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I came across this site looking for information....

I came across this site looking for information. There are 2 things I want to change. My breast and my stomach. Being a 27 year old mother of 3 (hubby is fixed so there will be no more babes) I am ready to focus on myself. As much as I want a TT I've decided that the breast augmentation will be first. I have scheduled my first consultation with Dr. Orseck in Greer and I'm nervously excited. It feels somewhat close to real but it will be next week!

Boobie time is coming fast!

I went to my consultation today and the surgery has been booked and ready to go July 31st! Happening so fast but I'm so ready. And this will be good Bc of getting done and healed before school starts. I'm going with 400cc under the muscle silicone. I'm so excited. Now, breaking the news to family. Hahaha. :-/

These are a few of my favorite things ????

Pre op tmrw!

I go for my pre op. So exciting :D I did the rice test last night and I think I want to go with 420cc if my PS agrees to it. He said he won't do ridiculous so i guess it all depends on what he thinks. My husband is still pushing for that 425 or 450. Lol

7days til B day!

I had my pre op today and tried on 425 and 450cc and fell in love with 425. It looks great and I knew instantly it was what I wanted. I got all my prescriptions filled (bilo has a deal if you bring in a new prescription get a free $20 gift card! The coupon is in this weeks ad that is at the front of the store.) To my surprise Bc I was set on moderate plus and assumed it was my choice, but my PS told me that he will be doing high profile Bc of the chart he goes by and my measurements. I trust his judgement so I'm so ready for July 31st to get here! I'm ready for my new and improved girls!!
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Good luck with everything :) keep us posted! Going in on Monday myself - eeeekkkkk nervous!!!
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Good luck on your upcoming surgery! I love that first picture, its hilarious! You're lucky you booked your surgery so soon! Even though a couple consultations next week, I don't see how I'll be able to get the surgery before January. With my son starting pre K, I have The Color Run in early Oct, my daughters 3rd birthday in the end of Oct, then comes Thanksgiving and Christmas...surgery would just be too much. But nothing's set in stone so we'll see. Anyway keep us posted, I'm happy for you!!
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Yeah I start school aug 19 and my 2 oldest (3rd and 1st) start aug 18th. I told the coordinator that I needed something soon or it would be December after Christmas before I could do anything Bc it seems like life gets in the way. Luckily it's been in my favor so far. And it will give me 2 weeks before school starts and I will have some time to heal. I've been reading everyone's 2week post op to see how they feel. It seems like in the pain dept it's around the first week when the pain stops. I like to think I have a high tolerance for pain since I did birth 2 or of 3 kids with no pain meds. Lol. Thank you for commenting and I can't wait to share more and hear how your journey goes as well!
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You've got a good plan! I have a high pain tolerance as well (my first child's birth I had pain meds but with my second child's birth I labored too quickly to receive pain meds, not fun lol) and I have a healthy lifestyle. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I totally agree about November and December, time flies and I feel like it's the busiest time of year. Can't wait to see post op pictures and see how awesome you do!
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Good luck can't wait to see your results, I'm sure you'll look amazing and hubby will be impressed :-)
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Thank you so much! :)
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Hi! I also have 3 kids and I am totally with you on taking care of myself now. I was pregnant or breast feeding for almost 6 years with only a 5 month break once between kids. I feel like after all the time that I sacrificed my body for my kids, that now I'm entitled to do some stuff for me! Good luck with your surgery. Post some pics and make sure to update us.
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