Saline Implant Removal Scheduled for 5/16/14 After 19 Years - Greensburg, PA

I'm having my hard implants out on my birthday. I...

I'm having my hard implants out on my birthday. I thought I was prepared, but as the date nears, I'm having a lot of anxiety. I work f/t and need to return five days after explant. Anxiety #1. I am worried because they have been in so long, and are so hard, there will be complications. Anxiety #2. Comments ?


I ready your're so honest and I'm glad to know you now. You're one touch cookie, and I'm glad you're on here.
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Totally normal to be anxious- we are women, it comes with the territory. However, I've found I'm a lot happier when I am able to change my train of thought. Stop thinking about the possible complications and start thinking about the freedom that you'll have when you get rid of the implants! There might be some bumps in the road- and if there are, then that's the time when you do your research and take care of the issue- no need to put extra stress on yourself now. You've taken your first step in the right direction by picking out the best doctor and scheduling your surgery date. Right now, all you have to do it eat healthy, follow the pre op instructions and look forward to the new, natural you with no hard boobs!
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I'm like a type triple A personality-I'm that person, yes. I've gotten better with aging at trying to be in control of everything and making everything perfect. That just destroyed me. Thank you for writing to me. I need it. I have read those pre-op instructions many times in the past 24 hours. HAHAHAHA And I can't get off this site! love it!

Five days post-op update

So glad I had this done! Explant, no lift. Mine were 270 cc, and I have no complications and no pain-back to work at day five and feeling fine. I am comfortable in the GenieBra. Dissolvable stitches with no drains. I'm not posting pics. The only ones who are seeing this ta-ta's are my doctor and my daughter (who is pretty tired of being flashed). Not that they don't look good , because they do, just because I'm not comfortable with posting my ta-ta's on the internet. If you live in the Greensburg PA area, you need to see Dr. Antimarino at Aestique Surgical Center/Spa.


Congrats on your expant xx
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Sorry typo explant I meant xx
I know this is inappropriate to ask, but about what was the cost? How do they look? Did you consider a lift or anything else? I'm in Pgh. and looking for a doc to get rid of these bowling balls off my chest! Your posts are very helpful! THANKS!
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Four weeks post-op

Well, it's been four weeks. I've been back to my surgeon twice, and the only issue I've had is some pain in the right ta-ta, that has now gone away. I'm here to tell ya, I've made some stupid decisions in my life , but getting my implants out was not one of them. I feel absolutely amazing, and Dr. Antimarino was like an angel sent to me. Too bad I cannot keep him on my shoulder... Anyway, I've got some nice breast tissue and my boobs are just SO goddamn soft! - I love them! Not to mention how nice it is to not have any more pain in my chest, and to be SO much more comfortable and NOT in tight tops. No regrets on explant surgery here. I've never had issues after surgery, and actually recover quite quickly from shit, and am rarely ill. I'm still tired, because I'm 52 and work full-time at a totally stressful job, but I never attributed any of my illnesses to my implants. I believe we change as we age, and we go up, we go down, healthwise. Shit happens. Yes, I think the implants impaired me into giving me something to blame when I had an illness, but I am also not beyond my confirming belief no one should ever put them in their body, because too many women have the same illnesses, and yes, they could be related to implants. However, on the other hand, women without implants have the same illnesses also. I wish you all the best, and thank you all for posting your stories, and apologize for not posting pics. Not much to see anyway. I just don't want to put pics on the internet. Good luck to everyone searching, and good luck to everyone recovering. Be strong , be happy, laugh, and remember you are not alone and you always have someone to talk to on this site.


So happy you had them removed and recovered well and your happy with what you have. Warm wishes
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Thanks! I had my initial consult with Dr. Antamarino. I'm going to get these bowling balls off my chest! Waiting to see if insurance will cover the explant because they are stage 4 capsular contraction. If insurance doesn't cover it, I'm still getting them out! Thanks for the docs info! Will be using him!
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Sweet! I cannot say enough good about him. . You've met him, so I do not need to say much more. I wish you all the best! Although, I know what good hands you are in. Keep the updates coming. Did you schedule yet?
Jeffrey Antamarino, Aestique Plastic Surgery

My explant was done today and I am extremely happy with how everything went. I have very minimal pain. This doctor and his staff are super. They really are. My initial visit was mid-April, and here it is May 16, and I am done! It has been two years for me, trying to find a doctor I liked, and I was about to give up. There was no question , from my first contact with the office, that I had hit pay dirt. The staff are smart, knowledgeable, patient, funny, and most of all, understanding. So happy.....

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