! year and 3 months later and I question why - Greensboro, NC

Ok, so I am SUPER nervous, but that's to be...

Ok, so I am SUPER nervous, but that's to be expected right? I started out "thinking" I might get a TT about a year ago. I was tired of the "pooch tummy" and exercise wasnt helping. As far as the breast lift? I just looked and felt heavy, even though I BF and had one child. Maybe I was looking for more perkiness but I also knew I didnt want implants and I was happy with my size. Around February of ths year I made up my mind and went on the hunt for a PS. I had three consluts (one referral from my GYN) and ended up with the first, my referral. My experience w/ the last consult was that the PS was cocky and arrogant. DEFENITELY not who I wated to use. The second option didnt sit well w/ the receptionist being the same as the "nurse assistant", maybe it was a slow day, maybe they had a call in. I decided I didnt want to use a "mom and pop" PS. The PS I decided on is Dr. Bowers in Greensboro, NC. From day one I was impressed not only with him, but the stafff as well. He explains things in laymans terms and has excellent people skills. That being said my pre-op appointment was today and last week I paid half down. HOLY COW!!! This is it :) I go in on July 26th!

I am super super nervous. Did I mention that? My twin had a TT over a year ago, best experience EVER she said. I figure shes exagerating but ok. She did say it was worth it, money wise she had hers performed with some other procedures so her out of pocket was nothing. ME? Not so much. I know your asking, so heres the final count. $11,520. Thats a whole lotta dough. I think Im worth it. Ive done my research on the procedure, post and pre op, my PS and anastheologist and the surgical center. I decided on the lift only in the past two months or so. I figured get it done and have one recovery time. Ive hired a CNA part time for a few weeks and my 12 yr old son will be witth family then as well. Just me, my squemish hubby, my dog and the CNA. Sounds like a country song I know. Ive got my RX filled, bought Arnica and have TY and tummy stuff in a baggy. I am ready to do this and want it over with. The anxiety gets to me now and then. I guess thats normal right? Im not sure what Im forgetting to say but this is the beginning, per say, of my journey. I have pics but cant post from my Iphone. I'll have to fix that.

ANY advice and encouragement would be great. My next update should be the day before my surgery. Wish me luck!

Abscape, I totally get the "i feel better so Ill do more" trick. My swelling is very low, my drainage output is low and Ive had rare instances of pain. I did swallow the wrong way today and the pain was SOOOO unbearable. Every cough felt like a knife thru my side. Thankfully Ive had little coughing, sneezing and laughing. My recovery has been pretty good and I dont want to jinx that. I feel fortunate though. Ive got my CNA here another week atleast, and then as needed after. Shes keeping me in check for sure. Ive read the horror strories of overdoing and I def dont want to go there. Glad to hear your recovery is going well for you.
Welcome to recovery. You will read and learn on here one very important thing, relax, rest, heal. I am 10 days po and feel like I can go out and do whatever I want; but Ive read that is the fast road to swelling and discomfort. It's easy to recover in a recliner when I'm sore and uncomfortable, it's very difficult to keep me in the recliner when I'm feeling 80%.
Hi Ginger, unfortunately my drain will remain in place this week. Its the color my ps doesn't like, so I trust him. He knows it's awful news, and is very sympathetic. But on the up side, I'm already a lot smaller and my incision is healing. So I will continue to chill in my recliner (pain free) and enjoy the peace. Btw, I did the same at walmart, lolol! Hubs was like, do you want me to clean that handle? I said no, I'm not letting go!!! :)
Oh, and Mob wives... I remember seeing something with her in the Back Area, yikes!!

Recovery is in progress everyone!! Tomorrow I have...

Recovery is in progress everyone!! Tomorrow I have my first post op appt, hoping these drains come out. If not, its not the end of the world, Ill settle for just being healthy :)

Got my breast before and after pics! Tomorrow I'll...

