apena mas es la recuperación. No creo que lo volvería hacer solo por que la recuperación para mi habido difícil. Mas que todo por mi personalidad no por nada que la doctora haya o no haya echo. Mi doctora es María Zuniga Franco. Si Guy te mando sus datos por correo. Suerte.
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Im actually doing it in Miami but thanks hun. I wish u a speedy recovery
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Thank you. Good luck to you too!
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Que bueno leer tu comentario.
Espero te sientas mejor.
Yo pienso ir en septiembre a guayaquil a hacerme la lipo y esa grasa ponermela en los gluteos.
busque en internet y me escribi con dr jorge patiño
me dio un estimado de $2600.
Que opinas tu?

Espero te sientas mejor.
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Hola .he leido tu comentario y me gustaría saber si al final te has operado con el doctor Patiño ya que estoy queriendo operarme y me gustaría tener referencia de este medico ,te agradezco si me respondes,
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Yes, one breast is still smaller than the other but that is because she does not like to take the risk of putting in different size implants. However now that they are larger it is not as noticeable. The lipo she did a great job with, however the post-op is torture. I can email you her information if you are interested.
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I am actually from Manta Ecuador and Ive heard that Ecuador is starting to get alot of tourist plastic surgery. Are u happy with ur results ?
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