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I have had large breasts since I can recall. They...

I have had large breasts since I can recall. They got bigger with both of my children. I have a small 35" waist with two huge H size breasts. I have had so many boob related destroying moments trying to find appropriate clothing and crying because it just isn't possible, my friends all love shopping and I have always detested going. I started my documentation for this procedure in 2005 and am finally going through with it.
My surgery is a week away and I'm starting to get nervous. I want to be a C cup when I,m done. My preop mammograms and blood work are tomarrow. Having them done makes this a little more real as I really didn't expect to get this far. We'll wish me luck!
Good luck indeed! looking forward to the rest of your story.
Thank you my nerves are starting to kick in
Congratulations in making this decision, you are going to be so happy you did it....good luck with your surgery.

Tic tock tic tock

So I'm less than a week away and my nerves are fluttering, I received two emails yesterday from the facility that I'm having my procedure done at. This was very informative one explained the anesthesia and the other explained the procedure. These were very helpful and informative.

As I read through others stories I feel as though I am not alone I have many friends that don't understand why I'm doing this. I struggle at times to explain to these individuals how awful I feel and argue that yep your right my posture is awful and if I would " fix " that my pain would be better yet they don't have what feels like two bowling balls hanging on their chest daily.

My husband is very supportive, he understands the pain I have been in. My stress level is rising with all the prep.

Well I will check in a little later this week.

One day out

So my surgery went well on the way to the hospital we pulled up behind a truck that had a bumper sticker that said " save the tata's " my husband said that was a sign.

I was very impressed with my facility and staff they were prompt helpful and genuine

I had trouble with vomiting afterwards and it took a while to come out of it. I was very tired and uncomfortable. I struggled to keep my eyes open.
Today my pain is tolerable and my drain tubes don't have a lot in them. These will be pulled tomarow. I was amazed at the immediate sense of change I felt from the tissue removal. The doctor took over 600 grams from each side, I could tell an immediate difference . I am still very tired and a little sore. I will update more later.
Congrats. Take it easy - take all your meds and plenty fluids. wishing you good healing.
Thanks I appreciate all the support
Congratulations. Glad it went well. Take good care of yourself and keep us posted on your progress


So I'm very sore and had an episode where I passed out today my oxygen level dropped out I got very dizzy and down I went, I was so greatful that I had help. I was weak and scared. Afterwards it was fine but I have an awful headache. This is by far the worst of this adventure so far.
I will post more in the morning with a new picture.
Happy healing! The bra you have on in your pic has been a life saver for me. I have that one on right now I'm a 38 H but my shoulders are killing me.
It took my a long time to find bras that fit I ended up in Spokane, the Victoria secret fitter laughed at me stay strong.
Oh no - I hope you feel better soon :-)

Wow day three

Ok so day three was rough. They pulled my tubes yesterday and that was not nearly as bad as expected. I am going much longer between pain pills but remain very dizzy and weak.
My bruising is very significant today with much pain.
I have taken many stool softness but with no avail I took some laxative to help with the constipation I recommend being prepared for this .
I remain weak and tired with several periods of rest . I will update as we go.
Your looking great! About ur tiredness and headaches r ur not anaemic? Check ur hgb level. And try and eat lots of iron rich food. U will soon b okay
I have been taking iron as I am low with that always. It is helping a little. Thank you
Bruised indeed but looking like a lovely shape, you should get a great result. take it easy and give your body every chance to heal. Hope the laxatives work! I am taking fruit and prune juice to the hospital with me!

Getting better

Hey everyone I've had a rough few days but it seems to be getting better. The pain is still here but is much less, the bruising is starting to change colors and heal and the leaking and wrapping is less and less.

My surgeon did a fantastic job. They are very symmetrical in size and shape and though they still seem large are still swollen and I'm hoping will drop to a little bit smaller size , but are far better than what I had before. My physicians team was top notch at her office and my prep and anesthesia team were fabulous my after care was a little off their top game but I survived. I am looking the same as previous photos so I will post more when I get the steri strips off.
Your pictures do look so painful but on the up side your breasts look lovely already. wishing you good healing - before long you will not remember any of the bad stuff.
Thanks my PS did such a great job
the shape is the most important thing, they are going to be wonderful.

