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I am 39 years old, 5'6 152lbs, married, mother...

I am 39 years old, 5'6 152lbs, married, mother of 2 children, Daughter 18 and Son 15.

I have thought about and wanted to get this done for over 12 years. I have always had what some of us call "Baby Fat", well since June 2011 I have lost 30 lbs and I have finally decided to go for it!! Yay Me!!

Well I go tomorrow 2/3/12 for pre-op. I have been...

Well I go tomorrow 2/3/12 for pre-op. I have been reading up on everything I could find that talks about Tummy Tucks. I was searching for the BEST scar cream and found this brand called "SCARprin". Has anyone used this? The reviews are awesome, it is on the pricey side. Thanks for any feed back.

I have wanted a flatter tummy for years. It...

I have wanted a flatter tummy for years. It didn't matter how much weight I lost and how many sit ups I did, it was still there.

Pre-op today, yay!! 12 days to go. Can't wait!!

Pre-op today, yay!! 12 days to go. Can't wait!!

I went for pre-op on friday the 3rd,got my...

I went for pre-op on friday the 3rd,got my VitaMedica pills that I had to start taking that evening, that's a lot of pills to take and they are hard for me to swallow. lol! Went over the details of my surgery and what to do and not do the day of, and what to expect afterwards. Don't go back until the 14th for a Laser SmoothShaper,and then the next morning at 7:45am is the DAY!! 8 days and counting down!!!

Well I am counting down, 1 more day to go!...

Well I am counting down, 1 more day to go! Tomorrow I go for my Laser Smoothshape, PS said it only takes about 30 min to do. Added 2 more pills to the other pills I am already taking, total of 12 pills a day. I have never had to take so much medicine. Finally took some before pictures, will post soon. Hope everyone that is recovering is doing well. Have a great day!


Ok it is 11:15 pm and I am sitting here watching...

Ok it is 11:15 pm and I am sitting here watching the clock and tv, in less than 8 hours I will be at PS office getting ready to go back and have this surgery done. Went today and had my Laser smoothshape done, and I will have 2 more done in the weeks after surgery. Got my bag all packed, got my pillow for the ride home (to put in front of my stomach) got my clothes laid out, it wont take long to get ready in the morning since no makeup, lotions, or anything like that. I guess I am ready. I will post as soon as I feel up to it. Good night ladies!! Wish me luck!! The next time I write I will have a flat tummy!! :)

Well it is 7 am, 1 day post op everything went...

Well it is 7 am, 1 day post op everything went well, my husband said the PS told him, he lipo'd 1700cc's and removed a lot of excess skin. There was hardly no fat, that made me feel kinda good. I thought it was skin and a lot of fat. I went in at 745 am the surgery didn't start until 930' was leaving to come home by 230. I have been taking my pain meds around the clock so I won't hurt, and have been dozing in and out since I came home. The pain is about a 7 until I have to get up to go to the restroom, then it goes to a 10 fast. I have been peeing like every 2 hours, and bless my husband he has been great. He has got up with me and helped me walk. I havent really had a lot to drink so I am thinking it must be from my IV and the fluids they gave me during surgery. I have to go to post op appt this morning and they will check my drains and change my dressing. I will give up date when I get back.

Well it's 2:00 pm, went for my 1 day post op dr...

Well it's 2:00 pm, went for my 1 day post op dr called me in a cream to put on the section between my incesion and pubic bone, said the blood flow in that area was too slow and this cream will open up the blood vessels so the blood will flow much better and I have to take an 81 mg asprin. I go back next wed and will get some of my sutures out and get my compression garment. I will post later.

Today is saturday the 18th, and today I am moving...

Today is saturday the 18th, and today I am moving better than what I was moving. Finally took my 1st shower yesterday, and if you do not have a shower chair I recommend getting one. That made it a lot easier and I could wash myself. Still taking my pain meds which make me sleepy, so i doze in and out all day long.

Ok it is 1:39 am monday morning, my husband had to...