Got my breast before and after pics! Tomorrow I'll try to add tummy, hoping the drains come out.
What a busy but nothing happened day! I got my hair highlighted, cut and styled. THEN I went to Target w/ my CNA and she suprised me by buying me a sundress. I usually wear an but XL b/c of my breasts, but this time it was TOO big! AND, I actually held my own, per say (new and improved lifted breasts). However, I was tired at the end of my outing so ive vegged in the recliner. I have one more time to drain and count, if Im under 30cc per cup ill be drainless tomorrow. But it wont be the end of my day if one or both stay in, I understand their purpose and function. Today I wore a little short sundress, I had my drain bulbs low on my crotch hanging...I told Lesley (CNA) that I now knew how big balled men felt! Totally hanging between the legs, hahahaha, THAT was funny :)
Wannabsmaller, My binder is seriously needing an update or something. I washed it and wore my twins crotchless binder (had legs and all) and I didnt like hers at all. I just need one thats not falling off me as the swelling is going down and its loose. I might be looking at some Spanx if PS says all is ok. I did not get Lipo, I want to get cool Lipo on my upper arms in a few months, but otherwise thats it for Lipo. Ok, Im off this thing, my butt hurts from sitting and I am SO hungry. Later guys.
Gas-X, it's a lifesaver for sure :) holy cow I've officially turned into my grandma !!! Lol. I got my only drain removed last week and I have my 2 week post op visit tomorrow, hoping to get suggestions for a new girdle/binder/spanx as mine is getting loose. Did you get lipo as well ? The bruising from that isn't as bad as I thought it would be, but still have some swelling on the one side. Glad you are having a good recovery :)
What suggestions did you get on spanx or bindres? I have to go buy another and one for my breasts, not sure where to start looking. How are you feeling?

Ive posted my pics of tummy.....what a difference :)

Ive posted my pics of tummy.....what a difference :)
Hey girl, how you doin? I was just thinking about you :). Updates? I wanted to tell you hubs took me out to find cg, something easy to put on take off, and believe it or not, I found the perfect wrap/binder at Walgreens!!! It's white (ace brand) and closes w Velcro. Very snug, but not to thick and if it's bugging my tummy I just loosen the bottom, same w rib cage! Seriously, $15. Hangs on wall with ace bandages! Total find!!
Thank you Mak46. Im so wore out I cant take a nap. Instead I tried on some clothes I had bought 'in case" I decided to do the tummy tuck. Guess I went into overdrive! The unwrapping, I like that, was so nice. And the thought of a shower? That sounds even better. But back to the clothes thing. All I can say is I never thought id look good again, and thats no offense to childbearing, bt its true. Such an amazing difference on my body and mind. Tonight I go w/ my hubby to look for spanx, I think he just wants to buy me something sexy, heck yeah I'll take that ;)
Hallelujah!!!!! You look Phenom!!! I bet you feel better!! There's nothing like unwrapping all that stuff! That would wear me out.. mental or not.. Night night. :))!

Had a lovely Sat night w/ hubby. I planned a night...

Had a lovely Sat night w/ hubby. I planned a night at a hotel I w/ chocolate covered strawberries and wine) and dinner. Thank god the restaurant was across the street as I developed horrible horrible stomach cramps after taking my first bite of my entree. I had already eaten a few pieces of bread and salad and some shrimp. Guess I wasnt thinking too far ahead gastro wise! But I muttled my way thru and let hubby enjoy his meal. I was NOT going to let this ruin everything. We were supposed to head to a cigar bar but hubby said nope, lets just chill. Well, my chilling ended up being in the bathroom while he watched TV. About 40mns later I felt fine enough to walk, so we went back out downtown and strolled. I bought a cup of coffee and chewy gas-x. Very romantic I know! Came back to the hotel and watched more TV...then I misbehaved if you know what I mean. LOL, I feel so childish typing this. Anyways, got to bed late, slept in early and spent Sun. aft running errands and making a 1.5 hr drive to airport w/ hubby to get my son. Hes been in FL for 10 days, so talk about major changes. My night ended w/ me biting my hubbies head off b/c I took a comment he said on the ph wrong and b/c I have stopped pain meds, but I found a muscl relx and took half. Needless to say, even after an apology this morn my hubby is still sulking. Oh well....the things we do. I have my 10 day PO appt today. Hope I have no bad news as I feel there should be no bad news. Im ready to start back at the gym, light duty. I still have my CNA coming, but once Im cleared to drive she will only come a few times a week instead of every day. Heres wishing everyone a great Monday and happy healing and recovery :)

Had my 10 day PO appt. Nurse was amazed at my...

