The doctor rushed me through signing papers and...

The doctor rushed me through signing papers and wanted to tack another surgery on only one week later! After reading all the paperwork and information at home, I decided not to do it and called the office the next business day. The doctor did not want to refund the money I had paid (several thousand dollars) but finally agreed to refund a portion of it. Never applied the refund to my credit card. I had to get a lawyer involved in order to get my refund and save my credit.

Too bad it didn't work it out with her. My eyes turned out really nice, I wanted to do a facelift but also the eyes, although Dr. Tarbet said she would have been fine just to do the eyes. I'm thankful that it all worked out for me. Are you still going through with it? As scared as I was just before surgery I probably would not have gone through with it had I read your post before hand, I'm 4 weeks post op.
Hi Randall, I have been looking in to this surgery for about a year and am thinking about the world famous plastic surgeons. Who did you use?? thanks
The people who were dissatisfied with eye operations either had unrealistic expectations or probably lousy doctors. A friend of mine went to a specialist in opthamology and he did a terrible job. She looks no better. However, I have had TWO operations one when I was 52 and the other when I was 67. I do not believe in economizing on one's face so I used world famous plastic surgeons both times and I got terrific results. Look at the doctor's credentials and go to the library and see if he is listed in the Castle-Connolly book of Best Doctors in America.
Kristin J. Tarbet

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