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3 weeks PO with pictures! Anyone else gain NEW stretch marks?

Hi, I am having a TT done tomorrow. I am extremely...

Hi, I am having a TT done tomorrow. I am extremely nervous! I am 24 and had two children. I was never heavy my entire life, until I had my son. I blew up like a balloon! I gained 70 pounds with my first and learned my lesson with my second...only gaining 15 pounds! I am a workout junkie now and do Crossfit 4 x week. I have worked very hard and found my stomach was just getting worse with the weight I have been loosing.

I am down to my goal weight and would like to get rid of my old lady skin I call it LOL I can cover it up well in clothes, but I would never parade in a bathing suit, which is something I would love to!

Any suggestions for recovery with a 4 month old and a 2 and a half year old?

So 6 days PO. I am nervous if I'm doing too much...

So 6 days PO. I am nervous if I'm doing too much and will help out and then sit. I just am scared I could ruin my result. I squat down if really needed to pick something up and use my legs to come up. I still find it hard to get in and out of bed without using muscles at all...but try each time. If I was ruining my result or opening stitches up...would I know?

I still have the drains in...can't shower still...and wear my compression garmet 24:7. I don't go back to the dr until next week. I want to try to go In this week. I'm scared that I'm over doing it even though I feel fine!

I was having some irritation with the gamet and...

I was having some irritation with the gamet and the dr told me to put gauze by where it's rubbing. I noticed my belly button was so swollen it looked like a big califlower ear! Is this normal?

Day 7 PO still not walking straight but some pain....

Day 7 PO still not walking straight but some pain. I'm still upset with my belly button that I don't even want to look at my stomach anymore. Can't wait to go back to my PS this week.

Well today is day 8. Work up and so far no pain...

Well today is day 8. Work up and so far no pain medicine needed! Going to see my PS today. Still have drains in and will update with a picture this afternoon.

So I am 9 days PO and I'm just feeling so down...

So I am 9 days PO and I'm just feeling so down this week. I kept comparing recovery to my c sections, which were okay for me. This is really hard. My new stomach just feels so weird at touch that I don't even want to touch it. I'm still upset with my belly button being the way it is. I'm walking straighter and doing so without pain medicine...but I just want to feel better and feel like myself again. I sort of feel like why did I do this to myself? I'm hoping next week I feel better :(

So today marks three weeks. I am feel better but...

So today marks three weeks. I am feel better but still some times begin to feel depressed with my stomach. Some days I'm happy and some I think why did I do this.

However, at three weeks I'm moving around okay and taking care of my house. Girdle is on for 8 hours of the day. But, I feel swollen and when I sit now I notice a little bulge that was never there. I'm hoping it is just swelling and my stomach will look flatter as it decreases.

So I just noticed today I Have fresh new stretch...

