Full TT - Finally Did It.

I had my Full TT done yesterday at 10:00 AM....

I had my Full TT done yesterday at 10:00 AM. Everything went well Thank God. However I haven't been able to sleep at all. I feel the need to urinate every 10 minutes, Other than that I'm doing great. Is this normal?

I will post some before and after photos. Pain so far so good. I will update on that too:)

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 As you can see from my 1 day post TT. I'am a...

 As you can see from my 1 day post TT. I'am a bit disappointed. I can see all stretch marks and my belly button looks weired. Am I being to judgmental too soon? 


I think you have the right to be concerned. the position of the scar is way too high. do I see another scr on the upper abdomen why? Your preop pics show you were ideal for a tummy tuck and a GREAT result. Was your Surgeon a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON?
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Yes much to soon but I don't know I was unsure about my own as soon as I saw it... I was not happy line was too high than placed I told him not to go onto my hips etc etc... Everything was all wrong and now I am 6 months later and still dealing with major issues, keloiding, hiding it is always a problem. So if you have doubts maybe you have reason to be concerned...Just keep in mind however the shock of a actual tummy tuck and what you do to yourself is traumatic. I mean everybody questions does it look right? and did I make the right decision. Give it a few weeks to see if your happy with the new figure. Belly Buttons I noticed tend to take a few months before they look normal and not like a folded piece of skin in a hole. Keep your support garment on. You dont wanna put unneeded tension on your wound causing it to stretch. Most people need to take care of this because in a few months if cared for properly you will have a flat, thin line. That when finally healed will be barely detectable. Make sure if any signs of keloiding start to occur notify your doc immediately and have the problem taken care of before it becomes a bigger issue. So just relax and give it a few months probably 3 before you seen some of what it's actually going to look like in the final result. Tummy Tucks are a long drawn out thing. They just don't tell you because most people would opt out to getting one. Good Luck!
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Thank you very much for your advise. I know is too soon for me not to be happy with TT, but I'm an emotional roller coaster right now.:) In regards to your scars try to massage it with fresh Aloe vera every day. Aloe vera does wonders to your skin. Good luck!

 it's been 5 days since full TT.  I As...

 it's been 5 days since full TT.  I As mentioned before I am NOT happy with the results. My scar is way too high. I can still see most of my streachmarks and belly button looks as if he didn't do anything with it...  I am very depressed and I dont know what to do at this point.. I waited 17 years to do have a full TT done.  I did a lot of research before picking my PS, I thought i picked a good one but per results I think i made a mistake... I am wondering if a second TT will fix the problem. Please HELP!! Give me some direction and advise on how to handle my situations.  Any PS on forum please see my before and after pictures  and tell me if i'm over reacting. 

Thanks in advance for your help..


i'm looking into a TT and lipo at the moment. Could you tell me how much time I would have off work? I am an echo tech in a hospital.
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Tummy Tuck include repair of the muscles. This is the painful part of the surgery. If your job does not require heavy activity then you may go back to work in 7-10 days I recommend atleast 2weeks off work and to the gym by the end of the third week.
Thanks for replying. Yes he is board certified. I used him 6 years ago to do my breast implant and i was 100% satisfied. I really don't know what happened here. I asked him more that once if he was familiar and experienced doing tummy tucks and to which he answer " all good PS are familiar with the procedure , it's one of the most requested by patients along with breast implants". The scar in upper abdomen are the lipo scars which he did at same time. I really don't know what to do at this point. I guess there's nothing I can do since the damage is already done..

Ok, I guess i was over reacting in regards to my...

Ok, I guess i was over reacting in regards to my results. I am starting to love my new belly now . It;s been 4 weeks since my TT and i'm seeing results now!:)


After a full abdominoplasty with muscle repair a 2 weeks off is good 3-4 weeks before any heavy activity
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Hi , i was out of work for two full weeks. Your surgeon will tell you how much you need off. Good luck!!

Photo Update


can you plz provide the name of your dr. thank you
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Joel Studin.. I used him before for other procedures. Good luck

After 18 months of having a full TT, i will be...

After 18 months of having a full TT, i will be going for a scar and TT revision next Wednesday. Now, i'm not sure whether will be worth going thru the whole thing again. I feel that i still have some loose skin and that the position of the scar can improve. My surgeon, is telling me that he will do the revision, however, within a few month my skin will be loose again due to poor elasticity. is that true? any thought?


hi there, i had my tt done by a very wonderful Doctor here in SC.. i like ur before pic, oh my.
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Hi Marina,

I talked to my PS today regarding my high scar. He said that if he made it any lower it wouldn't close. He promised me that it would be flat and it would has visible as my implant scars from 20 years ago around my areola. the scars he is referring too are almost impossible to see. I am 16 days post op and going through the same thing. It makes me sad to hear you feeling like this. Ya know, give it time. If it's not of enough skin then its not enough skin. How would you revise that if there is nothing to pull or remove anymore? How tall are you? I'm 5 two and very short waisted. I had a 4 to 6 inch seperation in my abdominal muscle and that was huge! So if you had something like this maybe what you see on the outside is because of the healing on the inside and you PS wants to make you feel he will take care of you with a revision because its better then having you feel doomed? Hey, If my huge ridge goes a way and my scar is flat as a pancake I'll take it. I don't care where it is. That how terrified I am I will always have a ridge that prevents me form wearing a dress that fits to the body, workout pants..or alot of other things because you can see the ridge. There is a lot of support here. I have a blog too but I dont see it. It was here for a bit prior to the last few newest blogs then it vanished. :-( Much good thoughts to you.
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thank you.. I know that the scar might fade with time. My issue and the reason for going for a revision is the loss skin underneath the scar.. (look at the pic) ugly! But I am little nervous about doing it again. Not sure is worth the risk.. :(. Do you have pics? before & after?
Please post.
Thanks for the kind words.
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just got tummy tuck done 12 hrs. ago.

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