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I've been on this site for a while, mainly reading...

I've been on this site for a while, mainly reading reviews and peeking at pics. Now i'm deciding to add my own experience. Before getting my tummy tuck I weighed in at 196 and i'm 5'1. I had 2 consults and decided to go with my second pic which was Dr. Johns mainly because of his credentials, reviews and also price. At the time of my consult I weighed 172 lbs. and decided to schedule my surgery. I got my surgery done Dec. 12, 2012, and noticed by po week 2 there was a problem. I talked to the nurses who informed me that the mess I was seeing while sitting was just swelling. I went along with it, but by 6 weeks po nothing still had changed. Now I am currently at 10 weeks po and gained 2 lbs. No change still. I requested before pics from the office but still haven't received them. It's been 3 weeks, now seriously how long does it take to email them to me??? I'm not happy with my results it's been talked about and we will be discussing a revision at my next visit 3/25. Glad we are on the same page with that. OVERALL a pleasant and understandable Dr. just still waiting to totally be happy with my results and finally be on the flat side! (Will add before pics once received).

I'm so happy you posted, my doc is also Dr Johns.......I live past Delmont.....we NEED to talk ! My surgery was over a yr ago, and I still swell and hate the way I look........he refused to say anything was wrong, and there still is ! Email me. viclauri@windstream.net. Oh, I never got my pics !
@PittsburghMaMa, i'm taking it that your having the same look with sitting and standing? Let me know how your follow-up goes.
Exactly the same. I hate when I sit to go to the bathroom that my tummy touches my legs and in a short I still have a bulge.

Well, well, well, finally got my before and after...

Well, well, well, finally got my before and after pics. I am excited! Guess I need to have more patience. These pics gave me some encouragement that I am starting not to regret this. I'm still not liking my front and side view in my upper abdominal area. Unfortunately my belly is still on my lap and still looking forward to discussing my revision in the next few weeks.

Hello. Today was my day to see my plastic surgeon...

Hello. Today was my day to see my plastic surgeon and talk about a revision. Everything went well and we discussed liposuction of my abdomen to correct my upper abdominal bulge. The procedure can be done in the office which saves me on paying OR and anesthesia fees. He says the lipo will flatten my tummy although I will still have some excess skin AKA "muffin top". Now all I have to do is schedule my revision but for now i'm going to put it on hold because I will be going in for a consult for breast augmentation and liposuction of my back. I will let you ladies know of my decision after my consult. Happy healing to you ladies who made it to the flat side, and to the ladies that haven't good luck on your procedures.
It's still to early to tell. You may still be experiencing a lot of swelling. I noticed the same issues you are having that early on too. My pics are at 8 weeks and currently I am 3 1/2 months post op. Nothing has changed. I only have about 10% swelling and the rest is fat and skin. If your able to suck your belly in and grab fat most likely you will need lipo. Another clue is to bend over and see if your hanging in the belly area. Those are the things my ps had me do to determine if more surgery is needed. Good luck! Let me know
This is exactly what my doctor is telling me- its just the swelling. I am comparing my before and after pics to others on this site-at 3 week with swelling- their tummies are much smaller than mines. Do you think I may have to have revision surgery done? omg

Revision Completed

I'm about 12 hours post-op from my liposuction revision. I'm only taking acetaminophen, so the pain is bearable. Although I was numbed, during the procedure I could hear and feel the breaking away of fat. It was more of a stinging and burning sensation. The procedure only took about a half hour and I did notice results right away even with swelling. I'm hoping the results stick this time. My stitches come out in a week and compression garment is to be worn for 2 weeks. I think I will keep it on longer this time. I'll probably post pics when the swelling goes down a bit.
Hello. Your pics look like mine sitting down. Doc told me to do crunches also!!!
Would love to see post op pics from the revision! Your body looks just like mine after the tummy tuck and I am going in for a revision next week!
Hey lady, just responded to your inbox message. Can't wait to see your PO revision pics. I am sure you will look great. Your scar line looks good and your TT looks good from the front. I am sure that once you got that extra fat out from the lipo, you should be in good shape. Will be checking on you to see how you are doing.

New revision photos for those who requested.

Hello to all. I am currently 11 months p/o from my tummy tuck and 5 months p/o from my revision. I'm 80% more satisfied than what I was prior to my revision even though ONLY 1 lb of fat was removed. I started The Ab Challenge about 3 months ago and I was doing 100-150 crunches per day including leg lifts, and planks. I believe it really has helped with my results. I looked flatter, and tighter. For medical reasons I haven't done them in a month but will be starting back soon. Since my surgery and revision i'm either losing 2 lbs or gaining 2 no big deal to me. Currently I am seeking another revision for a little more abdominal liposuction, scar and belly button revision. Hope this helps. Thanks for inquiring. Good luck!
Have the same issue I'm going DR in January for a full revision, I believe the problem is my muscle repair fail. Happy healing
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Seen and heard positive reviews on realself and also just googling his reviews.

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