5 Months Out

Haven't had the surgery yet. Really excited...

Haven't had the surgery yet. Really excited and anxious... I will try to post some b4 pics right before my trip.


@dee.. I hope all is well with your Doc. You all definitely nd him to be 100% Kp me posted on ur journey. Best Wishes. Stay prayed up!! :)
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Congrats! Today is your day...wishing you a speedy and great recovery can't wait to hear all about it :)
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1 week to go!!!

1 week to go!!!


good luck hun....great choice of the doctor!
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hey girl we are on this countdown together!!! im goin to imbox u my number
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Will definitely do that...and good luck with your upcoming surgery as well..I'm so excited...it's almost like being pregnant at the same time. We all are there to support and encourage one another....corney..I know but true!

OK...so I have driven all my friends and family...

OK...so I have driven all my friends and family crazy OFFICIALLY! I am so READY to get this over with and start the healing process. I am trying to have realistic expectations but I just can't imagine what I'm going to look like when I get back...anyway I will definitely keep you all posted....Where u at Luxury!!! You READY lady?? 2 1/2 days left!!


Hope everything goes well good look :D
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Congratulations I know how excited you must be right now omg! Hey the girl in the pic wearing the white sports bra is my wish pic too LOL that's blackdiamond from MMH she's also in the b4 and after pics on Dr. Cardenas website she was the main reason I decided on Cardenas in the first place! Anywho, good luck with your surgery and I have both of you ladies in my prayers :)
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2 DAYS LADY!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you!!!
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Surgery Done! Went really well. When I first woke...

Surgery Done! Went really well. When I first woke up I was like what the hell!!! But literally 6 hrs later I was up walking around and eating! Dr Salama is awesome! He informs you and he listens. The whole team is amazing! I would do it again in a minute as long as I could do it here with Salama! I do not have any real pain, I am just really stiff. I have been taking pics everyday and will upload all of them later. I look amazing and am very pleased! I am going to go walking on the blvd tomorrow.


Thats awesome!!!
Wishing you a speedy recovery
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glad to hear that you're up and around! how many ccs did u get?
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Congrats! So happy for you!! Can't wait to see the ohotos :)
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Surgery was Sunday! I am swollen like crazy...but...

Surgery was Sunday! I am swollen like crazy...but I feel so good! I am not in any real pain. There are some a aches but nothing unbearable! I have a huge booty and really hope it goes down a little. I love my waist it is so small...i cant wait to heal enough to Workout, gotta get the abs poppin, anyway Once I get home I will post pics. I took arnica and bromelian also I made sure to eat often and walk a lot! I got the massages and do my makeup everyday! Diva always....anyway everyone here is GREAT! I think everyone has a different experience so read Many reviews and feel free to ask questions....


Hay I'm happy to hear that all went well for you :). That stiffness is giving me the business too rather laying down sitting up on boppy yoga mat or walking my butt and lower back are stiff as hell
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Day 5......day after surgery I was like Oh yes!...

Day 5......day after surgery I was like Oh yes! Now I'm like was that my imagination because I look the same as b4(sad face) i am reading that a couple of the other ladies feel the same way!!!! So now I think the blues happens for all the ladies. Today I look at myself and feel like I look the exact same as I did b4 surgery. Anyway I hope this feeling passes and I hope everything comes together soon. I still don't have any real pain just a little worried because I dont see any difference. Will update in a day or so to let you guys know....ttyl


Wow I'm happy to hear your surgery went so smooth. Mine is hard I have not done my hair let alone my makeup since surgery. I spend all day at home in my garment and rob and if I leave home I'm in jogging pants and nig shirt. Way to tired and soar to get dolled up I hope this changes
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Luxury19 u are the bomb for telling her that. I was confused on the 19th it was everything you wanted it to be, by the 20th you did a 360. I'm sure Luxury19 is right it is a process good luck in your recovery.
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girl stop that ive seen you and your body is amazzzzzing. its because we are so puffed up. I feel fat but i know when this swelling is over we are shutting it down maam. I think we all just have this image of what we are supposed to look like immediately and forget there is a long process ahead you are no diff than any one else girl that body has to heal. By June honey you might have to change your name because they wont recognize you!
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One Week out of surgery officially...Man it has...

One Week out of surgery officially...Man it has been a rollacoster ride. Up then down then up again. This is exhausting! I posted some pics and will post more week two. I am still waiting to say that I LOVE my results..right now it is a waiting game.. Anyway ask away and I will try to answer any questions as fast as I can..just please be patient with me and I will respond...


hey lady how are you doing? You are looking fab girl!
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Thank you so much lady.....swollen and itching in this damn garment...how are you feeling? Do you LOVE ur booty yet?
I will ask her and give her your your name here on Realself and then you can talk to her for yourself. I just told her what I wanted and she made it for me. It tilts and everything. Her name is Robyn. I'll tell her today....
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Results are really starting to form, it is so...

