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I had 250cc implants put in 2008 b/c I thought...

I had 250cc implants put in 2008 b/c I thought they would make me feel beautiful and sexy. I hated how I looked and felt right away. Talk about buyers remorse! Since then Every picture I am in, all you see are big boobs and cleavage. I made the decision I don't need implants to make me feel beautiful. I have a consult with my PS 05/12/14 to discuss removal. I am looking forward to being able to go to Pilates and look at myself in the mirror during class without concentrating on how big my breasts look and how uncomfortable/painful it is to workout. I am so excited about the future without implants!


Thank you for sharing. I am following your story. Good luck.x
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i'm 59 and had my 29 yr old ruptured silicone bags out on 3/27/14. My P.S. had lots of clean up to do with capsulectomy. I also had a Binalli lift to tighten the loose skin a bit. I'm back to my teeny self, but LOVING it!! I'm very happy with my decision! Good Luck to you! This website is the BEST!
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I had mine out Thursday on May 1st. I'm 31 and it was the best decision I ever made. Read my story... Best wishes!! Maxie311
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3 weeks from today!

I had my explant consultation today. I am scheduled for June 2nd to get these silicone bags out! My PS explained how the procedure is done. He said 30 minutes before he starts I will take a pain medication, then he will numb the former scar, make a small incision, drain the saline, remove the implant itself and put in some sutures. He told me since I have small implants/bags it makes removal very easy. He said my breast will look like they did size wise before the implants were placed. I could not be any more excited than I am. I also did not realize the implant was made out of silicone, too scary! I have some joint problems which I did not have before my implants were placed. Now I struggle with severe joint pain in my ankles. He told me there is no published scientific evidence to back up the implants and joint problems being related, but he has had patients who had their implants removed and stopped having issues with joint problem as well as other illnesses. I will be interested to find out if my joint pain subsides with the removal. I can't thank the women on this website for all the information and personal stores they have shared, it has been the biggest comfort for me in making this decision and moving forward.


I'm 57 too. I'm doctor shipping for a removal up here in Seattle. I wouldn't have had the courage to say that before I read your post . Thanks so much for posting!
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Hi, I was wondering how things went with the removal. Are you going to do an update. I have been following your story and wondered how the results were for you and if you are happy with the removal. I do hope all is well.
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Sounds like all should be well for you thats great! I just scheduled mine 5 weeks from now :)) keep us posted, best wishes to you!
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