Recovery is a beast but still glad I did it. - Greenbrae, CA

Pro's, self confidents and wearing clothes I...

Pro's, self confidents and wearing clothes I thought I couldn't never wear in this life time.
Con's, recovery time is slow and require lots of patients.
I wanted a TT for at least 10 years. I could never afford it. Had some life changing events which put me in a position to save. Money well spent, I can tell you that.

Hi ronnie! I had my surgery on June 26th and Ugghhhh what a recovery! Been having issues with swelling. I'm ready to see my final outcome. Christmas can not get here soon enough! I also have needed someone to talk to that may be experiencing the amount of swelling that I am. Seems like most women on here had such an amazing recovery. So happy for them but I'm wishing I was more on the flat side!
Oh now I see it's been a year for you! Hopes your results are awesome!
Hi, this is funny because I never really got response from anyone when I was on the site. All of a sudden I'm getting messages. I'm not complaining but its almost like my post is finally showing. Anyway! Congrats on the new you. Honey let me tell you its been a journey. I wanted to an update but as I mentioned not really enough feed back to waste my time. So its only been a couple months for you so be very patient, for this can go on for a while. I'm 17 months out now. Not totally satisfied at this point. I'm still having up and down swelling. I haven't been working out heavy but I walk and bike on a regular basis. I have maintained my regular weight but I still seem to have fat on my stomach. Its flat when I'm standing but when I sit down I have a small roll. My doc can't explain why I swell off and on so I just stop asking. Saying it will get better in time. Then he said that extra roll when you sit down as to be worked on. Hello that was your job. I paid you good money to be completely flat. I haven't done any real ab exercises so I think its time to get with the program. Most the women on the sites are heavy into working out so results are amazing. I never been a gym kind of person. I had two children and my stomach was a disaster and I hated it. However if Im going somewhere and want to look good in my clothes, I don't eat. Girl as soon as I eat it seems like my stomach grows. My body is so weird and so different now. I will be happy to inform you with anything I've been through because when I needed answers nobody was really listening

17 months later!

Just now started to get feed back on this site so I decided to update. Almost a year and a half later. Well what do you know. I'm not completed satisfied. After its all said and done I'm still left with some fat on my stomach. When I stand up its flat and when I sit down I have a roll. Kinda weird to explain. I'm still up and down with the swelling. Yes after this long. When I eat my stomach bloats and looks big. When I go out I try not to eat so my stomach can stay flat. My doctor suggest I work out more or to come in for some lipo. No way I'm doing anything else to my body. I walk and ride my bike but I guess I have to get down and dirty to totally flat. Even though I thought that is what I was paying for. On another note. My stomach does look way better than before because honey it was a mess. I know every woman is different so I don't compare myself with anyone. My friend who use the same doc was really flat and she don't even exercise. So you never really know if you will end up like the person that referred you. Ok that's my update.
Also I did see that people got more insight on tt issue after seeing at interventional radiologist! Please let me know what you find out! Dr. Repta seem's to specialize in the complications and said he does phone consults in case you are wanting a second opinion! Couldn't hurt!
I appreciate that! I will talk with physician and see what we come up with. I don't want to talk to too many people because I will be all over the board. I'm doing ok with it and I'm hoping Im just taking longer than others to feel complete again. I also had muscle repair with TT. I will keep you posted.
I wish you the best of luck and I hope you feel better soon! Glad I came across that blog and hopefully you get the answers you are looking for! Would love to hear how it goes! I had MR too with my tuck :-)

Taking a new approach!

Hey, just wanted to give an update on what's going on with me. This pass week I decided to take a different approach. I eliminated meat and some carbs from my diet. I've been eating lots of fruit and veggies. I notice that I'm not getting all bloated like I was before. Actually I'm feeling a lot better and it seems like my body is finally at a healing place. I plan to exercise more and be nice to my body, as far as the things I put in it. I started taking a multi vitamin again and drinking plenty of water. Things are starting to look up. I will come back with updates and maybe add a photo. Still planning to see my primary to see what suggestions he has. Feeling good right now.


Hey, it's been two whole years since my TT. It's been one year since I gave up beef and pork. What I realized is I didn't lose any weight but my health is awesome. No high cholesterol, no High Blood pressure etc. Feeling good even though a gained a few pounds which I'm working on getting off now. I'm more of a private person so I never post photos. I will post one today with my small weight gain. Work in progress! Need to work out more and firm up. Never giving up I spent too much money.
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I was referred by a good friend. The whole surgery in general went very smoothly. Timing was excellent,friendly nurses,calls at home to check on me. Many follow up appts just to say, your looking good. The Doc was always there at follow up appts. He made it a point to have a reltionship with me. He spent time talking to my fiance while I was in recovery. he was just really hands on. I didnt really ask about the recovery time because I so excited that it didn't matter. Now realizing its a slow process but well worth it.

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