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Epic Results with Vagina Lip Reduction (Labiaplasty)

I had my vaginal lips reduced several years ago...

I had my vaginal lips reduced several years ago and my only regret was that I had not done it sooner. I never liked the way they looked or felt as they were too damn big.

My Dr is really great and now I look like a Playboy model down there.

Every time I get out of the shower I look down and...

Every time I get out of the shower I look down and smile. Every time I put on my fav tight jeans and it doesn't hurt I am luvin me some Dr D! Then I read that Dr Alter is twice the price! I got he best and paid less for it. We all know that doesn't happen that often.

For the haters out there who feel that any girl...

For the haters out there who feel that any girl should have to live with vaginal lips that either hurt or look any way other than she wants, thanks but no thanks.

For those who have sent me questions, I do not...

For those who have sent me questions, I do not really answer my mail here much. It is better to post comments at my review if you want as I do come here from time to time. In general though

(1) I did not have much pain but only did the outside lips. My vag was not operated only the "curtains."

(2) Dr D did not talk me into anything. I came to him with my requests for improvement.

(3) I do not see Dr D in the office anymore but did visit him for a few months after my surgery until he told me I could have sex. He sees his patients for a while longer than other surgeons as I have come to find out.

(4) My surgery was under anesthesia in a surgery center a few years ago.

I am still happy with my surgery result and my...

I am still happy with my surgery result and my decision to have surgery despite some of the haters who seem to be posting here lately. :(

Stay strong ladies.

Six years out and feel great - Merry Xmas!

Just wanted to say Happy Holidays to all here. I am about six years out and look and feel great down there.

Labiaplasty can be a good surgery. Just pick that doctor carefully ladies and ignore the words of all the do good feel gooders here who tell you that you must live with the lips you do not like or that hurt you.


Dr D's Wedge Vs Trim Video

For those who asked. This is my doc talking about why he does his wedge operation over the trim.
Orange Plastic Surgeon

Dr D is a caring and experienced professional. I had almost no pain. The whole thing is a fond memory and I can't believe I waited so long to do this for myself.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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Well Georgie. I put my story online to help women who might be in my old situation (big lips in their opinion) to show them a way to get out safely. I do not need to justify myself to you as a non vagina owner. My discussion here is for women so your opinion is not so important. I am overjoyed with my surgery result as are many other women here some of whom may choose as I did.
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If you are not a man, you are certainly the rude one for poking your nose into my privates. My motivations for modifying my parts are my business. I do agree that there are doctors out there performing surgery poorly, but I found a fabulous one and had a great experience. My privates and how they should look for me to be happy with them are my business. All because you are a woman does not give you the right to come in here like God and tell me how to run my life or my genitals.
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Georgie86 - I am jumping in here to get this conversation back on track as I don't feel that your comments are conducive to the community and they have been removed. RealSelf is a safe and supportive forum for people who have had -- or are considering -- labiaplasty to anonymously share their experience. Our Community Guidelines clearly state this:

Be Nice

Treat others how you would like to be treated. That means no foul language, insults, personal attacks, bullying or unsupportive comments.

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Thanks for the creeper removal. :)
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to Eva G
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You're most welcome ;)
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Seeing as you do not and did not own my private parts and I wanted them changed, the only sad thing is that you feel you have some standing here. You don't. Go crawl back under that rock you call a home and leave the ladies here alone creeper.
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Just to let you all know, Realself's find your doctor tool doesn't show you to Dr D. Guess you just have to find him through a review like yours and mine. :)
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How any woman can have a Trim surgery when they see how great a well done Wedge looks puzzles me.
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I believe most Trim ladies never knew about the Wedge beforehand or their surgeon doesn't do it.
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Jennygirl Are U Labiagirl on YouTube?
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Jennygirl, you are the queen of this section! :D
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Hmm. I am not sure how to feel on that one. :)
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Oppps....It was meant as a compliment. :)
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I am sure she wasn't being rude. Maybe she found Dr D through U? :)
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Thanks on the wedge versus trim video. I got lucky to have a wedge as I didn't know about the difference but just happened to find Dr D!
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@CoutureGirl7 TY
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Love the new video :)
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Omg you look great way to go
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OMG Jennygirl! I came to look at some other reviews and find scary pictures. We are blessed to have found Dr D! Happy New Year to us.
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Hi Jenny girl. Do u think Dr D could fix a botch surgery? I am so traumatized & emotionally exhausted from my first labiaplasty & are unhappy, that I don't want it 'fixed' from my first Dr.
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I would trust Dr D to tell you whether or not it can be fixed. If you are not too far from him, why not go for a consult?
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I will, thanks! Did he also do a hood reduction? He did a nice job...so happy for you! :)
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Yes. I had my hood tucked too. Good luck on fixing yours. :)
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