Ok it is 1:39 am monday morning, my husband had to leave sunday afternoon at 2 pm to fly to Michigan, unexpected. But what can you do, except say I love you and I understand! He just called me to check on me and to let me know he made it there and some of the plans got changed around, but he should be home late tonight. All is good, my son who is 15 has been helping me and my daughter when she's here, she helped some. I have noticed that I havent eaten a lot, I get sick to my stomach and I do not want to throw up. I coughed a very tiny cough and thought I was dying. Took another shower so that made me feel better. Still taking pain meds, which I am getting ready to take 1 now, so that will help me sleep. Go to PS wed for 1 week follow up, hopefully my drains will come out, they are not filling up as much as they were. Ok ladies who just had surgery or your day is near, good luck and hope you have a fast peaceful recovery. I will get new pics up soon.

It is 12:10 pm tuesday, 6 days post op. I have...

It is 12:10 pm tuesday, 6 days post op. I have noticed my drains are only draining about 25cc in each one over a 24 hour period. Go to PS tomorrow for 1 week post op appt, hopefully they will take the drains out. I have cut down my pain meds to only once a day, think that is why I wasnt able to go potty. Which I finally did, yay me! I feel a burning and a pulling sensation where I was cut. PS will take out some of the stitches tomorrow and put me in my compression garment. I am just ready to be back to normal so I can get up without the pulling feeling and having to have people wait on me to some degree. I like to do things on my own and my way. Going to take a nap now, will write more later.

Today is Thur 2/23 I am 1 week post op. Went to...

Today is Thur 2/23 I am 1 week post op. Went to the PS yesterday, both drains got removed, removed stitches from lipo places, and removed every other stitch from my belly button. Said I was healing really good. Wants me to continue taking the vitamedica pills until they are all gone. Said it would help with the swelling and brusing. Got my compression garment on, man I didn't like the drains, well I would much rather have them than to have to wear this thing. I am in more pain now than what I was in. I took pictures before I went to the ps yesterday I will post some pictures. I do apologize for how they look, they are not nice looking pictures. Hope everyone is doing well.

Today is Friday 2/24. If it was any other friday...

Today is Friday 2/24. If it was any other friday I would be happy because I knew that Friday's was date night. But not today. :(
I am so tired of sitting and laying around. I get up and try to do somethings, but I get so tired fast, and this cg I have own is not comfortable at all. I am still sleeping on the couch or recliner, just because I can't lay flat yet. I will be so glad when I can lay in my bed. I cried a little this morning before my husband left to go to work, guess it is just my emotions getting to me. He looked at me and said "No pain No Gain" and just think about how good you are going to look this summer out by our pool. He doesn't like to see me hurt or be upset. Hope everyone has a great day!

Today is Mon 2/27 I just uploaded some new pics...

Today is Mon 2/27 I just uploaded some new pics these are from when I was 9 days post op, not the best looking pics. Since these pics I have got all the tape marks off. That stuff is hard to get off. I had a good weekend, saturday night I finally got out of the house for a few hours, that was nice. I am moving better, gets better everyday. I am still sleeping on the couch though, tried to sleep in my bed, just wasn't comfortable. I try to stretch to some degree several times a day to help with my back and to help me get to where I can stand up straight. I go to the dr wed, they will remove the rest of my belly button stitches and I am also getting another laser smoothshape that day. Hopefully everything is healing good, I have been putting neosporin cream on my belly button and my incision cut.

Tues 2/28, I am moving around more, then my back...

Tues 2/28, I am moving around more, then my back starts to hurt so I sit and rest. I am so tired of not being able to do things. Family has been great, but things don't get done unless I tell them to do it and how it needs to be done. I know I shouldn't have to, but I do. My husband works, kids in school, so they are use to me doing everything since I stay home now. When I worked there was a lot they they had to do because of my hours, and since I not working now I guess I spoiled them by doing everything. Oh well that was my little vent session. Lol Hope everyone is doing well!

Today is 2/29 went to dr today, got a good report....

Today is 2/29 went to dr today, got a good report. Dr wants me to start straightening up more and standing straighter. Dr said I was healing really good, wants me to continue to put the neosporin on my belly button and incesion. Got all my stitches out of my belly button, said I need to continue to wear my cg, which I wear 24/7, so overall everything healing like it should be. I go back next wed for another laser smooth shape. I did try to sleep in my bed last night, but at 3 am I was back on the couch. Just couldn't get comfortable. So I will try again tonight. Hope everyone is recovering well.

Today is Mar 4, gosh it has been a few days since...