So I just noticed today I Have fresh new stretch marks. I never in thought to think if I would gain any from the stretching of the skin. Between swelling hell and now this...I can't win! Can't wait for things to start looking better and I can work out again.
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Hi! You may want to keep your CG on more during the day. If I am at home I wear the Veronique one they put me in right after the surgery and actually it's a smaller one cuz the 1st one has gotten loose. If I am going out and about I wear spanx under my clothes so I am literally in some type of compression garment 24/7 except for showering. It's definitely supposed to help with swelling and keep your incisions flat. You might try it and see if the swelling subsides any. I will be 4 weeks PO 2morow and I am already super active....probably more than I should be but only have minor swelling in the evening. Give it a shot...I know the cg's are a pain but I do think they serve a purpose ;)
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Great idea, but my PS has you wear it for 8 hours of the day so you don't get use to having one on. I'm flat in the morning because I wear it once I am home and all night. Ill Bring it up on Monday at my check up :)
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Hi Audee. Which spanx so you wear when your out and about?
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Hi! I wear the little shorts one where you pull it on and it's like a shorts romper that covers all of your tummy and is like a little tank top too that you can wear any kind of bra with. If you look at my post and pics I have on a Black one in one of the pics..it's very comfortable!
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I have a shorts one too I wear or I have one callee the bellyfit that compresses my waist and snaps on the bottom. Do you feel like no matter which CG you use...when you take it off you have marks?
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I do...especially with the Veronique one...that's the one I sleep in. The spanx are much smoother and more comfortable. I can't wear the Veronique under my clothes tho cuz the legs are bulky and its thicker and I'm in AZ and its already 90 degrees so I'm in summer dress or long flowy skirt and tank....it's hot ;) hoping to be out of CG at 6 weeks and maybe just wear it to sleep... Fingers and toes crossed ;)
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Yeah, I kinda noticed a few little stretch marks that I hadn't noticed before. I rub Bio-Oil on my tummy two to three times a day. It is suppost to help. You might want to give it a try. :-)
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Thanks so much! I'm going to pick it up. How is your recovery? I'm 3 weeks out and have good and bad days lol
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1hotway how does your bb look now? I was looking in your posts.
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Well, I have yet to post an after pic because I've been waiting for a good moment of non swelling. Lol! I took one the other day. I am going to upload it now. I have been taping a marble in my BB to try to open it up. I asked the Doctors on here if they thought it looked okay for being 5 weeks PO. They all said yes, that my BB should open up as swelling decreases. One doctor also said that them marble trick does work very well, but you have to use the right size and leave it in for 12-18 hrs a day. Hope this helps. You look great!!! :)
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I have so many stretch marks to begin with, I don't think I would have noticed new ones! I decided the ones below my BB look like flames.. Might have fun with them with some permanent markers! :) Atleast make them more colorful! I think you look great! 3 weeks out, your body is probably just waking up and saying " what the fiddlesticks did you do to me woman? ".. ALOT of us women on RS have something in common.. No patience!! ( me probably being one of the worse ones ) You have atleast 3 more weeks where you should be lazy and order family members around to get you this and that! ;) Keep us posted how you are doing, feeling!
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Thank you so much! Yea I have two small children so its hard to sit around lol But yes I never thought healing would be this long! I'm such am active person that I'm having a hard time with it. Now my belly button has a pink ring around it (hope that is apart of the healing process). How far out are you?
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I am 1 month today.. I'm not a exercising kinda chick.. But am a clean freak, so the house is driving me nuts! Kids are great, but they clean like kids! :) I don't see my PS again for 2 weeks, so he must have been pleased with what he saw.. Keep an eye on your bb, but probably just healing... :)
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Oops, I meant I don't see my PS for 2 months! :)
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May have a reason for new stretch marks. Apparently it's not a good idea to wear anything under you CG'S. I was scolded by my PS last week for doing so. She said that anything underneath it, including panties or tanks will leave permanent indentions that may resemble stretch marks. Hope that helps.
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Wow!! Thank you for that! How far out are you??
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I am 4 weeks today. I haven't posted my story yet, but will soon. ;) happy healing.
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It's killing me to not lift. I am not a cross fitter but I do Olympic-style lifting and strongwoman training. I used to train 4-5 days per week! How are you dealing with the lack of exercise?
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I'm having such a hard time, I think that's why I'm having ups and downs. I lift m 6 month old but it kills me to workout. Monday (4 weeks) I can do cardio so going to start there. I just feel like my body looks so different from not working out. How are you handling it? How far our are you? I'm 3 weeks and just want to fast forward past this swelling stage! Lol
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I am 3 weeks, too. I am lifting my one-year-old but that's it. Every time I go to do light cardio (walking on the treadmill at the gym) I feel like everyone is looking at me like I am "that girl" that goes to the gym and does basically nothing. It's hard but the healing is worth it, I guess!
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Wow....the gym?? My doc said no gym til at least 6 weeks! Make sure you're not overdoing it. I am back to doing everything I was before...cleaning, hauling groceries...stocking my outside fridge full of waters, soda etc...pretty much lifting whatever I need to but no gym yet...and I am 4 weeks today!
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My doc cleared me for light cardio at two weeks post-op. I am certainly not overdoing it - I am so bored and walking on the treadmill doesn't even get my heart rate up at all! I was in pretty good shape before the TT though so maybe that's why. :)
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Good for you then! I would feel sad tho to be at they gym and not going full bore too! I'm sure you will be back hard core before you know it ;)
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Thanks, I hope so. I go with my husband so I walk and then read while he lifts. :/
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well Im glad to see Im not the only one, having what I hope is swelling and not fat, Im 3 weeks out and Im swollen, very sore, more sore today then the day I had it. Ive been really down cuz I thought well Ive done to much and just wasted 11000 dollars, so Im glad to see there are others doing the same, good luck on your recovery
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