Results are really starting to form, it is so funny watching your body change everyday. I am liking the changes and can't wait for the swelling to be gone. Gonna order another garment tomorrow. Other than the itching that Never stops and the sharp stinging sensations I am feeling good! Will keep u guys posted


Girl Im falling in love slowly. Im impressed with the difference and I guess Im realistic. I knew it would take time for my butt to get where I wanted . I cant wait for the jiggle stage lol. im itching too! But my swelling is going down. Everything was swollen even my face! Next week Im going o take pics in clothes like you did.
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Oh yeah is it me or do the pics you take not really look the same as you do in person. No matter what angle i use I cant get a good pic. Everyone says I look way better in person
Thank u ! Gotta get it babe!!! How is ur girl feelin? When do u go for ur bbl?

I am beginning to get comfortable with my new body...

I am beginning to get comfortable with my new body...Still some swelling and numbness but I feel more like myself...I like the curviness of my body and I love the completely flat and tight tummy! That really makes me feel sexy!
I am looking forward to working out and really shaping my new body...

Feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to answer!

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I will post again week 3!!! Muah and good luck to...

I will post again week 3!!! Muah and good luck to all upcoming bbl's

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I have had a few ladies ask about the chair. The...

I have had a few ladies ask about the chair. The lady that made the chair is named Robyn and she custom makes them to order so if you want one you would have to order one probably a week or two b4 your surgery.

Used for:
actually locks on the toilet...sitting on the toilet
sitting anywhere
leaning over to eat
helping to lift yourself up after surgery

It really helped me out a lot when getting out of the bed, and when I was on the plane I used it to sit in my seat so that I didn't sit on my booty

The email address is: customerservice@thomasspruilltaxes.com

She said just email her your surgery date and contact information and she will email you and call you back..

Hope this helps


Is the seat a pillow?
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Your results are amazing. Is your butt starting to soften up yet? I had my bbl 1 week ago and it feels like I have I am carrying a brick lol
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That is normal, My butt was SO heavy and tight at first but it does get better, and Yes it is pretty soft and I feel sure it will get softer as the weeks go on. My shelf and lower back area are the really the only spots that are causing me any real pain but it is tolerable.

Last night I felt all this stinging and sharp...

Last night I felt all this stinging and sharp twinges in my lower back and it is REALLY annoying...but I guess that is the swelling going down and the numbness going away. Ladies I really want to suggest the Arnica and the Bromelain (hope I spelled that right) I really believe that it is helping out a LOT!

Starting to really like my results and I can't wait to see what week 3 has to offer....smile

Any and all questions are welcomed....Good luck to all upcoming BBLer's...


Can I ask you weight and height before bbl? I'm having mine done December, ur booty looks so good
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Hey Dee, I'm not sure if you answered this question yet...how did you deal with sitting on the flight home? Did you use the tilting stool from Robyn?
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Your results are great so far :-)
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Ok so I know it has been awhile but I have been...

Ok so I know it has been awhile but I have been trying to decide how I feel about the surgery and the results. As time goes by I am really loving how Sexy and Confident I am. I will be going in for a touch up because there is a few small dents on my bottom that the Doc said he would fix. But honestly overall I am so glad that I got this done.
At this point in recovery I thought I would be completely healed and that is not the case. There is still some stiffness and swelling in my lower back and abs. I have noticed that wearing my garment makes a huge difference and so I still do every night and during the daytime if I'm at home. Good luck to you all and all questions are welcomed.....

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Oh yeah I forgot to add before surgery...

Oh yeah I forgot to add before surgery measurements were 36-31-41.5 and after are 46-28-43....I am hoping that my waist goes down to a 26...I'll keep you posted....


Hey gurl,
You look great...
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All I can say is your results are great. Now with a few people going back for revisions.. I am wondering if this is typical?
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I believe that it is very common practice to have a touchup if the dr and patient see room for improvement or minor correction. I think that going in to this you should be prepared that a touch up is a possibility.

Typo on previous update...new measurements are...

Typo on previous update...new measurements are 36-28-43....


You look amazing!!! Your waist and hips are compliments your body, I just pray Dr Salama will do a wonderful work on my body too.
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You look amazin!!
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Your measurements are great, Im looking for something like thses measurements as well with the smaller waist of course, like how your going down.... You look great girl
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OK now I am 7 weeks out and my booty actually got...

OK now I am 7 weeks out and my booty actually got a little bigger so my current measurements are 36-28-44...
Questions welcomed...


