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3 weeks PO with pictures! Anyone else gain NEW stretch marks?

Hi, I am having a TT done tomorrow. I am extremely...

Hi, I am having a TT done tomorrow. I am extremely nervous! I am 24 and had two children. I was never heavy my entire life, until I had my son. I blew up like a balloon! I gained 70 pounds with my first and learned my lesson with my second...only gaining 15 pounds! I am a workout junkie now and do Crossfit 4 x week. I have worked very hard and found my stomach was just getting worse with the weight I have been loosing.

I am down to my goal weight and would like to get rid of my old lady skin I call it LOL I can cover it up well in clothes, but I would never parade in a bathing suit, which is something I would love to!

Any suggestions for recovery with a 4 month old and a 2 and a half year old?


Welcome to the community.  You are looking good so hang in there and rest!  

Keep us up to date on your healing progress.

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Hope all is well!!
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Good luck!!!
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So 6 days PO. I am nervous if I'm doing too much...

So 6 days PO. I am nervous if I'm doing too much and will help out and then sit. I just am scared I could ruin my result. I squat down if really needed to pick something up and use my legs to come up. I still find it hard to get in and out of bed without using muscles at all...but try each time. If I was ruining my result or opening stitches up...would I know?

I still have the drains in...can't shower still...and wear my compression garmet 24:7. I don't go back to the dr until next week. I want to try to go In this week. I'm scared that I'm over doing it even though I feel fine!

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I was having some irritation with the gamet and...

I was having some irritation with the gamet and the dr told me to put gauze by where it's rubbing. I noticed my belly button was so swollen it looked like a big califlower ear! Is this normal?


Check out my belly button pictures on my TT review. There is such a difference every few days. I HATED mine at first I was so scared! Now it's looking so much nicer!! Keep your head up and remember this is quite a lengthy healing process.. You look great to me.. My PS just took my bb stitches out at my 2 week post op and It has really made a difference.. :) You'll be fine!! :)
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You look very swollen and i agree with 1hotway that the swelling makes it pop out. When the swelling goes down your bb will start going back in. Mine looked a little flat too in the first few weeks but if you look at my pictures it's in again. Give it time you look great already!!! Happy healing!!!
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Thank you! I'm going to look at your pictures now!

Day 7 PO still not walking straight but some pain....

Day 7 PO still not walking straight but some pain. I'm still upset with my belly button that I don't even want to look at my stomach anymore. Can't wait to go back to my PS this week.


You look amazing! I'm sure things will change a lot with your BB and like people have said there are many tricks to make you like it more :)
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At 7 days pre op I hated my belly button, it looked like a giant crater, but now im 18 days out and Im loving my new bb, so give it some time there is still alot of swelling and see how it looks about 15 days out. By the way you look simply beautiful.
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Thank you so much. I'm so glad I found this site. You are truly are amazing! I'm going to look at your pictures now :)

Well today is day 8. Work up and so far no pain...

Well today is day 8. Work up and so far no pain medicine needed! Going to see my PS today. Still have drains in and will update with a picture this afternoon.


Thank you. Starting to feel like why did I do this to myself sometimes.

So I am 9 days PO and I'm just feeling so down...

So I am 9 days PO and I'm just feeling so down this week. I kept comparing recovery to my c sections, which were okay for me. This is really hard. My new stomach just feels so weird at touch that I don't even want to touch it. I'm still upset with my belly button being the way it is. I'm walking straighter and doing so without pain medicine...but I just want to feel better and feel like myself again. I sort of feel like why did I do this to myself? I'm hoping next week I feel better :(


How are you feeling today? I hope you are finding some relief! Thinking of you!
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My word girl...a 2 1/2 year old and a 4 mos old alone is a lot to have on ones plate let alone recovering from a major surgery! Don't be so hard on yourself. I would think you would still be emotional from just having a baby 4 mos ago by itself! My daughter is 11 and going on 18 but I still have so much to do with her....school, homework, dance 6 days a week and her other social outings but I don't have to wipe her butt or bathe her. I think you may be wondering "why you did this to yourself" because you did not look horrible to begin with. I felt the same way for a bit...thought maybe I should of just accepted my lil skin and be happy that I'm a tiny size 0...BUT....then again there's nothing wrong with wanting our pre-mommy baby bodies back. I'll say it again...relax...don't beat yourself up and just focus on your end result and your recovery. Pretty soon surgery and recovery will be just a memory ....kinda like how we somehow forget how bad "labor" is ;) I'm 13 days out today and everything has been really great but I have had emotional ups and downs too. Hang in there ;)
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Oh sweetie! I'm 8 1/2 weeks out and still waiting for swelling to go down and it's hard at times, but the extra skin is gone and everything is tight. The bb will come, it just has to heal. It's very normal to feel down, it's a long recovery, but it does get better every week. Like Lacey says, it's a MAJOR surgery and does take longer to heal from then a c-section it seems, plus we don't have that little one as a reward, this time it's for us and the incision is much bigger, though this time the muscles haven't been cut, they've been repaired. It is a different type of surgery and our bodies are sort of in shock with what has been done. Take it day by day. You will feel stronger and better soon. Give yourself time to heal. You look fabulous, just keep that in mind!
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So today marks three weeks. I am feel better but...

So today marks three weeks. I am feel better but still some times begin to feel depressed with my stomach. Some days I'm happy and some I think why did I do this.

However, at three weeks I'm moving around okay and taking care of my house. Girdle is on for 8 hours of the day. But, I feel swollen and when I sit now I notice a little bulge that was never there. I'm hoping it is just swelling and my stomach will look flatter as it decreases.


well Im glad to see Im not the only one, having what I hope is swelling and not fat, Im 3 weeks out and Im swollen, very sore, more sore today then the day I had it. Ive been really down cuz I thought well Ive done to much and just wasted 11000 dollars, so Im glad to see there are others doing the same, good luck on your recovery
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Yes yes and yes..I am 3 wks exactly today and am super swollen today probably the most than any other day. I have beem doing more around thw house as well, not sure if thats the reason for the swelling but it really sucks and is depressing. .hope it works itself out...have you started treating the scar?
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Yes! I'm using scar guard.... What about you? I think my compression garmet is getting bigger too.. Maybe I should buy something smaller?

So I just noticed today I Have fresh new stretch...

So I just noticed today I Have fresh new stretch marks. I never in thought to think if I would gain any from the stretching of the skin. Between swelling hell and now this...I can't win! Can't wait for things to start looking better and I can work out again.


Hi! You may want to keep your CG on more during the day. If I am at home I wear the Veronique one they put me in right after the surgery and actually it's a smaller one cuz the 1st one has gotten loose. If I am going out and about I wear spanx under my clothes so I am literally in some type of compression garment 24/7 except for showering. It's definitely supposed to help with swelling and keep your incisions flat. You might try it and see if the swelling subsides any. I will be 4 weeks PO 2morow and I am already super active....probably more than I should be but only have minor swelling in the evening. Give it a shot...I know the cg's are a pain but I do think they serve a purpose ;)
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Great idea, but my PS has you wear it for 8 hours of the day so you don't get use to having one on. I'm flat in the morning because I wear it once I am home and all night. Ill Bring it up on Monday at my check up :)
Hi Audee. Which spanx so you wear when your out and about?
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