Had my 10 day PO appt. Nurse was amazed at my mobility. She kept saying how good I looked. PS came in and said he was very happy and thought I was past my two wk mark based on my progress...I kindly reminded him it was 11 days..hahaha, gotta give credit where and when its due! Scars look nice on tummy and breast and bb. No exercise for 4 weeks, Im bummed cause I thought for sure light walking on treadmill would be ok sooner. Im thinking, what good is a drop dead paid for body If I get fat in the meantime. Yeah, Im whining! I go back in two weeks, hopefully my sticky tape will have rubbed off and I wont feel like a piece of human fleshed velcro. I am backing down on my CNA's help excpet for a few times a week, not daily, as I can drive starting Thur. YIPPEE! My Jeep is in depression for non use. Hope everyone is healing andd tdaking care.
I found a cami on clearance, its supposed to be a strapless skirt enhancer thingy but even XL was small for my breast. SO I pulled it to below my ribs and left it at that. Worked perfectly as a stomach compression . The grey one I like is spanx. I bought some boy like shorts at Kohls, but they cut above my BB, that area I can atleast feel LOL. Ill have to return to Target and look when Im more in a right mind than before as it probably wasnt the best idea but its a 6mn drive and my CNA was with me. Ill have to check gap too, Ive been using my compression gause around the house and a not so good as it turns out, bally bra.
Smart minds think alike !! I went to Target with my hubs yesterday and got three different CG's with the intention of trying them on at home and returning what I didn't like. I ended up keeping all three !! The first is called "Suddenly Skinny w/ Self expressions " from Maidenform. It's the tummy toning hi-waist boy short for $15.99. It is soooo comfy, and it gives you great lines without seeing it thru your clothing. The second was the "Merona Belt/waist cincher" for $14.99. It looked small (I got the large) but has a bit of give to make it over the hips/arse area lol. It doesn't have attached panties so makes the bathroom much easier. It has flexible boning to give you support without being painful and a diamond pattern keeps the stomach area nice and flat. It goes past the hips up to your bra line. The third one I got was By Assets for $32.00. It is the tightest of the three and is a panty with built in spanx up to the bra line. Definitely sucks it all in. I found two bras from Gap Body that are like a bralett to wear when I go out (which hasn't been a lot) but is comfortable on the scars from the lift/reduction. That's what I know, thought I would pass it along :)
MJPierce, Your husband deserves a metal :) I guess they all do in some sense. My hubby gave me a balloon that said something to the words of "milk it while you can". Ive realized im not milking it enough, whats my problem LOL. This is major surgery, major toll on our bodies. I mean, ppl dont just go out nd cut their stomachs open every day...cept on here, at RealSelf that is, so anyways. I gave mine a card Sat. night. A little I love you and thanks and stuff.

Found silicone sheets and scar ointment at ...

Found silicone sheets and scar ointment at Walgreens, their brand. I know that palmers is the main one used on this site but I thought I'd try the ointment. My PS doesnt mind the sheets, I didnt know i'd find them local however. Spebt my first night in my own bed lsat night. That was an amazing feeling. Getting back to normal. laying low today as I assisted too much in my garage yesterday, no over doing it too much. As far as TT and BL. My scar is a little sore on the crease at the outer breast. Maybe from my underarm areas rubbing. My TT scar is starting to raise a little. Still have a "mesh" tape on it...looks very horrible combined w/ my stiches.

Added a few photos. Im waering my fav brand jeans...

added a few photos. Im waering my fav brand jeans but I look SO puffy. Im sure its the lighting LOL. My scar? Like I said, looks like Frankenstein.....not feeling that at all. I know I shouldnt be critical at this time, but I cant help it. Pictures are worth a thousand words and I think I have a gazillion in my mind right now!

PO day 18. I am feeling a shift in my body. I have...

PO day 18. I am feeling a shift in my body. I have more energy and b/c of that cant seem to sleep (always had a sleeping prob but atleast I could channel my energy). I have the 1oo miles an hr feeling, yet I know its unreaalistic to over do it. I am bbummed that I cant exercise, shouldnt but want sex, get tired a little things and question why I did this. My TT scar is healing, but I now have a "shelf" over it. I HATE it. WTH? I look like a mini continental shift LOL. My lift scars are fading nicely and the steri tape is coming off ever so slowly. I have one stitch under my left breast that I thought was a hair...OUCH, yanking that was so not a good idea. Over ll im happy, but depressed I had to take such an extreme measure. I want to show off to my hubby, but that "trade off scar" is worrying me. I keep thinkng frankenstein scar and then the worrying starts all over. Not looking for perfection, just looking to be happy w/ myself. After a few thousand dollars I should be. Am I the only one here walking the line?
A smile !!
Smiles are free....and they can be worn anytime :)
Funny wannab!! You can chime in here any time!! I bet yours are awesome, what's ur fav thing you've tried on??

