Nervous--Having Full Abdomen Done! - Greenville, MS

I have been considering lipo for some time now. Im...

I have been considering lipo for some time now. Im a 35 yoear old mother of three. I recently lost about 60 pounds but the stomach seems to stay the same.I really want this done but reaing all these reviews and some other stories are a little bit frightening. I ve only read about 3 deaths one was lidocaine toxity and the other two had previous health conditions. Although Im healthy Im still nervous, hope I dont change my mind.

4/19/13 Ok went it for a pre/pre op. This meeting...

4/19/13 Ok went it for a pre/pre op. This meeting was schedules by the doctor to give me more knowledge about the procedure being done the highs, the lows, the ups, the downs and to see if I had any more questions or concerns. I was also introduced to the team that will be assisting him during my procedure. I was given all my perscription because some meds he want me to start taking a week before (example vitamin c and k) altough im still nervous they are very reassuring.13 Days to go!!!

Today is the 29th and I had my final...

Today is the 29th and I had my final check/consultation. Blood work, blood pressure check, weigh in, measurements, EKG, muscle tone and skin elasticity check. Still nervous but ready to get it over with. May 3rd is aprroaching fast. See you then....

Oh well today was the day I was suppose to have my...

Oh well today was the day I was suppose to have my surgery but the date was pushed back (unforseen circumstances). New date is May 9, 2013.....
Still anxious and nervours but ready.

Two days to go , cant believe im ctually going...

Two days to go , cant believe im ctually going through with this!!!

Well I had my procedure done today so far so good...

Well I had my procedure done today so far so good just a little tired. I had my full abdomen done. He is suuch a perfectionist that he did my flanks and removeds a skin tag for free. Im actuall too tired to fininsh this and will try again tomorrow. goodnight

Omg u can tell by my typos I was still a little...

Omg u can tell by my typos I was still a little doped up! But any way I slept good a little sore other than that no complaints. I was told that I could remove my garment and shower today but I think I'm hone wait til tomorrow. Added some pics from yesterday...

This is day four and went back to work today. I'm...

This is day four and went back to work today. I'm swollen but haven't been that sore since Friday and have very little brusing. Maybe it's was the arnica I paid $30 bucks for.. I did have my first doc visit after my procedure today he says everything is looking good but it looks like I might have a saroma(I think that's how you spell) which should correct itself but if not he will fix it at 6 weeks visit. A few updated pics as you can see there is done change will hopefully be hitting the gym next week!!

Say no to Dr Oakes of Greenville Ms

Well I went in for a second smart lipo treatment and came out worse my stomach is totally destroyed I'm left with a deep line and bulge. After speaking with other doctors its was due to inexperience and the fact that people are saying he stop doing the procedure after mine is bothersome. I gave it some time to see if things would get better but NOPE I asked for a partial refund not the whole total now just a partial I think in October and haven't heard back and to think I looked better before all of this.
Dr Oakes

I decided to go with Dr.Oakes (Juvenis Health) in Greenville,Ms. He is fairly new but trained under Jeffrey B Schafer who is know as the father of modern laser lipo. During my consult he was very friendly, and answered all my question, he encourage me to think about it before making my final decision and gave me a 123 page book to read. A Patients Guide To Liposuction, How to Make an Informed Decision.

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Are you planning to do a revision with a new ps?
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How are you doing with healing?
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So far so good I had a major lump but after rubbing vitamin e oil on it and massaging it went away in about two weeks. I still have two saromas that will be drained on Thursday n this will give me a flatter appearance until all the swelling is gone.,
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Okay good sounds like you are doing well. Are they doing the lymphatic massage for the drainage? I had my first last weekend and I'm post op 6 weeks wish I would have done it sooner but I go back for another one in a week. My issue now is a little swelling and loose skin. I hope it improves.
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No the nearest massage therapist is two hours away, so he will be draining the fluid with a syringe and needle. I use a handheld massager that was about $27.00 vs the gas and paying 85 a pop for the massages... Not experiencing loose skin yet.
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Yea my massage was $55. I wish my doc would suggest the draining for me but I don't see them until the 2nd week in June..
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Yea the wait in between is to long but u can always call n see if you can see him earlier.
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ok cool...well happy healing lol
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I have not taken my garment off yet I will do it tomorrow. I feel tighter, I don't know how much is left I see where people said they leaked everywhere the first day but I haven't it maybe because they wrapped me first with super absorbent pads than a Body wrap garment more pads and a garment on top of that.
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I know you are full of fluid but do you see or feel any different
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im soo excited ... doing mines on Monday 13. keep the updates coming lol
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It's not bad yes I'm sore. But in out n about even went out to eat!!! The worst part thus far is getting up, lol!!
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I am like you also I researched my heart out and just finally went for it. Treat yourself is what I say of course there's gonna be pain but you will be alright. Remember this is surgery and I would not let a new guy work on me no matter what. I would use someone that lives and breaths lipo. I say this because once you get out the pain the first 2 weeks you do not wanna go back to experience the pain again because he didn't do it properly. This is one thing you don't want to cut corners with.
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He's been doing it for a year and he is a hour away instead of of 3 to 4 hours away when it comes to all of the follow up appointments, he has turned a lot of people away because he did not feel they were right mentally or physically for the procedure so he's clearly not in it for the money. I know anything can happen weather they have been or acting for two years or twenty I'm just praying for the best ....
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Just had my smart lipo today ! Lidocaine poisoning was my fear also ! But everything went great I feel great and I'm I Only 3 hours out ! A little soreness is kicking in . My dr said the real risk of lipo or plastic surgery is the risk of going under ! Listening to him and the nurses talk the whole time I was reassured that I was going to be ok. The kept very good track of exactly how mush lidocaine they had given me ! Even though I'm still full of fluids I can already see a huge difference !! Good luck and if u decide to do it, it will be well worth it !!
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Thanks for the reassurance!!
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Please keep us updated on your progress because I want to know how your skin tightens up because your stomach was similar to mine..
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