Reaping the rewards

So we figured out the zofran was the major cause of my dizziness,and headaches so everyone be aware that zofran has some nasty side effects! I am almost completely off the pain meds except tonight I took one. I feel like I over did it today running my kids around. My night in shining armor (aka mom) took care of my kids this past week but reality called and she had to go back to work. My husband also had to go back to work so I'm it. Im am hoping to rest more tomarrow but am feeling relief with the headache disapating.
I regret waiting so long to make this choice. Thank you for all hour kind words understanding and support because I have a support team but they just don't understand like someone that's been there.
Thanks again
I have so long considered a reduction but I am scared of the results. I am 5'6" and am a 44h. I have had large breasts my whole life and while I have daily pain because of them, I feel like I would be missing something if I had them reduced. Your results look fantastic! Happy healing!
Hi Jenm - I had a slightly sad feeling before the surgery about loosing part of me but I cannot tell you how worth it it is to have the reduction. I feel that having a bit less of yourself (like loosing weight) is better that having something like an implant where something alien is put into your body.
Remember that it took me so many years to make this decision. It was not one I made in haste, I took meds for migraines, for muscle spasms for headaches and lived in pain for way to long. My painful life started affecting the way I lived my life and my children started recognizing the signs of my headaches and would make comments and try to help. That was my changing point. I knew that this was not the way I wanted to live for the rest of my life. I can't tell you this is the best cause maybe for you it's not right, but examine your quality of life evaluate how this change will affect you physically and mentally then examine how this change would impact those closest to you, I felt this needed to happen to help me and my family. Good luck on your soul searching it took me a very long time to make my choice and now that it's done I believe my quality of life will and has been greatly improved.

Well hello

So I removed the steri strips today and was very pleasantly surprised by my results. The swelling and bruising is still significant but not nearly as bad as before. I seem to be healing nicely and am very impressed with the results. I am struggling with the down time a little which is probably good for me. Photos to follow later
great to hear everything is going well for you. Rest up!
I'm such a goer it's hard to text thanks for the support
I meant rest

f/ u on Monday

So I'm very ready for my follow up with my PS on Monday. I am doing well my chest is not quit so sore. I am still very bruised on the right side and a small amount on the left. My right side is also the more sore side with more swelling. I have been trying to stay low key and relax but it's much harder than I anticipated . I will find out more exact numbers on Monday for exact removal which excites me . I will try to touch base after my appointment. Here's some pics from this week!
Are you keeping your incisions taped up to keep the scars flat? That is great you are staying low key - clearly it is helping the healing.
I am not taping the incisions as I am a massage therapist and am doing some massage to remove some of the rope like adhesions with my physicians approval


Soooo had my first follow up today. On Saturday I noticed that my right side was a little warm and more sore than normal . When I seen my PS today she aspirated about 180 cc's of fluid from my right side and put me back on antibitiotics. I really bruised a lot and had more trauma to that side. She did a great job and was very informative. I was taken off all pain killers but Tylenol . I am hoping this helps the swelling, and relieves the pressure other than that they are beautiful.


Hey all, so I went back to the PS last Monday right side is still very bruised she removed a little more fluid but thinks that my tissue is very bruised and will slowly heal and decrease in swelling. She kept me on Tylenol. I finally asked her how much tissue I had removed so it was 645 grams on my right and 662 grams on my left I am so very pleased with my PS and her office team. I will try to post new pictures later
Im glad you have a good relationship with your ps. I haven't found out exactly how much was removed from each breast but i know a total of 7.5 pounds were removed. I look forward to hearing great results !!
My PS told my hubby removal weight post surgery but he wasn't really worried about that at the time. I only had about 3 lbs removed and that seems like a huge amount I can't imagine 7 lbs. my 3 lbs feels like a 20 lbs weight was removed! How exciting for you and how much that must have helped your shoulders and back wow congratulations!
Thank you - its a amazing feeling and I look forward to full recovery and hearing about how great you are doing!

6 weeks and rolling

Today marks 6 weeks post op. I have had a lot of trouble with my right breast and am struggling a little. I have yet to go bra shopping as my left and right breasts are varying cup sizes still, my swelling and deep right side bruising has left me uneven and slightly frustrated. My headaches , back pain, and neck pain are fantastic and for this reason I know this was the right decision.
I will continue to update as I go.
How are you doing now ? Any update ?
Just take it easy - I didn't have much swelling or bruising but my aunt had surgery the day after me and she has had allot of swelling and has noticed it going down- You will get to enjoy bra shopping soon :-)=
Still too early for bra shopping, I think it is a good idea to leave it until 3 months.
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