PO 26 day. Im feeling good, but tired. I went to...

PO 26 day. Im feeling good, but tired. I went to Savannah this weekend. Shopped on Sat. for two weddings I will be attending. Five hrs later I was SO ready for the hotel. The driving the night before pretty much did me in, I mean, driving and stopping for dinner. I went to the beach Sat. eve and saw a good friend...he said I looked "amazing". Hey, a girl needs compliments right? I was bummed b/c it was SO hot, but pool, hottub and ocean were off limits. However, the walk on the beach was relaxing. Came back to the hotel LATE and had to take another musl relx. UGH! Drove Sun. afternoon to Charlotte for the night w/ my son. We had dinner out and then back for me to rest while he played in the pool. Mon. morn I was back up, going to get my stepdaughter at the airport, then a few hrs drive home. I stopped at the outlet mall with the kids and walked more. I sure did a lot of walking and driving LOL. All in all I guess what im feeling is normal. I called my PS and explained I was feeling pulling in my abdomen and pinching on my lift incersions. She said it was normal. Im scheduled to go in next Wed. but if I still feel uncomfortable I can call back. I asked for a refill on Muscl relx as I feel they have helped me. Today I am chilling and trying to relax. Lets see how that goes.
I know I was lucky to get a full six to eight before my surgery. I think my body is going though a natural healing process and realises it needs rest. I could never go back to sleep if I got up around 7 but now it's like I'm a partied out teenager. Weird I'm only taking the co-codamol I've been taking for a few years now for my knee so it can't be that. It must be the shock to the system. A regular night sleep is now between eight to ten hours sleep.
As for the kids a little workable energy never anybody! Just sit back and be the director!! Lol
I still wake..a lot. I wish my body would settle down I had a tooth extr yesteray...gave me Loratab...makes me sleepy, dopey and one of those ther Dwarfs LOL, but I still cant stay still. Shock to the sys is a good thought. Oh yeah, never worked the kids energy out on housework, I better get to it. Hows today for you sue?
Pretty good Gingerflowers, Thanks for asking, slept till 9 this morning and went to bed around midnight so nine hours.It was the first night I have slept without a CG and it was so good. Happy healing!

Just passed 4 weeks PO..WOOHOO! On that note I had...

Just passed 4 weeks PO..WOOHOO! On that note I had a tooth removed today...my whole jaw aches. I was told rest, light diet, and stuff Im already doing LOL.
Im getting into the swing of things more. My scar is looking good. Im using Vit E. and the silicone strips. Im still slightly swollen as when I put my jeans on me its a little tight....er tighter. I aim looking foward to wearing a skanky outfit for my husband. Did I mention I was at only 4weeks PO?? Yeah, I thought so. My Breast lift scars are looking good, Ive noticed a reduction in the scar AND my volume. I cant rememebr who on here said they thought their hubby was disappointed in the volume. I understand. I bought two VS swimsuites and neither hid my scar very well, bummed but atleast my stomach isnt all poochy.
Haha. I also bought to VS bathing suits. I'm sure my scar will show :( theres no way they can make my incision as low as I want it to be. I guess I'll just have to deal
Which one did you buy??? I LOVE the first one, and def settled for the second. But im thinking the first will do. Hubby and I are taking vacay for a week next month, I think the crowds will be settled down so my scars wont be THAT obvious..I hope :) Ill have to post a pic, get some reviews and morale going ! Mine isnt as low as I want it, yet if it was lower other panties, BS would show. Does that make sense?/ How about an invesible scar...yea that whats im talking about....NOT THERE LOL

#31 day PO....went to the gym today and walked...

#31 day PO....went to the gym today and walked about 20mns. Kept it at 1.5-2,.0 mph. It was good to get back into moving about. I was already tird from being up early, but I did not nap. School starts here tomorrow, I figure I better get on a schedule. Im feeling more and more strong.Im also getting used to my new body Last night, I showed my hubby my new Breasts, He said "OH CUTE" LOL, Men. I was pretty nervous about it, but he calmed my nerves. Lets see how tonight goes :) hope everyone is doing well !!

Added new pics. Second day of treadmill at a slow...

Added new pics. Second day of treadmill at a slow pace. Nice and easy, I have that covered :)
Ginger you're looking good!
Thank you Ivy..you live in my hometown..I miss that, and my fam :)
So your date was the 25th, yes? Do you have pics yet, or did I miss that? How are you feeling?
u look great

Im rambling today, dont mind me. I Just reached 5...

