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Hey Everyone Lemme start with I'm 32 yrs. old with...

Hey Everyone Lemme start with I'm 32 yrs. old with 2 wonderful boys 7 and 5. I'm pretty small from what ppl say, I'm 5'2 and weight 125lbs. After having my boys back to back cause my Lil one is about to be 6, I have gotten a belly. All my friends think I'm trippin but if I'm not comfortable in a tee shirt and I'm very self-con about my body. I don't buy the clothes I wanna buy cause I'm NOT one of them girls that will rock something and look stupid or look like I shouldn't be wearing it. I've wanted this for years and finally just did some homework and booked my Lipo. How it all Started I googled a lot of places and Dr's and I cam across Dr.Marciano in Great Neck I went in sometime in Jan of 2013, Mind u I go and the Dr is cold and stag8 to the point kinda like Blah Blah its $6500 yea hurry up and get out. OK so I had time to think about it and I thought Damn she's a bitch cause she didn't even make me wanna come and give her 6 THOUSAND 5 HUNDRED Dollars in one freakin day. So I went on to my groupon and saw that she had a deal. I called and the girl on the phone was sweet and we made an appt. for me to come in Feb 7th.. So I go and let her know I was their last month and she was nicer and showed me before and after pics, looked at my problem areas and gave me my appt. which I wanted asap. I put $500. down to hold my date March 13th. So my Big day comes and I can't wait. My Appt. was for 10am so one of the girls called me the day before to tell me my appt. is at 12:30pm and it wasn't cause I have the paper that I signed it said 9:45am but I didn't wanna fight or get crazy so I was cool with it. She asked me if I started taking my Keflex (which u start to day before ur big day)I said yes and Oh and u have to get blood work done the week before ur big day as well. I did a lot of reading and got my Arnica pills (which she sells their if u can't find it) and I got Bromelain 500 mg (From Pineapple providing 1,000 GDU) it helps with the swelling and I got some sliced pineapples on deck. So I get their at 12pm and waited till one of the girls came out. I used the bathroom then talked to Dr.M I paid $2000. and Split the $1700 into 2 payments for April and May on my C.C. So they tell Me to Change into my paper clothes. Lol. The assistant gives me 2pills one for pain and one to stay clam. We were talking shyt while getting everything ready. Boom Dr.M comes in and she was awesome. She was telling me everything she was doing step by step. That was nice. I have Pics and Videos threw the whole thing. When we were getting close to finish, that shyt was burning around my belly button, which is the worst part and hurts. I sucked it up and took the pain. She stood me up to see if it was even and I laded back down she did a lil torking and she was done (thank god) I was super sore. The assistant patched me up and put me in my body suit. I felt super sick and I got really pail and had to sit down. Drank some gatorade and ate some pretzel sticks and felt better. They told me to keep my suit on 24hrs then shower wash it and put it back on. So I got home and I was hurt. I had one of my friends drop me some pain pills. They were gonna give me Vic's but I can't take those I'm allergic. (crazy right) so I was draining all night. I couldn't really sleep. I couldn't wait to take a shower I was full of blood and fluids but had to wait till 6pm. So one of the girls from the office called me and checked to see how I was feeling. That was nice. Finally 6 came and I had the hubby help me. I showered and felt a lil better. Boy I like what I see already. I laded down and waited for my garment to be cleaned. I was very uncomfortable the 1st 3nights. Tomorrow makes a week, Im still hurt but I can move around and do small things around the house. I started taking water pills today cause I'm still bloated. The Mornings suckkk its hard to move around I guess cause I've been laying on my back all night and not being able to move around sucks. They tell u to wear Ur suit 12hrs on 12hrs off. I like have it on even tho it hurts I feel tight and nothing is moving when I wear it. Omg I went to drop my kids off to school and every lil bump u feel and hurts like hell if u don't have Ur suit (garment) on. Over all I'm glad I did it cause I just wanna be happy in my Skin. Hope this helped out. :) Will post updates after my appt. next week.

Hey everyone yesterday made a week that i did my...

Hey everyone yesterday made a week that i did my triplex and now I'm a lil worried. the swelling is still there. Ive been taking the water pills and nothing. My bra line is flat but my belly is bloated and hard. When i touch my skin around my belly and flanks its hottt like hotter then the rest of my body. I don't like the way i feel i look like I'm prego and trust I'm not I've had my IDU for 5 yrs (i have the 10 yr one) and hasn't done me wrong. My belly button is bothering me, when my shirt touches it, its a weird feeling. I wear my suit all the time last night i didn't sleep with it on. Did this happen to anyone else? I'm going into the office tomorrow like >wtf?...!
When you go to see her ask her to check for a seroma which is fluid under your skin, if so then it needs to be aspirated. I did a consult with her long story short i ended up getting a tummy tuck. I'm p.o.3 mths.I'm still swelling just not as bad. Which can last up to 6mths or more. Your symptoms are similar to tummy tuck the swelling should go down but it takes time it varies from person 2 person. Give yourself / body some time to heal. I hope you start seeing results soon.
Thank u i will defiantly tell her that. I hope all works out with u as well.
Thanks n good luck

So the girls called me from the office this...

