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dysport freak eyelid droop should have read the important safety info from manf

I'm so depressed! I wish I would have read the...

I'm so depressed! I wish I would have read the safety info on the manf website. I'm going thru a separation and thought this would boost my self-confidence to have the wrinkles in my forehead smooth. He wouldn't do them w/o doing between the brow too. Now my left eyelid droops and my right is real high.

Dysport nightmare!

I wake up wishing this nightmare would go away! The dry eyes alone are too much. I already suffered from severe dry eyes using the costly restasis for years and if they would have told me about any of these side effects I wouldn't have done this. But he didn't give me any of the "black box warnings". I'm so depressed. I hope a detox will flush this poison out of me fast! So for now I'm wearing my hair in my eyes and hats to try to hide my face.
Thank you for sharing your honest review with the community.  I hope you are able to find some resolution to this problem.

Still noticeable but not as bad since I started my detox

I started a very fast detox using diatomaceous earth, collagen hydrolysate, homeopathic oral drops detox kit I got from acupuncturist and hypericum 30c. My right eye doesn't appear as high as it was but eyes are so much dryer than before so my eye dr put in temporary plugs to see if it will help but so far it hasn't. The Dr that injected claims he can fix the eyelid droop by injecting a steroid, not sure I believe this. I have many illnesses that have required steroids and all they do is blow me up (fat). So I'm not sure what to do other than what I have been (detoxing).
I am so sorry things had gone this bad for you, I just wanted to say that luckily this is temporary, I understand Dysport don't last long, I use it myself but it only stays for 3-4 months reason I decided to do Viora, that gives you an eyebrow lift instantly, it's amazing. I imagine you feel very sad now and may not be interested in new treatments but if in the future you still want to lift and brighten your eyes consider this, I did it yesterday and couldn't be happier after so long of thinking my eyes will stay sad and droopy cause I'm Afraid of eyelid surgery. Viora is amazing, painless, no down time and no side effects. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.
I regret my injection as well! It has ruined my face. June 9 will be 10omths since my injection. I never had dry eyes til I used Dysport and I still have it. I was never given black box warning or any side effect. My entire face has changed from this poison. Aged me 7-10 years. I know exactly how u are feeling. Reading your post I started to cry, bc it's heck these side effects. The Doc's don't care they ruin beautiful people.
I’m so sorry VK. I hope you get some comfort soon. I had to go back to my eye doc today because the plugs were not helping, unfortunately my eyes rejected them and so now I’m having to use a steroid gel, temporarily of course. So I guess I will just have to wait and see.
Magnolia Medical Aesthetics

According to his website satisfaction is his number one priority so we will see. So far the lady that makes the appointments for them is acting like this is my fault saying that I must have "touched" the injection areas or from me sleeping on it!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!

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