Im rambling today, dont mind me. I Just reached 5 wks and had my PO appt. PS is really happy w/ my results. So much so he did some PO pics and said to come back in Oct. I can get in a pool, the ocean and exercise in a week. I guess when he said 4 wks he meant 4 wks from the date he said it...LOL. So I started "late" on Sun. OOPS! But Im not pushing it and wont go back till Thur/. Fri. He cut my poking sutures at each tip of my TT scar and on each breast..not a bad feeling more like a really big pinch. Then he said I had to massage my bbelly buton "like this"...and dug his finger right in....OUCH OUCH and hell that hurts. Atleast he asked if it really hurt, yeah, so I can feel there. So today I begin massaging my BB scar circle. Just the outer part. Drink please. I bought ANOTHER bikini..geez, its like a small obsession. But im worried about my skin as it wlll be sensitive. Oh and the VS chick had a breast red, so she totally got what I was saying as far as scars and hiding and what not. WHEW..So, ill post the two and maybe you guys can give me an opinion. I look very boxy now, it really bothers me. My twin, she had a TT too, looks boxy just like me. Another "dang" moment. Cant get no satisfaction but I can get a bikini LOL.....Hope you all are healing, living life and counting the days till you have your new you!
Lol !! True that !! My scars are all healed so no pain. I too was under the impression I would be 1-2 sizes smaller...blonde moment ! Lol :) The dr said can take 3-6months to see full results, still better than it was :)
Amen to that...can we just flash back only for the sake of that..then fast foward to real life :), and keep the results from, oh anyways, I did say in my update I was ramblin today!
Ivy, I'm the same way ! I'm at the 6 week mark, still swelling @ hips and left side. Even my "fat jeans" are tight !! Argggggg

Im just shy of 6 weeks and feeling good. Ive been...

Im just shy of 6 weeks and feeling good. Ive been cleared to exercise and stop wearing my CG now (as well as get in a pool and have sex..ahh, life is good!). Ill probably still wear my CG at night and when I feel kinda crappy. I have to rub my belly button scar every day and it seems to be coming down good. My scars are flattning on my TT and lift as well, although I wish they were gone entirely. Im going to a Kelly Clarkson concert next Wed. and then Fri. im off to beach wedding....I hope to be feeling much better by then. I havent seen many updates so I guess you all are doing ok.

Im just past 6 weeks PO. Feeling great! Im back to...

Im just past 6 weeks PO. Feeling great! Im back to a regular routine of exercise, eating and sex LOL. My scars are healing nicely however I have that same nagging pulling sensation in my TT area. Guess thats normal. Im headed to a wedding this coming weekend and then the week after beach vacay for a week, Cant wait to show my new self off :) Hope everyone is doing ok.
Sup Sista?? Just thinking about you.. Hope all is good :)
I didnt realize I had not updated. I ws out of town for a little over week, so this wknd Ive been catching up. I did not exercise the week I was gone, but I was acvtive...I think LOL. Im back to my regular routine today. How about you?
Good to hear. I'm good, at the beach for the week. Finally got a spray tan, OMGosh!!! What a difference!!! I'm starting to feel little again. My swelling chilled out yesterday, feels so good to see results!

Hard to believe its been 10 weeks! Time has gone...

Hard to believe its been 10 weeks! Time has gone by SO fast. I am back to a regular 4-5 days a week workout and my scars are healing nicely except for one spot on my breast. I think its a stitch but dunno. My 3 mth PO is in a few weeks and hopefully it wont be anything I have to go in earlier for. My clothes (jeans) are a bit tight in the scar abdominal area, and the inner thighs...boy they def need more time...sitting still for so many weeks worked a number on them AND my weigh. Im really happy w/ my perky breasts and dont regret not aving implants at all. Ive had friends comment that at times I look like ive had them, fine by me. I like not having to wear a bra either, cheesy but its so sexy and uplifting. My hubby is totally into my new breast, course he didnt mind my bigger ones but these are more compacted. Im still looking at coolsculpting for my flanks and my underarms, but not regular lipo. Hope everyone is healing and doing nicely. Ive posted a few comments to you guys, but I see some have not made it. Im still thinking about all of you :) Hopefully i'll have a few pics to update in the next week. Take care all!

I added new pics....yikes!

