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Having surgery on 10/3013. I am 44, mom of 2, 5'9,...

Having surgery on 10/3013.
I am 44, mom of 2, 5'9, 188 lbs. the same weight I was when I got pregnant with my daughter at 23. I have been between 175 and 190 most of my life.

After divorce in my early 30s, I did get down to 160 but gradually gained the weight back. Looking forward to surgery on Wed!

Here are some before pics!
Good luck!!

Before pics


Before pictures

Best of luck to you!!! Please keep us posted :-)
Good luck and keep us posted of your progress ok.

2 days pre-op!

I have been reading in this site for a few hours tonite! Getting really excited! Great advice I'm going to share,

More before! Tomorrow is my big day!

A few more before pics!

Last day at work for a week or so!
Good luck! You'll do great!
Good luck! I am also having surgery this week! It's so exiting and nerve wracking all at the same time huh! I'm nervous and worried about pain, the recovery, my's hoping for the best!!
Soooo excited for you !!!! You will feel like a new woman !!!! I am sending prayers your way , try to sleep tonight :) and you pamper yourself , that is hard to do , but, in the long run you will be glad you did , and maybe one last bit of advice , buy some suppositories , I had a c-section before so I knew how it hurt to try and have a bowel movement , soooo I started the first day after surgery with stool softner , that didn't work , so the 3rd day , I thought I am not messing with this , I did a suppository and hot things moving, no risk of binding up. I am 5 1/2 weeks and feeling great , stronger everyday.

Surgery day!

Here waiting in the waiting room to go back! So excited!
Good luck!! You will do great!!!
Good luck thinking of you!!!
Yay !!!! Praying for you , keep the faith today and tomorrow are the hardest and the it is all uphill from there .

Out of surgery!

I will be staying overnight . Not a lot of pain now. Sure pain will be worse a little later and next few days.
I'm so excited for you!!! :)
Congratulations!!! Good luck in the coming days! Let us know how you are doing when you can. Take good care!
You made it girl.. The first couple says are going to be tough. I'm at my third day and I'm feeling much better. Good luck :)

Doing good!

Pain level is a 1-2. Got Meds at 2pm. Doctor came in said surgery went great!
How u feeling mama? Thinking about u!
That's GREAT news!! You take it easy and don't do any acrobatics ;) I'm so happy to hear it went well *hugs* xxxx
Happy healing!!!

I'm home now!

The pain is worse today. Mainly soreness. Resting on the couch for most of the day ????
Your looking good!! :)
Please make sure you take it easy and rest, listen to your body. Take your meds around the clock, do you have any help??
Looking good Hun!! Don't over do yourself. I'm still so sore. My belly button looks very bruised and swallon but he said it was fine.

Less than 24 hours on the flat side!

Woke up early because I'm getting in comfortable laying on my back. I'm my opinion, I am draining a lot Left side more than right. Every 3-4 hours I get 25 ml from lt and 10-15 ml from rt.
Pain level is close to 0 when laying down. Up to about 7 when I have to get.
I think my kitties know I'm under the weather. They have been right by my side since I have been home.

My cats must know

That I'm a little under the weather. They haven't left my side since I have been home. One even slept on my belly last nite!
Your looking fabulous girlie:) well for me I'm still in a lot of pain. That lipo is no joke gheesh.. I'm trying not to take my Percocet but I have to. That's the only way I can be comfortable. I've been taking 1percocet and 1 Tylenol together. That seems to help for about tree hours. They said every day will be better. I will post pic soon. I only seen my stomach twice and that's the times I've gone to see my doc. He said to keep my garment on for six weeks and only take off for shower. But i can't take a shower until sat he said. They say when you take the garmet off for the first time to be very careful and have someone with u at all times because you can get very light headed and pass out. Well ttyl looking great!:)
Oh didn't know about taking it off making you light headed. I just took my off to look. I have to keep mine on all the time also. Which I like it. How much drainage are you getting? I have had 75ml on left and 45 on right side in 8 hours. Seems like a lot. Also I am taking one pericet and a muscle relaxer. My sides really hurt. Maybe it's my lypo also. Hurts a lot when I'm getting up and down
Yes my rgt side always had more and I'm draining about 15 to 20ml every 8 to 12 hr. But everybody is different.