Today is Mar 4, gosh it has been a few days since I posted any updates. I finally am able to sleep in my bed all night, yay!! I have missed my bed, and missed waking up with my hubby next to me. Moving around alot better and standing up straighter than I was. I celebrated my son's 16th birthday yesterday, so I was out an about all day with him. Bless him, he kept asking me "mom you ok"?, I would tell him I am fine. Knowing I was hurting a little bit. He was shopping, so I just sat down and let him shop. But overall I had a great day. Everyday is getting better, Hope everyone is doing well and having a great day.

Today has been a good day so far, but I think I...

Today has been a good day so far, but I think I have over done it today. I am hurting a little more than I was. So now I am going to lay down and rest. Go to PS tomorrow for 3 week post op. I know I will be glad when all the swelling is gone, my clothes are so big, but I don't won't to go buy new ones until I know for sure that is the size I will be. Hope everyone is doing well and recovering nicely.

March 8, 3 weeks and 1 day post op- well I went to...

March 8, 3 weeks and 1 day post op- well I went to ps on tues for check up, my new cg had finally came in so they put me in it and I tell you, I have been miserable for the past few days. This cg is so tight that i have hurt under my ribs, I wil be glad when this thing stretches out some. I remember the 1st cg I was put in at 1week was the same way, but after a few days it finally loosened up some. Just a few more days and this too shall pass, thats what I keep telling myself. Hope everyone is recovering well. Have a great Thursday!

Ok it is 12:03 am, just finished watching "The...

Ok it is 12:03 am, just finished watching "The Walking Dead". I have not posted any updates in a few days, So far I am doing good. Go to dr on tues for 4 week post op check up and to get another laser smooth shape. Hopefully I only have 3 more weeks to wear this cg. I hope everyone is doing good.

Well today is Thursday March 15th. Went to dr on...

Well today is Thursday March 15th. Went to dr on tues, said everything was looking really good. I am healing really good. Got another Laser Smooth Shapr, which was a little uncomfortable just due to the swelling. Dr said that he could tell that the swelling was starting to be less at top and move more down to lower tummy, because my belly button was starting to flatten out more. Said I will not have to come back for a month unless any problems. Still have some soreness, but I know overtime that will go away. Hope everyone is healing well and doing good. I will post up dated pics soon.

It's sunday evening, man has this weekend flew by....

It's sunday evening, man has this weekend flew by. Friday night my hubby and I went out dancing, sat night we went downtown Greenville for St Pattys Day parties, and here it is sunday. Been working out in the yard today, trying to get some sun. Dr said not a good idea to lay in the tanning bed, it will make my scar purple. I dont wont that, so i am getting a little sun here and there. Got to have some color before I go to the beach 1st week of april. lol. I did sleep without my cg last night, did that feel good. I will be so glad when I dont have to wear it. I noticed i dont have that much swelling left, at least I dont think so, maybe its because I look everyday and it looks smaller to me. I think the swelling has moved down and is just above my pubic bone, so well see. I dont go back to the dr until April 23. But overall everything is healing very nice and I am doing great. Hope everyone is doing good. Well write soon again.

I am posting new pics. The 1st set is 3 weeks...

I am posting new pics. The 1st set is 3 weeks post op and the 2nd set is 5 weeks post op. I think my scar is looking really good. I did order today my scar treatment. After reviewing a lot of different kinds, I went with the 100% silicone sheets. Thats what my dr recommended. So that should be here by the end of the week, I want start using it until all of the scabs have fell off. I have 1 itty bitty scab that just refuses to let go. lol I really want to go lay in the tanning bed, but I dont think that would be a good idea at this time. Any ideas so I can lay in the tanning bed and not make this scar red or purple? Hope everyone is doing well.

Well it has been awhile since I have logged on. ...

Well it has been awhile since I have logged on. Everything is going really good. My tummy still has some swelling, but overall I think it looks great. I am still wearing my cg 24/7. Hopefully when I go to dr on the 23rd this month he will tell me I can take it off. I will be 10 weeks post op when I do go. So we will continue to wear it until he gives me the ok to remove. I have started putting Mederma on my scar, and I also purchased a silicone scar strip, but I am going to take it with me to my appt and make sure it is safe and ok to use. I don't know about everyone else, but I keep having these little pains in my tummy and on my sides. They come and go, guess that is normal and part of the healing process. Hope everyone is doing well.