I added new pics....yikes!
Gingerspice, you look awesome! I'm about 4 weeks away from scheduled surgery. I decided on just doing a BL with no implants as well. How much size do you think you lost with the lift? I've heard it could range from half cup to full cup size. Would you agree with that estimate? I hope my results are as good as yours!
I am SO sorry I am late getting back to you. Dont know where this message was but I missed it. I was a 38DD/40C before surgery, now im a 38D. I didnt lose that much and I still see an incredible difference! My breats have now lowered just a bit and I am extremely happy. No more trying to fit in bras where I fall out! Although as I look at my bra on me now I see maybe a little diff fitting, maybe my swelling hs finally gone for good. I am comfortable w/ my decision, I think you woill be too :)

I've loved all your updates! I think you look beautiful!


So. Its been just over four months and im moving...

So. Its been just over four months and im moving right along. I'm still swollen in my belly button area. My breasts are FINALLY looking normal, you know, no swelling or vein stuff. The scars are fading nicely on my nipple area, under in the crease area they are bit red. Thats to be expected. My TT scar is flatening out more but its still very obvious. My BB scar is harder than I'd like but should settle. All in all I am happy with my results. My hubby is over the moon about my new "girls" and said they are perfect! In fact, I had a friend say that my boobs were huge...PERKY!! I said "why thank you, of course they are new and improved" :) Actually, I dont think they are huge, just lifted and more obvious. Still glad I didnt get implants as the lift was enough.
I'm still looking at CoolSculpting for my love handles and arms. I swear i'm looking for perfection but IDK. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Its a great time to have a new body :)
Looking great your incisions, very flat and fading nicely!!! mine are fading as well I have 5 months post op.

New pics, Almost at the six month mark, and I'm a...

new pics, Almost at the six month mark, and I'm a little discouraged. I seem to have gained weight and borderline another size. I keep thinking it will get better...but I guess I lost a little when I was recuperating, maybe I should just give my body the time it needs. I am working out daily, on the treamill and weight s2x a week. Sometimes I go twice....just irritated. My scars on my breast are healing nicely, no bumps per say, the midle of my TT scar has some roughness to it, the sides seem to be smooth. I have a patch of fat on either side, my love handle area. I think its more obvious now that I have a flat stomach. I have to admit I like what I see compared to what I had before, but just as someone else noted, the elation has gone away. If I were perfect, I would be a barbie doll. I dont have an appt w/ my PS for my 6 mth PO visit, so I suppose I'll be making one. I have tightness and swelling, numbness and pulling. Guess its normal. Just wanna be able to look at myself and think " all that hard work and money paid off", but I cant. I've had better updates than this one, I'm sure I'll have better ones again. Hope everyone is doing well.
I think you look great! Did you have incisions in your thigh area?
Thank you Agingbeauty. I did not have incisions in my thigh area. Just hate the way they look now, guess as I get older they will AND not to mention fat has to go somewhere. Then theres the area between thigh and crotch...folds of fat..yuck
Now that I think about it I hd some for the drains. In that crease area beween thigh and groin...I guess thats what I'd call it :)

! year and 3 months later and I question why

Wow..what a year it has been.
I have struggled with this TT girls. My scar is still very raised and I have had pain behind my belly button area for quite some time. I do not have a hernia. I have had unexplained weird "feelings" that amount to pain. I keep being told it cant be from my TT (muscle, seroma, scar tissue buildup, nerve endings etc). I had an apt w/ my PS but xx due to other apt to narrow down the problem. I was determined not to have lipo on my hips/love handles but now as I wear things I look bigger and I feel more tightness. Cant win for losing! At the end of each scar I can grab a small sandwich size amount of fat..but its not dog ears....what?????? OMG. So, the BA? Well, my breasts have settled but now I want more perkiness, and I wish I had gone w/ small implants cause the scaring might have been less, oh the scars. I think if my TT issue would settle I might be less inclined to complain. However, that being said I look better, I just don't feel better. Anyone follow that? I'll try to add pics later but I have not taken any in a while. PS follow up to be resch. Hope everyone is well.
Happy 1 year. I think you look great.
LOL...thank you.. I have not posted pics in over 6 months, but will post some tonight or tomorrow. Im trying not to whine in my latest review ! :)

1 year and 3 months later and I question why

Here are pics from July, almost an exact year, I have some recent ones I'll post tomorrow hopefully.
Greensboro Plastic Surgeon

Courteous and friendly staff and PS. I googled Board certified as well.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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