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Pros: I saved a ton of money doing the peel myself...

Pros: I saved a ton of money doing the peel myself.
Cons: Not sure if I got the same results as an in office peel. I have adult acne and large pores and wanted to improve the texture.

So, I have been using this herbal power peel for...

So, I have been using this herbal power peel for about a month. The peel is customizable and can be used as a scrub, mask or a peel. So far, I have only used it as a scrub because I don't want to peel too much. I have been using it weekly and it has really been keeping my skin clear of blemishes. I would compare the results to several microdermabrasion treatments. The peel does tingle a bit and leaves a prickly fiberglass feeling that lasts for a few hours. Soon, I will get brave and do the full on peel. I assume there will be some down time so I must plan accordingly. I will report back after doing the stronger version.

Hello Harv - I believe I found the same peel online that you were using from 3 years ago.... Herbal Power Peel. If this is the same one that is a powder and you mix it yourself, could you provide an update of your experience since your last post? Thank you! KW
I just got this in the mail last week and I love it. I've had an herbal peel in a spa so I knew what to expect. It's easy to do at home but my hands got a bit tired because I did the deep peel and you need to rub it in for up to 10 minutes then let it sit on the face for 20 minutes. Personally from my spa peel and at home peel experience, this peel only really gives u results if you do the deep peel like I described above. This deep peel causes your skin to get leathery on the surface and peel on the 3rd -5th days. Without doing a deep peel with this product your skin won't peel and the only way to get rid of dark spots, fine wrinkles etc. Is if your face peels. Read up on herbal peels, watch it on YouTube and you will be fine, love this product. The deep peel erased years of discoloration where I had old acne. It's natural and pretty fool proof. I just applied it again a week later and my face should peel tomorrow. I'm doing it to erase the last of the dark marks I have. I will say to get the most results u should also get on the obagi nu-deem system. For me it cleared my mild acne, is dramatically evening and brightening my skin tone. Used along with a few herbal peels will give noticeable results!

Hi Harv, 

Welcome to the community. You said the pro was saving money, was there any skin pros? Please keep us updated and thanks for the review.



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Would recommend trying a home peel because the directions were clear and specific.

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