So the girls called me from the office this morning cause I called last night. they told me the Dr was on Va-k which I knew cause we were talking about it in the office. Anyway I told her my symptoms and she was telling me back what I wasn't saying but I was going threw. I told her I don't care I still wanna come in so she can see what I'm talking about and she was sweet and said that's fine. I got there in 20mins.lol walked in and gave her a sad face she brought me into the room and I took off my suit she looked and touched and told me its normal to be swollen. I told her about my hot skin and she said that, that happens and that its only been a week. she asked if Ive had fever i said no, did i throw up? no. O and she told me to massage it myself when I'm just sitting doing nothing. When the Dr gets back she is gonna prob write up a script for water pills (which r stronger then the shelf ones) and gave me a number to a lymphatic massage person. She asked if my incisions r closed I said yes she said so I can start the Lym massages..( O what pain) I haven't taken pain pills (Advil) today to see if I will get a fever and I have been good all day. So I guess only time will tell. O and she said that Vela shape in 2months is gonna help 2. UMMMM 2months, I better not even have this shyt in 2 months. Not for nothing I do see the Top part that's flat getting lower, kinda like the swelling in moving down. I cant explain.
Since the Dr wasn't in I called my girlfriend in PR cause she did Tummy Tuck & Lipo and she said u will swell ur 1st week, that I should give it another week but to start the Lym massages and she said they HURT LIKE HELL. I wasn't done there lmao I went and spoke to my friend the pharmacists and he said its happens to give it a few weeks. OKKKK uggg Y did i think i was gonna be instantly skinny and fly..lol
Well hope everyone has a nice weekend. I will write if things change. :)
Sounds infected, see doc ASAP, I am an RN. Surprised they didn't say if redness, warmth and swelling occur to contact them immediately! Those are SURE signs of infection. Hope you are ok. I have had Lipo, tummy tuck, many others lol. Never those symptoms. Btw girls and boys, if you gain weight after your 'work' is done, you will need a re-do. I am 53 and had my first Lipo at 38 on belly after c-section. Have gained and now lost again, need new tummy tuck, but not a lot of skin now.
thank u for ur concern, I went today and my doc is on Va-k. I saw the nurse and this is normal in some ppl. another tummy tuck. omg.. Im over this shyt. I had 2 c-sections and now lipo, I'm not doing anything else..lol good luck
You sound like you are infected, see doc ASAP!!

Hey Guys, Just wanna give u a lil update and a...

Hey Guys,
Just wanna give u a lil update and a TIP. I didn't take any pain meds yesterday or today to see if I would get a fever and I didn't. Ok so the swelling is still their but it's not hot anymore and I don't feel like Im gonna blow up. lol My belly is still very hard and I have a lil lump over my belly button but Im not scared yet. I've been rubbing it all day. Not for nothing the Lipo has me sitting up strg8 all day, which is a good thing. I took some more pics to keep up the update.

Now TIP...
So my suit (garment) hurts me on the sides cause it pinches my sides and it's denting my sides making marks and dents. (pics will show what I mean) Guys u will love me after this info. So I said to myself lemme try maxi pads to make it a lil plush and I did.. OMGG ur not gonna wanna take ur suit off cause u will be comfortable, tonight i will sleep with it on just cause. Lemme know if it works for anyone else. Today I had a good day.

Happy Sunday Everyone, Tomorrow I'm going for a...

Happy Sunday Everyone,
Tomorrow I'm going for a massage I'm nervous just cause I know its gonna hurt. :( But I cant wait at the same time cause I feel I need it. I'm so hard and tight and don't wanna stay that way. This is what I'm going for:

Chandra Herbal Therapy for Post Liposuction :
A 1-hr detoxification session to enhance your recovery period. Our herbal oil massage stimulates lymphatic drainage, greatly lowering the risk of infection, and improve circulation, preventing build up of scar tissue. A hot compress massage follows, relaxing tight muscles due to trauma. We conclude with Chandra herbal tummy wrap to reduce swelling and bruising. (60 minutes)

If any one wants info just hit me up.. I will post how it went..

Hi guys, Ok so last night I slept without my suit...

Hi guys,
Ok so last night I slept without my suit and was ok. I got to sleep on my side for the 1st time since SmartLipo it hurt but I did it anyway. My appt. for my Lymphatic massage was today @ 10am I was scared. I got their at 9:45am and the place was soooo peaceful which took some of my fear away. Suzzane was soooo sweet she saw that I was nervous. She asked me a few questions and told me what to expect. When I took my clothes off she looked and touched my belly and told me I don't look bad at all. (I wish I thought the same) I was hard but she will fix that. I posted before what massage I was going for.

