Green Peel for Acne and Hyperpigmentation

I thought a chemical peal was the way to go for...

i thought a chemical peal was the way to go for removing acne and brown spots, hyperpigmentation. The esthetican convinced me to go a "gentler route" and get the green peel. Don't be fooled! a green peel may be herbal but it's NOT gentle. It burned when on my face for 10 minutes. I left looking pink and later my face turned firery red, hot. skin peeled for 5 days and it was really hard not to pick at it...i was warned this cuases scars. 10 days later i think my pigmented spots were lighter...sort of, not significant. the acne was back days later, UGHH! The spa called me to see when i wanted my second follow on green peel. i told them i was busy so i could get out of it. wondering what to do next. may go to a dermatologist who knows more about these things.


I just had the green peel yesterday. It was uncomfortable, but tolerable. I am so anxious to see the results. Tomorrow is day 3. The tingle is not to bad and I'm not as red. I am scheduled to go back on the fifth day. I was told while at home to use the creams day and night. I am trying really hard not to get any water on my face."not easy". Anyways, I really hope this works for me. I was faced with adult acne for about 1 1/2 and it left scars on my face. I tried absoulutely every product out there. If the green peel works for me I will recommend it to everyone. My skin really needed some help so we will see.
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please notify me on follow up responses. Thank you

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In the process of having a Green Peel. I had it applied on yesterday. Yes, it hurts! On a scale from 1 to 10 I would say the treatment was 9,5!! Today is my day two. Yesterday and today it hurt/hurts to touch even slightly with my fingers but that is exactly what the therapist told me before we started. To ease the pain I apply lotion and cream according to her instructions and it does help. I'm feeling just allright. Though I have to remind myself all time NOT TO PUT WATER ON or WASH MY FACE! I got creams and lotions I will have to apply until the next peel. Today I went to my aerobics class just like any other day but did not wipe off the sweat and was extra careful in the shower. I washed my hair head upside down and managed to keep my face dry. I do look afwul right now because I can feel my skin drying off my face :) All the wrinkles on dry skin really show! But hey come on the name of the treatment is PEEL... you get what you ask (pay) for!! Optmistic, I am patiently waiting for results. I booked for a series (5) of gentler peel and not just one rough because I have a fragile thin Nordic skin. I will try to report regularly as the treatment progresses. Until next report!
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