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I am 5'6 and 120 pounds, been wanted breast...

I am 5'6 and 120 pounds, been wanted breast implants for a long time! Been wearing 34b bras with push up of course! Lol. I was told by doc 350cc and also looked at 375cc, don't want too big but not too small either!
I'm really confused on if I'm 100% sure if I want to get them or not since it's so real now! I'm nervous and scared :(

What are some things to expect? Symptoms
Is it worth the money and pain?


Does anyone know if after anytime getting ba does it affect getting pregnant or anything?
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And how long are you off of work after surgery, a week?
I am a stay at home mom I have 4 kids but I do hair at home so I am just playing it by ear how long . I hope to start doing hair again in no more than 2 weeks we will see.

So iv been reading up on stuff alot on here, and...

So iv been reading up on stuff alot on here, and wondering a couple things as times getting closer for me! After BA will you have stretch marks? Like since I'm small and going to a bigger size and probably stretching? And how long does it take them to lower? I don't want my boobs as high as my neck! Lol


Mine is April 11 too. :)
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Yay! We are surgery sisters! I think there are 3 or 4 of us that will be getting them 4/11. You can start a review now so that we can all follow your progress and pics if you want.
I just put up a review. Looking forward to success stories!

So, I had to re schedule my BA appointment due to...

So, I had to re schedule my BA appointment due to moving and taking longer than expected, my new one is June 20th! So I have some time but am so excited. Have some more things I'm curious about, Does it make a difference getting BA done in summer, suck more or less? Do you loose 25ccs when you go under the muscle?



Put up some photos!!!:)
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Times ticking away!

I am so close to coming up to my date for new girls! It's June 20th and I couldn't be more nervous! A lot of feelings coming along with it! What should I buy before and make sure I have before the surgery?!


I bet you're getting excited! I'm loving mine. The scars are still very noticeable some days they seem lighter and other days seem red...all part of the healing stages. I'm very happy with the size! I started at 36 b and now 38d (I put on a bit of weight:/) for the most part my pain is gone, occasionally still get twinges in the nipples, but usually after I've been more active such as after work, running, boating...more less when they have been I can't wait to hear about your experience!!!!
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