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A Waste of Time and Money

The most pain I have ever had to endure. I think...

The most pain I have ever had to endure. I think at one point I even stopped breathing I was so traumatised by how rough the therapist was. The 10 minutes felt more like an hour. The worst part of it was that the therapists I spoke to prior to the treatment down played the amount of discomfort that would be experienced and the length of time I would need to take off work. I was told that 3-4 days would be reuired for down time and then the post treatment peel on the 5th day. I booked in for Saturday morning thinking that by Thursday I could return to work. I ended up taking a whole week off work. The final results were not worth it. I think my skin actually looked worse, even three weeks later. Only after nearly 2 months has my skin returned to looking 'normal'. I ended up spending in total $AUS 620(including take home products and post peel treatment) and $AUS 1500 for the week I had to take off work...what I waste of money!
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