3 kids weighing in at almost 200lbs with each. I'm...

3 kids weighing in at almost 200lbs with each. I'm 5'1 I am now 158 fit in a size 9
I will be traveling to Guadalajar Mexico for my procedure. I'll be having laser lipo on arms back, flanks, outter/inner thighs saddlebags, molding of the gluts, breast lift and Tummy tuck. I can not wait!!!! Cost here in the States was $16000 not including all those areas of lipo it was just 3.

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Can't wait to see pics your going to look awesome!!
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what hospital does he use?
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Glad you got through it all ok, can't wait to see the updated pics.
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I'm 2 weeks post op doing great. no pain at all a...

I'm 2 weeks post op doing great. no pain at all a little swelling and soarness, to be expect right? I have to wear my CG for 4 weeks. drains came out on day 7. flew back home on day 12 post op and thank god everything went well. Surgery was around 10/12hrs long no complications. I went from a size DD to a full C which I'm happy with. Also very happy with my stomach and the shape of my belly button. So far everything has been smooth. The only complaints are having my drains in but glad that was shortly lived. The numbness on my lower back from the laser lipo feels so weird and I cannot wait for it to go away. I had fat transferred to mold my butt and so far I like!!! I was able to shower as soon as 1 week after surgery even with my drains in. BM have been fine, sitting on the toilette I never had a problem (then again I'm 5'1) I can already see the swelling in my inner thighs is going down as my CG doesn't cut of circulation anymore lol I had said I wasn't going to weigh myself but I did and so far I'm down 10lbs. I'm excited to see what my body will finally look like after I'm 100% healed. I'm also using some creams the dr gave me for the lipo and I have another one to use after I take of my CG. He also gave me some antibiotics and a few other meds in cases of an emergency. Crossing my fingers everything continues to heal nicely and I have no complications.


Read your comment under BL section. I have same opening at T section. I'm trying to post a pic. Happened at 3 weeks PO
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sorry its been awhile but i had to comment you look great!!! so so happy for you !!!!
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Probably doing like that they have more control of the anesthesia that's good . I ask my dr and he said am gone a be completely out but I don't know if only one time or like in steps like u . Well before he dicided to go into cosmetic he was a cardiologist I think that's good . So hes knowledgable
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7 week update as some of you may know I had a...

7 week update as some of you may know I had a major set back. I had a incision come undone on both breast right at the T anchor closure so far it's been 3 weeks since it open and it's taking FORVER to close. Everything else is healing nicely I have the occasional swelling on some days. The liposuction areas are becoming soft and normal again. The hardest part and numbest is my lower back. Every week that passes you can see my body looking more normal. It seriously had felt like and eternity. But so worth it!


Wow! You look amazing!!! Love your before and after photo. Hope your breast heal soon.
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You are looking good!!! Sorry for the set back!!
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Hi City Mom What was the after care recommendation for the Tummy Tuck? Thinking about going overseas but afraid of what may happen once I'm home did you have to get Lymphatic Massages For Your Tummy Tuck, How was the Healing Process for that area?
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Posting an update on my open wounds after having a...

Posting an update on my open wounds after having a lift back on sep2012


did you go see a doctor about these open wounds? You look to have an infection, and you may need antibiotics for it to close and heal. Make sure you go see more than one doctor for these opinions, see a dermatologist!
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They closed! ;)
oh okay good, sorry i am a worry wort! I am glad your okay! Thats sure is a scare, but you handled it like a champ.
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