Personally I didn't sit until week six unless I drove somewhere.
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hey girl! how are you doing and feeling? still wondering if he gave you any updated info about the dents --like why he thought it happened....my surgery is soon and boy am i nervous... :/ what should i bring? did you fill your prescriptions while you were there or before you came to FL? Larry says he knows pharmacists so im wondering if he means ill be gettin discounts or something :/
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No new updates but sometimes the fat doesn't take in a few areas, it is normal to be nervous..but just go in and have realistic expectations,.know the risk and k ow What you want out of this. I filled my prescriptions b4 I went bcs I went into surgery the same day I flew in...I am sending well wishes and positive energy your way....good luck babe!

I am a few days shy of 8 weeks (Officially 8 weeks...

I am a few days shy of 8 weeks (Officially 8 weeks on the 15th) anyway I am still swollen in my back and tummy and still have the burning and the stinging. These sensations are aggravating as all get out.....but other than that I am Thrilled...even though I am going back in for a touch up.....
Questions are welcomed


Please o please tell me where you ordered your board and garment. You look amazing!!
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Where can i find a list of stuff im going to need for my bbl? Also i emailed the lady about the chair but got no response
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If you go back to one of my erlier post b4 surgery I listed several things that are needed or suggested and I think Optimistic and a few other girls also have list

Today is my BIRTHDAY!!!! I am 32...

Today is my BIRTHDAY!!!! I am 32 Bootilicious,Sexy,and Feeling Great...
Still some swelling in tummy and lower back and if I sit to long I feel stiffness that kicks in
but I feel really good when I go to the gym and workout. I also find that stretching helps....


U'r both wlc..... Enjoy....:-)
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Happy Birthday and your body is gorgeous!!!
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Awwww...thank you very much

OK I love my results!!! but will have touch-up...

OK I love my results!!! but will have touch-up July 13th...who else will be there at that time? I have a couple of areas where the fat didn't take and so... I'm off to see the wizard...the wonderful wizard of Azz...lol..

Questions are welcomed...


oh wow thx you look AMAZING!!!
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how was the retouch? is the pain just as intense and do you still have to stay as many days
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It was not that bad at all. I only stayed 3 days including surgery day...As far as pain goes it was NOTHING compared to the first time...I was moving around in high heels the day I left and flew home so that should tell you something..

I had a touch-up in July...NOT a redo which is...

I had a touch-up in July...NOT a redo which is full lipo and the whole thing over again...I did not do that, he only took a little fat and injected it in 2 spots on my bottom where the fat didn't take. Overall I am very happy with my results and it has really given me the boost I needed after going through a separation and getting divorced. I am loving that the me I see on the outside matches the me I knew existed inside.


I dont see the new pics
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do ypu remeber @ what week you started to sit normall? & what kind of exercises are you doing? i am scared it will burn fat in butt area. btw you look gr8!! happy for you .
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girlfriend that ex-husband of yours dont know what he's missing out on! now go and work that donkey and make all the boys come to the yard lol you look fabulous!!
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I am now almost 5 months out and have been really...

I am now almost 5 months out and have been really working out like crazy to help get the results fine tuned...smile...
I was approached and asked to do some print modeling a couple of weeks ago and I thought they were kidding at first but to my surprise it was legit. I am scheduled to do some work with Sears, and a shoot for a local clothing store...SMDH...can't believe it...anyway I love the overall flow of how my body looks. I might go back for a little lipo around the waist next year....but I think that I will workout and see where that takes me first...added a couple new pics, and I will add some of the pics from the photo shoot once they are done as well...Good luck to all my beautiful bbl ladies...MUAH!


U look great! What kind of exercises do u do to make sure you dont lose the booty. Cardio or weights?
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Thanks missmiami....exercises include but are not limited to Light weight squats, dance classes, swimming, tricep kickbacks....
Thx i am super excited for my shot

Just added a side by side so you can see the fluff...

Just added a side by side so you can see the fluff or drop or whatever you want to call it...but b4 the surgery and during the early months of my surgery my booty sat really high up and over time it has dropped and looks really natural...big and natural....lol


Hey I see that you're in Greensboro NC. And I stay in Raleigh NC I'm excited to see someone near me that got this done!! I feel like I found my long lost friend lol
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@dee yes u definitely can c the fluff. It rounded out perfectly. Im assuming the pic on the left is recent. U look great and congrats on the ops for modeling! :) u deserve it. Take care hun
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Ok soooo with all the drama lately and the info...

Ok soooo with all the drama lately and the info about pics showing up in google I am going to delete my pics and most of my blog. I hope all of you future bblers the best of luck and you may feel free to inbox or email me...Peace and Blessings Ladies


Where are the pics?? This all sounds so great!!
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what do u think made your booty get bigger?
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How much was the touch up
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