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Restylane for Tear Troughs...23 Y/o Hereditary Under Eye Bags - Greensburg, PA

As a 1st time cosmetic treatment patient, I felt...

As a 1st time cosmetic treatment patient, I felt very comfortable and secure with Dr Leong as my doctor for this procedure. I had initially consulted with a nurse at a 'medi-spa' and I am so glad I changed my mind and went with Dr Leong instead. He really understands that this is not equivalent to getting a haircut or manicure..it is a medical procedure that requires extensive knowledge and expertise! Furthermore I was impressed with the amount of time Dr. Leong spent with me answering all of my many questions and making sure I was aware of all the risks/complications (which were not mentioned at all during my consultation with the medi-spa, btw). I was extremely nervous about getting anything injected near my eyes and he was very patient with me, not pushy at all, and let me come to my own decision. It has been 12 days since my treatment and I am happy with the results, although I do feel I may require a bit more filler now that the initial swelling has gone down. But I am definitely happy that Dr. Leong took a conservative approach to my treatment..you can always add more later! I also had 0 bruising following the treatment, only a couple needle entry marks which faded within 4 days, as expected. I will be calling the office this week to address adding more filler, but overall I am extremely happy.

forgot to mention...

I forgot to mention that Dr. Leong used a microcannula rather than a regular needle for my filler...I definitely think this contributed to the fact that I had no bruising at all. Also, it made me feel much safer since there is less risk of puncturing a blood vessel with a cannula than there is with a needle.
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Your eyes look dramatically better :) I hope it lasts longer than 6 months. When using a microcannula compared to needle does this technique help avoid encapsulated papules?
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Hi!!! Your eyes look great!!! You look very beautiful! I have an appointment with Dr. Leong for next friday, 08/15, for the same problem. I have under eye bags. I am anticipating that he will recommend me Restylane. How long are they supposed to last? I am very nervous about the procedure as I am afraid it can go wrong. Thank you!!!
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hi! thanks so much!! Dr. Leong told me that hyaluronic acid fillers in the under-eye area last for about a year on average (although it will gradually fade away, so you can decide when you want to go back in for another fill).. the tear troughs give the longest lasting results bc it is not an extremely mobile area and bc there is relatively less endogenous hyaluronidase in this area. I was also extremely nervous after doing my research and discovering the terrifying complications (blindness, tissue necrosis, etc.), but Dr. Leong will go over all of that with you and he was great with being patient and letting me ask as many questions as I wanted. Also he will tell you about how using a microcannula reduces the risk of those complications, which definitely puts your mind at ease (a least a little bit). And the fact that he is so qualified also makes you feel like you are putting yourself in the best possible hands. The only downside I can think of is that you might get less of a result than you wanted after the initial swelling/soreness goes away. I walked out thinking it was perfect but after a week of healing some of the depression in the tear trough came back which was a little frustrating. And because he used the entire syringe on me I will have to pay for another if I want to add more. It's not a huge deal because there is still significant improvement, and I can go back anytime to add more and I will know what to expect from here on out. The first time has been a learning experience for sure. I would say definitely go for it but have realistic expectations, depending on how severe your tear troughs are to begin with. Even if they don't fully disappear after one syringe you will still look and feel so much brighter and well-rested. good luck!
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Thank you so much for your reply. I will talk to him on Friday and see what he recommends me. :)
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Looks natural. I had it many months ago but I don't think my dr. used the microcannula technique. I had under eye bags after the restylane injection and looked worse than before injection. btw I had half a syringe injected. I was very unhappy with the results so I had it removed.
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how it looks now after hylase? i done it too ... !! did the own hyaluronic acid comes back and your skin regained ? please can you tell me .... ! best wishes nelly
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@ zooster ! sorry for my bad english ! i'm from switzerland
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Looks great!
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It is very important that a patient feels comfortable and secure about their doctor. Congratulations for your happy experience!
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Sounds like you had a great experience, thanks for sharing.
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