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I am 19 years old and live in asheville, nc. I...

I am 19 years old and live in asheville, nc. I have had large breasts since I was 13 years old (D). Every year in high school my breasts grew larger and larger without any explanation. By the time I graduated I was around a 36 dd and by Christmas 2012 I was a 38 DDD. I have been singled out as the girl with huge boobs "big boobs McGee", the biggest boobs I've ever seen. It really honestly sucks because they were so uncomfortable all I did was try to cover up the obvious.

My family and I recently went on a backpacking trip to the south of England, cornwall which was the last straw for me. My back was unbearably uncomfortable, I could hardly stand up straight and the only thing that helped me was the 10 lb backpack I was wearing. As soon as I got home me and my mother got a reccomendation from a family friend to see dr. Barry Bishop in Greenville, SC.

I saw my PS for the first time on April 17, 2013 and he said I was an excellent candidate with obviously disproportional breasts. He also told me that he would happily tell me the advantages and disadvantages in getting a breast reduction without any obligation to making him my surgeon. He has about 36 years of experience and I was very confident that I wanted him to be my surgeon. I had another appointment scheduled with another PS in June, but I wound up canceling it after talking to Dr. Bishop and our friends who had gone to him.

We filed with our bcbs insurance, but unfortunately they denied me because I didn't have enough proof of pain. Even though we had called them several times and they seemed confident. I find that to be completely unfair and honestly stupid because anyone who looks at me can see that they are to large for my body and clearly causing me pain. I am around 160 lbs and 5' 8" I am not by any means thin, but I am not big either especially not big enough for my 38 DDD's.

My parents decided that they wanted me to get the surgery anyways and were extremely supportive, so we scheduled it for may 15, 2013. The weeks before my surgery were a total train wreck of sleepless nights and way to much research. My one suggestion for anyone about to get this surgery is to not look up awful pictures and surgeries. I almost cancelled, but then I asked myself if I would be happy this summer with my large breasts and if I would wonder all summer "what if I had gone through with it?" I decided that I was willing to take the risk and trust my doctor.

I arrived at my plastic surgeons office on may 15 at 7:15 am. My surgery was performed right there because they have an accredited surgical center. It was a fast process, took a urine sample talked to my doctor who was so kind and calming, then my anesthesiologist and the next thing i knew I was lying on a bed being injected with something awesome!!!! I did cry a but before, but the staff was so understanding.

I was put under twilight anesthesia, which means I was not completely under during surgery, but I felt no pain and have little recollection of the procedure. Apparently I had several short conversations with my surgeon, which included me telling the staff I loved them and trying to see my stitches. I've been told I am hoot when I'm under the influence of surgical drugs. The one amazing thing about having twilight instead of general anesthesia is how much easier the recovery is after surgery. I was only in the recovery room for 1 1/2 hours before I got to go home. (I see my doctor next Wednesday to get some stitches removed)

Yesterday was a breeze because I had been injected with numbing stuff, but today has been difficult. The numbing stuff has worn off and honestly it feels like a lot of pressure and almost like a burning sensation. The pain meds help (hydrocodone), but I do feel quite nauseous on them.

I got to take my tight ace bandage wrapping off today. It was a total relief!!! I really didn't want to look at the twins, but my mother said they weren't bad so I looked and honestly they looked so much prettier then I expected :) everything has gone well up to this point. I think my biggest fear is necrosis but I am trying to do everything in my power to prevent that!
I get to shower tomorrow (3 days post op) I am so excited!!!!

3 days post op

Today was much easier than yesterday. I woke up around 6:30 am with a lot of pain so I took another pain pill, but after I had a shower around noon everything started to feel better. I have feeling in both my nipples already and the scars weren't half as gruesome as I had expected. I know it is a process so I am trying to keep my activity very minimal and ice as often as possible. So far bruising is little to none. I have been eating fairly healthy (lots of protein). I hope tomorrow is even better than today!
I have an appointment on Monday with a ps surgeon here in Greenville. I've heard great things about dr.Bishop. A client of mine had a BR done by him in 08. I will see how things go with the first PS and then go to Bishop. You look great.

You look beautiful darlin:)

You look wonderful. Congratulations...

5 days post op.

Yesterday was hard for me. Lots of itching and very emotional. Today was good though. I actually got out for a little and got lunch with my mom. Being
Out wore me out though and I'm back in bed . Doss my bruising look normal ? It's not pretty!!!!!
You look great!! Thank you so much for posting this. I have a consultation scheduled with a plastic surgeon June 7th. I had gone through the process before, but decided to wait since I hadn't had any children at that point and they stressed that after surgery you may not be able to breast feed..well, I wasn't able to anyways (probably because I'm so large!!). Anways, I really appreciate your story. I am 24 years old and wear a size H. I completely feel for you and all the pain you went through and it amazes me that you're insurance company wouldn't cover it as a medical necessity!! No one understands how uncomfortable/painful big breasts are unless they have big breasts themselves!! And I always say no one in their late teens/early twenties should have breasts this big!! So thank you for giving me even more courage to go through with this!
Thank you for your sweet comment. I am 10 days out and I feel better and better each day. You will be so fantastically happy when all is said and done.
You look great, definitely more proportionate!

16 days post op

It has been 16 days since my breast reduction. I haven't updated in a while because I've been so into seeing what my new body can do. I am so happy now and the pain/itching is little to none. I have started putting palmers vitamin E oil on my scara and it feel great. The hardest part for me still is sleeping. I have to sleep with pillows behind my back and one under each arm so that I don't turn over. Last time I woke up on my side it was very painful. I have been hiking a lot and can run in less than a week!!! Yay!!! Best decision I ever made
How are you feeling now?! Im pretty disappointed, my consult had to be rescheduled to this coming Friday (supposed to have been two weeks ago) due to my dr going to Oklahoma after the tornadoes-definitely a good cause. How long did your doctor say before you could do heavy lifting? That's the only thing that makes me nervous about the surgery because I have a 4 month old son that'll be probably 6 months before the procedure would even happen..idk what im going to do about that, my husband can't take too much time off!
8 weeks 10 pounds or less nothing over 10 pounds I miss working out that is all I'm missing . God bless you doll !
You look amazing!! I'm hoping it's the results of the surgery and not because you're a beautiful, vibrant 19 year old. I'm 50 and my surgery is in 6 days. Should have done this years ago. Good luck with your continued recovery!
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I have Had an amazing experience so far with plastic surgery associates of Greenville, SC. They are the kindest group of people. They calmed me down and made me feel so comfortable throughout my entire procedure. I would reccomend them to anyone looking to get a breast reduction:)

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