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I had my eyebrow transplants 7 weeks ago, I over...

I had my eyebrow transplants 7 weeks ago, I over plucked them in the 90's and some of the hairs never grew back, mostly on the inner brow beside the top of my nose and the tails. It was done in a reputable professional clinic, the actual procedure was not painful and was quite relaxing, they gave me a valium and did the procedure over several hours. I thought they were going to have more say in designing the brows to a natural, complimentary design, but they kind of left this up to me, which I wasn't really prepared for. The healing over the next 2 weeks was what I expected, bruising, swelling, scabbing and eventually the crusts coming off and the hairs shedding.
I was told there would be redness where the grafts has been placed that would stay for a few weeks, and sometimes longer in fair skinned individuals. (I am fair skinned) It has been 7 weeks and I'm still just as red in the recipient area as I was at 2 weeks. Also the skin is not smooth, I don't know if its from the micro incisions or the grafts underneath the skin but its not pretty, I haven't had any acne bumps but it looks kind of pitted, and even when covered with concealor, it doesn't look like the surrounding skin. At this point I am concerned and frustrated because I was not expecting this. This procedure at least in my experience has a far longer recovery that what I was told initially. I will continue to update as my journey goes on.
I think it's so amazing that technology can help us correct things such as over plucking eyebrows - so cool! Look forward to following your progress. Do you have any pictures to share with us?

make up that blends the redness

I just wanted to share a tip I found from a guy that had a hair transplant that had persisting redness. Clinique bronzing non streak bronzing gel for men. I surround the bronzer around the area thats red, being careful to not get it on the red area and it works much better than trying to cover it with concealor, it matches my surrounding pale skin to my red/pink skin where my transplants are. Then I put foundation over the top.
Great tip - thank you for sharing!!

8 weeks

Followed up with eyebrow transplant surgeon today to enquire about persisting redness and irregular texture in recipient area. Basically it is scarring, which will improve in 6-12 months, I was NOT expecting this and everywhere I read this is said to be rare or not something that happens. I wish this had been disclosed to me as a risk. I spoke to a girl that had eyebrow transplants here in Canada and she is not bothered by the texture change or persisting pinkness at 4 months now for her(she had no eyebrows and uses it as a guide to draw then until they grow in) so I'm not the only one that this has happened to. I hope the recipient area skin goes back to the colour and texture it was preoperatively sooner than later. If it doesn't i can use vbeam laser to speed up the redness healing and dry skin needling to improve the pitted texture :(
Keep us posted. I hope the redness and texture changes you are experiencing resolve themselves soon.

10 weeks post op

Recipient area still pink/red, no hair growth yet. Waiting for redness to disappear and hair to grow.

12 weeks

Eyebrow recipient area still pink, and different texture to surrounding skin, no hair growth yet, supposed to start seeing some hairs growing now or in the next month, getting nervous that grafts are not going to "take". Also had some transplants to my temples, some hairs starting to grow there, and no persisting redness/pinkness- at this point eyebrow transplant procedure NOT WORTH IT, but only time will tell, was done with the fue technique.

14 weeks

So far I regret doing this procedure, I have scarring in the recipient area and not a single hair growing at 3.5 months, my surgeon says it can take up to 7 months to see any growth. I hope that is the case so that the scarring will be covered. It is having an impact on my confidence, I can camoflage the persisting pink colour with makeup to a degree but the irregular skin appearance shows through.

