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Hey, I am 25 years old and mother of a 6 year boy....

Hey, I am 25 years old and mother of a 6 year boy. My surgery (tummy tuck and breast reduction) is scheduled for August 1st.... That's 3 days and I am super nervous but even more excited! I have wanted this procedure since my son was born, almost 7 years ago. I don't consider myself to be big at all, but I have a flabby stomach and major stretch marks, hence the need for a full tummy tuck with a little bit of lipo. I'm 5'5'' and 145 pounds (10 pounds are probably boobs, no lie), therefore I am also getting a breast reduction. I have had breast that were too large for my body since I was about 13! I am currently in a size 34 D sometimes DD, and since having my son, my large breast are now saggy. I originally inquired with my PS about a breast lift but he informed me because my breast were so large, and I desired smaller breast, a breast reduction would be best for me. In other words, if he lifted the breast I have, because of their size, they would end up saggy again quickly. When I tell people I am getting a tummy tuck, everyone says they don't know why because I'm not fat, which is true but they've never seen me naked! I'm not doing it to take the easy way out or to lose weight. I currently work out 5 or 6 days a week and have been working out for about 4 years. It seems that the more I work out and the more weight I lose, the more saggy and loose my skin gets. So far, I am very pleased with my PS and his staff! They have been super helpful and have very much prepared me for my upcoming surgery. I am super excited about my procedure and will give updates!
Good luck!
Good luck to you too!

Pre surgery pics

Ok, not tomorrow but the next day, and finally made myself take pre surgery pics! I'm ready for a lot of these stretch marks to be gone and to finally have a normal belly button again!
LOVE LOVE LOVE my BR/lift and I had mine done 14 yrs ago and can't begin to imagine how huge I'd be right now without it. I'm a 36D but they look good and perk still so you'll love it also in the future. As for the TT, loving that also and I'm anxiously waiting on my swelling to come down so I can really enjoy my new waist! Be of luck on your surgeries~keep us posted!
That's great to know! I am looking forward to the future! Thanks!
good luck! you will have a great result - i can tell by your pics! it does not matter how much we work out, for it cannot bring those muscles together that have split apart from pregnancy. you are almost there, and i am sure you prepared yourself, but take a quick look at my list of before and after tips. just tell him you want the incision as low as he can get it for your body. one must be careful not to lift up the pubic region to over lift the urethra and the clit, making them too high up. it seldom happens. my PS said it was the first thing they were instructed not to do. i only know of one case like that. you seem to have an experienced surgeon, so he will go low and accurate. looking forward to your updates!

Tomorrow is the day!

It's tomorrow and I'm really nervous and idk why! I know I'm in good hands, but still nervous! I'm spending the day today making sure I'm prepared and have everything ready! Everyone just keep me in your prayers please!
I just had a tummy tuck 7-31-2013, so we'll both be almost at the same stage of healing. Good luck!
DMW I know you've got to be nervous tonight, but I know you'll do just fine. Listen to the good Doc's advice, take things slowly , give yourself time to recover, and trust Dr. McFadden. He really knows what's he's doing. As far as I'm concerned he's a miracle worker, he performed one or me! Good luck!

Yay! It's done!

Ok, today is Saturday, surgery was Thursday and I'm not really in any pain just real sore and stiff. I got home about 6 Thursday afternoon and kind of just dozed in and out that night and most of Friday. I have stayed on top of my meds and haven't felt much pain. My stomach is just really tight and stiff so it's causing discomfort! I wasn't able to sleep too much last night or today, idk why. I have had a slight fever today (worse was 99.9) so nothing major, just had me a little worried! I have also had a headache most of the day today. I have communicated with my PS and his staff and they have been so helpful! Nothing to worry about, just need to make sure I'm taking deep breaths and coughing and checking my temp often! I couldn't be more pleased with Dr McFadden and his staff! Surgery went great and everyone was so helpful and made me feel so much better!
That Dr sure dies do a great job cause you're looking REALLY GOOD!!! Hope your recovery continues going smooth!
Does not dies! LOL
DMW so glad to hear that you are doing well, and everything went as expected. I am also glad to hear that you are pleased with Dr. McFadden and staff, he is awesome! Really talented at what he does. Your pictures look great, please keep posting and let us know how you are doing, good luck!

Post op day 3

It's true, things get better and better each day! I've had a pretty nasty headache most of the day yesterday and all night last night! It got so bad this morning that I couldn't sleep at all! Then I got to thinking, my body is use to me drinking some sort of caffeine like sweet tea or coke and I've only been drinking water. Since I recently cut out sodas before surgery, I made me a big glass of sweet tea. Almost instantly, my headache was gone and I feel so much better! I'm going to have to make sure I get my caffeine fix every once in awhile! Besides that, everything is going really well. I'm still stiff and sore but able to get around all by myself! Still not much swelling either, a little more than before, but not much at all.
Happy healing!
I've been getting headaches too so this morning I had some coffee and walked go about 25 minutes. This is the best I've felt. I Think a little caffeine is helpful, for me anyway.
Hi girly! Wow! You look great- what a remarkable difference! Was he able to get your side stretch marks? I can't wait to see all your updates! Happy healing! ( and drink that sweat tea when you need to, lol) - my doc even said I could have my coffee, because it helps keep things moving.

Day 4 post op

I've been able to sleep a little more, still feel about the same as yesterday, sore and stiff. I am pretty much off of my narcotics, just taking ibuprofen. I think I had my last Percocet about 20 hours ago. Still in no pain just sore. The narcotics I think were contributing to the headache and just made me feel kind of groggy. Swelling a little more than before but I have been moving around a lot more. I just wish I could get comfortable and stay comfortable, that's probably the worse part!

It's been awhile

Sorry I've not been updating as much as I should. Tomorrow I will be 2 weeks post op and I'm felling pretty good. The first 4 days were definitely the worse, but still not bad to me! The worse part was not being able to get comfortable! I starting back driving at 1 week post op, and drains came out 8 days post op. I do have to say that I felt a world of difference after the drains came out... They were aggravating... I'm still not standing completely up straight but just a tiny bit bent over still... I've been going about life like normal except for not lifting or pulling anything, and I get tired really easily. I'm not working, I'll start back school August 28.. Besides being a little bit bent over and getting tired easily, things are pretty much normal. Incisions are healing good, and I go to the dr tomorrow to get my binder and get the rest of my stitches out of my breasts.

Loving my results so far!

Continuing to feel better and better everyday! Just wanted to post some new pics!
Little bitty waist, girl!! Glad you are feeling great and looking great!
Wow!! What a difference, you look great!

My belly button!

So glad to have a normal belly button again!!
Thank you! You're looking great too!
:) thank you!


Everything's going great. I'm very pleased! I do have to say that I'm in nursing school and haven't been able to diet and work out like I would like, therefore I've not toned up my flat stomach yet. :(
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