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I had Thermage done 4 days ago on my face. First...

I had Thermage done 4 days ago on my face. First half of face was uncomfortable during the procedure, especially in the chin, under jaw area. Well, then the second half of the face started. It was more painful and we only got through 200 out of the 450 pulses. The nurse noticed some blistering and stopped. Since then, that side of my my face has erupted in blisters. It is covered with them - they are now open sores. I went back to the Dr today and got antibiotics and ointment. I have no idea if I will scar. As far as whether it actually worked, I have no idea - I am too concerned with healing. It is the holidays and I cannot even go out because I look so awful. The belief is that the machine malfunctioned. The office has called the company to come in and check into it. Just a warning.

I will give it a couple of months and check back - but for now - what a horror story.

I included a photo of the affected area.


I'm thinking of having the procedure done. It's been a year since your original post - any major results with the thermage?
Do you have any before and after photos that you could share?

Hi take time...I'm curious how you are doing? Did you heal? Did the procedure work?

The issue was a defective tip not user error.

I have seen a couple of posts asking for an update...

I have seen a couple of posts asking for an update. It is 17 months after the "event" as I call it. I have healed - I do have some faint scars that I hope will eventually fade completely. For me, this procedure was obviously not worth what I went through. I do think there is a tightening effect that I experienced.
Glycolic peels can reduce and deminish scars like that
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Leslie, I didn't see anything harsh in your post. Maybe I'm more logical than many, but I understoond what you were trying to say: you commiserated with this young lady but felt she may have been duped by her practicioner. I appreciate both perspectives, yours and hers. Sorry you got flamed by others on your opinion and experience.

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The Doctor is good - but the tip malfunctioned.

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