16 weeks

So unhappy that I did this procedure, I am supposed to be seeing some growth in my eyebrows at 16 weeks, not a single hair has sprouted, but in my temples there it lots of hair growing where they did the transplant. I have been hiding under bangs and hats for months because the recipient area is pink and bumpy, the eyebrows frame your face and when they look funky for months it really does a number on ones self confidence. I don't know what to do. This is the longest of recoveries. I will probably need to have some fraxel, dry needling and v beam to try to repair the scarring in the recipient area, and another transplant to cover it.....uggghhhh.. such a long process. Very depressed.
this so discouraging... I had an eyebrow transplant done by Dr Rahal here in Canada back at the end of August... a lot of my grafts didn't shed.... I too have been hiding behind bangs and hats since the procedure.... this is suppose to be the 'ugly duckling" phase... I still have some lingering redness and bumpy like skin however I am told this is normal at this time. I look so weird without makeup. I pray everyday that my grafts take and things resolve themselves.... I find that very strange that none of your grafts have taken though that's virtually unheard of....
Hi Jaynine9, you are only over a month out, so I bet you will be fine. I'm 4 months now, it sucks. Some of the doctors on real self say it can take 6 months before any growth is seen, so I'm hoping they are right. My scarring and lack of regrowth are not unheard of , but you have to dig deep into hair transplant not "eyebrow transplant" forums and there are many people mostly men who experience this. There just seems to be less out there about eyebrow transplants. I was never told my recipient area would be scarred and not look right if the hair didn't grow, its always sold as the rosy easy procedure until your the patient with the "rare" side effects and then the story changes. I hope the hair grows, I regret this procedure everyday right now. Sick of walking around feeling so uncomfortable in my own skin.
wow... I can completely understand your frustration.... may I ask who did your procedure? was it a well established surgeon? I understand any HT is really a hit or miss procedure .... Did all your grafts initially shed? im almost two months post op and I still have a lot of grafts that didn't shed and did continue to grow but have since stopped growing which is somewhat concerning to be but when I bring this up to the patient advisor of Dr. Rahal's office I was assured this is normal and they are in the doormat phase and will too eventually shed. Ive done extensive research and haven't heard of anyone else having a failed eyebrow transplant... I have definitely heard of unsuccessful ht done on men but never a unsuccessful eyebrow transplant. Have you experienced any pimples in your recipient area since your procedure? and is the redness gradually fading? I still have a bit of redness however I am slowly noticing it fading with each passing day. Since reading your story I have become extremely nervous that I too may be one of the unfortunate ones who wont take.... it really is emotionally draining to deal with the after effects of such a procedure.... the waiting is killing me. I have been praying every day that I get good results... hang in there and know that you are not alone.

17 weeks

No growth, skin texture still irregular and pink in recipient site where the tails and heads were implanted, no hair naturally covering this area to begin with. Heard that fue can take longer for any growth to occur, not unusual to see nothing until 6 months, hoping to see some sprouting in the next 2 months.


I am so pissed off that I ever did this stupid pointless procedure, that has left me with nothing but ugly scars where the the micro incisions were made in the recipient site. I'm angry that when I researched this procedure, I didn't find anything that tells you that is a possible complication. It is now four months, every picture or site on the internet says that growth should have started by now, and I have nothing! Not one hair. So by the time 12 months has passed and I can redo the procedure it will be two years of waiting and healing and then there is still no guarantee it will take. If I didn't have scarring that needed to be covered with hair I wouldn't care if no hair grew or bother doing this procedure again. My surgeon denied that I had growth in my temple and in a scar in my scalp where grafts were placed at the same time,this hair started growing at three months and is about 1/2 an inch long now, he said it was prp that was injected thickening the existing hair, not the grafts which is absolute garbage and leaves me with no faith in him to repair this or believe anything he says. I am at a loss as to what to do and effected by this everyday. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I really hope some laser resurfacing can get the skin texture and colour where the grafts were placed back to normal so I can move forward from this stupid, frustrating, scarring procedure.
Wow, plastic -- it's very disappointing to read your story! To me, it seems like eyebrow transplants are still fairly new compared to other procedures and some surgeons may not have as much experience, like Dr. Roberto. I am looking into this procedure myself. I am worried about your scarring still present at this point (4-5 months?) and specifically what you said about not being able to shape your transplanted hairs, if they ever would grow. So you couldn't shape by using an eyebrow razor or pluck any transplanted hairs due to the eyebrow recipient skin being so scarred and pink? My understanding with this procedure was there would be some crusting/swelling in the early stage, but skin would return to normal in the months to come and that you could shape them after the fact. I guess I would give it another month or two I to see if any new hairs start sprouting to get to the six month mark. I know some doctors are so adamant about waiting a full year, but I think by six months you would have a good idea if it's going to be a success or not. If I were you, I would consider consulting with an experienced eyebrow specialist to find out what went wrong with at least the scarring. (In the USA, I know of only three such doctors after hours spent researching this.)
Dr Roberto

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