Pics without bandages


Day 2

You seemed to be doing a lot better then me lol. I feel like I'm feeling better every day but very very slowly. I can't stand long and my back from the lipo hurt like hell. Lol I'm starting to get impatient. I'm not used to not do things on my own and it's driving me nuts. Ok well enough of my crying. Lol
Yes, I'm bored also! From couch to chair and walking around in the house ! My pain is when I'm getting up or down. Tomorrow I will have to go walk outside! I'm even tired of watching TV!
Ya that's my big problem getting up and down. I get dizzy so I'm scared to go outside rgt now. But hopefully that all will pass.

Feeling a lot better!

I'm feeling a lot better after having bowel movement this morning.

I took my bandages off, washed ink marks off , sponge bath, and washed my hair! After a break, I put makeup on and bra and clothes on!

Went off a walk outside , first time being outside since I came home on Thursday !
After eating some lunch, I'm going to rest awhile. Don't want to start hurting. I don't have any pain sitting or laying, just getting up and down. Didn't really have any pulling spins when standing up and walking!
Lookin gr8 chick:-) just take it easys to bebegin with:-) x

How can I delete some of my pics?

Does anyone know how I can take done of my pics off?
You look awesome! I love how thin and clean your incision looks! Take it easy and snuggle up with those precious kitties :)
i think you can edit them off...

Feeling some better!

Saturday, I sponged bathed, tried to wash ink marks off my belly, went out and walked and went to a friends for dinner. By the time I got home at 9 , I was in a lot of pain. Had to take a pain pill to rest.
Today, I didn't do near as much. Only pain I think I was feeling today was constipation After I went twice today, I feel much better. Dont really think I'm swollen because of the tight binder.
Welcome to the flat side, gf!  You look like your doing pretty good.  I can't believe you were going out and eating at a friends house on day 3.  You are a warrior girl!  Wow.  But, please be very careful during your healing period.  You don't want to overdo it and then end up having problems. Your tummy looks so flat now.   HOW TO DELETE AN UNWANTED PIC OR EDIT YOUR REVIEW IN ANY WAY: 1.  Open your review.  2.  Click "edit" located at the top right hand corner.  3.  Mouse down to the picture you want to delete and click it open.  4.  Click "edit" located at the bottom right corner.  5.  Click "remove" located directly below the photo in blue letters.  6.  An "are you sure you want to...." box will appear, click yes.   Done! If you have any other questions about updating your review I will try to help you all I can. Happy healing! 
Wow you are tough, I couldnt stay awake long enough at day 3 to even think about getting dressed or visiting. You look great, glad its going good. Happy healing :)

Finally a real shower today!

Not taking a lot of pain Meds just tynenol and some muscle relaxers. Had a real shower today! Drainage has cut in half, hopefully I will be under 30 cc a day before Wed so I can have my drains removed. Here's a couple of pics. My incision and skin looks better than the pics.
Looking good!!!!
Looking good :)

Post op checkup today!

Well I get to keep my drains for another few days. My PS wants them th drain less than 30cc in 24 hr each. Mine are still draining more than 50 a day.
Next, he said I was very swollen. That's funny because I didn't know I was swollen at all and wondered why all you girls were. He said its normal and this is not my finall results of the surgery! Said I will get smaller! Woho!
You look great! Happy healing!
Lookin good girl!
Look great!

Day 2 back to work!

I have an office job and was able to get back to work fast. First day I was tired and belly cramping by the end if the day. Just taking tynenol around the clock and some muscle relaxers in the evenings.
Good job healing;)
U look good! But plz take it easy.
You look so great! Congrats!

Drains finally out!

I took the drains out tonite. The PS give me instructions on how to remove them after draining was less than 30 ml each. Wow the part that was under my skin was 11 inches long!!
Still have pain in the middle of my belly by late afternoons. I guess that's the muscle repair.
Hey how are u doing? Hopefully wonderful!!:)
I must be old as I forgot to add the information on how to remove pictures. Click on any of your photos that you wish to remove.  There's a spot somewhere where you click on EDIT.  After you click on EDIT the option to CROP, or REMOVE (and something else) pops up.  Just click on REMOVE and the picture disappears!  I've done it myself.  Unfortunately it's not possible to edit or remove any text that's already been posted.  Even the community manager can't do that for you as I've asked her to remove one of my posts called "why I don't wear tights" after I removed the photos.  Hope this helps.  
I forgot to mention that my drain came out on day nine when it was still draining about 50 ccs.  I had a small seroma the following week which was aspirated with a needle and then again at my last visit to the surgeon on Nov. 1st when another ounce was aspirated.  Eventually all that fluid will be absorbed by the body but sometimes it takes up to six months or more.  I don't worry about it!
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