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I went in thinking I would get some evenness to my...

I went in thinking I would get some evenness to my stomach and now I look worse's disappointing to have spent so much for nothing...however every experience is different .. Mine was painful and for no results it deff wasn't worth it for me ...if I wasn't a good candidate I would've thought my dr would recommend going about the issue in another way with a different procedure..instead she went on and told me at my last follow up that I am chubby and would need a tummy tuck ... Why proceed to do a procedure on someone you didn't think would be a good candidate to begin with... Instead I was to I was ideal for this and now I'm dealing with the consequences


what are you experiencing after lipo? it looks like uneven removal of fat, not sure though, would you update us please
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I actually went in for another follow up appointment and the dr didn't seem to happy with area above the belly button as it is still sticking out a bit. :/ so she went on to tell me that it needs revision around March and I would have to pay half of what I paid the first time ... I'm still debating this as I just want to let go of this huge mistake I made and move of right now the dent on the lower abdomen that is visible in the pic is completely gone at this's the only improvement though
i'm very sorry to hear about your experience. you are correct in saying that every experience is different but then they shouldn't promise any particular result because there's truly no way for them to predict it! this makes me so upset. i hope you heal and recover to your heart's desire.
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1 month and 3 week update

I have found that the dent on my lower abdomen is gone at this point..sadly the dr said I would need a revision in March for half the price...I still do not believe this procedure was at all worth it... My measurements are smaller by an inch in the lower abdomen and half an inch on top.. I will update again in 2 weeks. ! Ask me any questions I'm happy to help !


I keep thinking about the comment our Dr. made..that you were chubby?? That you need a tummy tuck? AFTER doing the lipo? Wow...that is seriously unprofessional. First I want to say I dont think you look chubby at all. I dont know what your before looks like but from the looks of this picture, you dont even look like you have enough skin to do a tummy tuck. My Dr. straight up told me that I wasnt a candidate for TT because there wasnt enough skin. It would be fixed with the vaser/laser lipo sculpting they do. Honestly, from the looks of this picture I would say that you just need more time to heal and if the end result is the same then a DIFFERENT Dr. sculpting your shape a little would do the trick. You have a nice shape, just needs to be smoothed out. NO TT for sure!! Sorry you arent happy, I really do hope everything works out for you!
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Thanks for your comment! You honestly made my day ! I've been under so much stess after this procedure..losing so much sleep over it..I plan to wait a couple of months and get a second opinion with another doctor....hopefully she/he has something professional to say! I thought the way I was treated was insane but I'm trying to put her very rude comments behind me...thanks for brightening up my day :)
Good Im glad I could help a little! :) I am always a little reluctant to make comments but I couldnt stop thinking about your post. Some of the Dr. comments on here just amaze me...I just dont get how they can be so sure before the procedure that you are a good candidate and then change their mind later when their work didnt turn out like it should have. Have you been wearing your Compression Garment? From what Ive read, that makes a big difference. I plan on wearing mine for 3 months. I figure it cant hurt. My Dr. told me to wear mine for 4 weeks anyway and then switch to a lighter style like spanx after if I want. Or to keep wearing the stage one if it doesnt bother me. Anyway, try to relax some. You dont look odd or messed up. You didnt get the results you wanted but it looks completely fixable to me if you decide to go that route.
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