New Pics almost 2 years later

Here it is almost 2 years later...
Greenville Plastic Surgeon

Dr McFadden took the time to go over everything with me and in great detail.

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Thank you so much for the updated posts! Your scar has healed beautifully and so low!
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Thanks for this post. I also used the same doctor for my BA in 2012 and have been debating lipo then TT after I have another baby. So glad to see more of his patients :)
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You look fantastic! My surgery date is very close and this is very encouraging. Thank you for sharing.
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Wow your two year picture scar looks almost invisible. Very encouraging. Looks great! I am sure you are pleased!
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You look great ...
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Thank you
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You said you starting weight was 152. Do you have and pre-op/post-op measurements? What was your final weight after healing? A year later are you still happy you did it? Was the pain vs the results worth it. meaning given the choice would you do it again? I realy have been wanting a tummy tuck since my second child who is now turning 12. Any suggestions on how to lessen the pain. How long before you returned to work?
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Sorry I do not have any pre-op/post-op measurements, after all the swelling went down I weighed 143. I am very happy I did it, and yes I would do it again if I had to. The pain was bad the 1st couple of days, but nothing the pain medicine couldn't take care of as long as you took it every 4 hours. I didn't work at that time so I didn't have to worry about that. Good Luck.
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You look fab! :) my question it, what made you choose an Extended tt? Does it remove the muffin top area from the side? How much was lipo'd from the hip/flank area? I'm thinking of perusing an ext tt version as well.
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It did remove the muffin top. I had lipo done on hips/flank area also on my inner thighs. I want to say I think it was about 2400-2700 cc's.
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It was 1700 cc's removed.
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Calling Dr. McFadden office tomorrow for a consultation.
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Thank you. Oh no, well hopefully they get you schuduled.
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your pictures look good ,glad your doin good .they change my tt was to be today have to wait hemglobhem was low
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U look great!!!!
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Thank you.
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Glad you are doing well!!! I swore by the silicone strips, your scars were looking good at 5 weeks, so I bet you look even better now! I think little things will haunt us for some time with this surgery, I said to my husband the other day I wonder how long it will be until I go a day without remembering I had this done, now it is so in my face with all the issues!
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Hey Bejewelme, good to hear from you. You have used the silicone strips before? This coming wed will be 7 weeks. You are right this is a long slow process and this time next year let's hope it is a faded memory. Take care.
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Yes I sued them on my arms and saw immediate improvement, my arm scar was very raised and within the first week they really flattened out, I just got cleared last night to use on tummy so I will start wearing them there!
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I haven't started using mine yet because I still have 1 very tiny scab on my incision, and I don't go to dr til the 23rd. Good to know that you saw improvement within the 1st week.
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No that is a very uncommon scenario, my recovery has been harder than the average but it was due to all the skin I had removed, and for whatever reason my body is fighting but I can walk and it was worth it, so you will be fine, just go in with an open mind!!!
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Thanks for the responses :) all your experiences have been very helpful in making my decision.
My biggest fear is that i will wind up in pain forever and never be anle to work out again. Extreme, i know. I'm scared because my husband had a simple hernia repair last year and something went wrong so now he has permanent horrible nerve damage...he can barely walk :(
That doesn't happen too often with tummy tucks, right?
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Hope you are still healing well. I am planning to get an extended tt in the next few months. Any photos of the rear angle? Just so i can see how far the scar extends? Do you feel like it will show ove
r a swimsuit? I am so nervous about surgery haha. i am asking every extended tummy tuck person for info about their scars. And are you able to exercise yet?
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I Am healing good. I don't have any pictures from behind, because my scar only goes around on my hip bone. I bought and took with me a very low cut bathing suit bottom to surgery that morning so my ps could do the markings below that suit. He told me that he couldn't gaurantee me it would be that low, he would do what he thought look best to get me the results that I wanted. Well, I tried on that bottom a week ago and he did AWESOME!! I have not started exercising yet, but I have been very active and do a lot of moving around. Good luck on your tummy tuck.
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I think I have one posted with my drain to see how far back mine goes, mine went back further than swsmss but it is very low that you cant see it even in bikini pants. I have had a hard recovery but that is just my body fighting me.
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