Guys I'm not gonna lie, it hurt but like a good hurt. All I was thinking was if I don't do this I'm not gonna heal right. So I sucked it up and took the pain, we were talking the whole time so time flew. Since I didn't wear my suit Suzzane put a herbs mix on my belly and wrapped me up tight...
I love it. She told me to sleep with it on and shower tomorrow. I feel so good. I paid' for 3 Lymphatic massages today so thats one thing I don't have to worry about plus I got 10% off for buying a package. Posted New Pics from today..
If any one is doing Lipo in NY u really should go to Suzzane @ Chandra in flushing she was soo sweet and knew what she was doing.. I can't wait to go next week
The website is:
Ok so your still new. My swelling lasted about 2 weeks then I started noticing all the imperfections.My fingers are crossed you end up fabulous.You are informing yourself well, super smart. Be careful the garment doesn't dig because you can get dents. And you can wear it longer if you choose. Dr Reye has a line of garments at like j c Penney as well but not surgical grade. Ill keep an eye on your updates sweetie ok? Ill tell you all I can. Just because I regret mine doesn't mean I don't have highest expectations for you. Keep in touch.
Thank u so much for ur positively. Yes, I've been reading and doing my homework. I like to ask questions. I know, the garment hurts thats y I put pads in it. lol Yoga sounds good I might start doing that as well once I can. I will deaf keep in touch. I love that I found the site blog to relate with other ppl that r going or went threw the same thing. Cause most of my ppl don't even know I did it. I will check out JC.Penny's thank u once again.. ;)
No problem honey. Keep spirits up and keep in touch. B B

Hey guys just want to fill you in on what's been...

Hey guys just want to fill you in on what's been going on lately.. On Wednesday made 2 weeks and I went to go see the doctor. It was cool she said I was healing nicely and to keep going to get my massages and she'll see me in 2 more weeks. so I couldn't wait to go. Thursday came and I went to go do my massage it didn't hurt as much as the first time but it still hurt. She did the same thing she did the first time with the herbs and wrap me up tight. . And she gave me some extra herbs and oils 2 wrap myself of the following day. I will pull some new pictures so you guys can see the progres. The massages should be consistent at the beginning so your skin doesn't stay hard.
Just a quick note. One of my best friends did just her flanks and its been about 4 years and they look great still. She said she was numb there for almost 6 months. In all my research I have found this...flanks get best results, arms are worst. Thinner people who have little pooch here or there have best results overall. Thin people who don't have problem areas often get burnt or dented from too much fat being removed. You had a pretty supple tummy with a bit of pooch so you got excellent chances of good results. If your surgeon removed the fat in a consistent manner, you shouldn't have problems. IF YOU GET DENTS do not let them use fat from any areas that have had the fluid in it to fill them! !!!. That fat and area is tainted so if you use it you'll get lumpy and bumpy. That's what I didn't know. So I went from 2 thumb length dents to ...a lumpy mess. Bumps are a completely different issue, those are missed areas and they must be isolated very skillfully and redone. 1. You can still gain weight in those areas even though they swear the fat cells are removed 2. You can get weight redistribution to other areas that haven't been worked on 3. There isn't really much sculpting and lots of people never see this "skin tightening" they swear by. Those people often get loose skin instead. All these things happened to me. I don't know why some people have swelling for months and months, mine was gone in two weeks. That's when I noticed how bad I looked. This is Just What Happened To Me, well, and some other girls here. If you have a smooth appearance, keep it. You will see enough results to boost your energy and ego :-) but if you go back in to get more removed you have greater odds of being lop sided or lumpy. I took photos yesterday 2 years after both surgeries and both redo surgeries. My tummy is less noticeable than a year ago but its still jacked and my inner thighs are still unspeakable. Don't be hasty about getting redone, I wish I wouldn't have but I didn't know better. They were the pro, right? So you have this site, when you find a post like yours click on all the other people posting. If I found this site before hand, I would have cancelled the whole thing. But you got all us to help with advise and results so your 2 steps ahead sweetie. Its only fair I post some pics tomorrow so everyone can see what I look like after a couple years after a botched job. Keep reading. Don't be hasty about getting back on that table. Kisses from Cali B B
Ms.B.B and her great info is always so helpful.. :) I'm still getting my masssges and I'm still hard but in time i hope it will soften up. Tomorrow will make 3weeks..
Yesterday, I had my surgery. So far, so good. I was comfortable during the procedure. It pinched in one area but that was the worst of it. I just hope both sides are even. I have not taken off my compression garment off to assess the area. Im up and ready to cook Easter dinner. SMILE!

Hey Guys just wanna update u on whats going on. Ok...

Hey Guys just wanna update u on whats going on. Ok today makes 3 weeks. I went for my last massage Mon but I got 3 more cause Im still hard and to be honest I feel like there working for me. If it wasn't for Suzzane rubbing me down and wrapping me up I think I would have still been bloated. My belly is flat but I do have stretch marks and once Im done healing I will work on getting rid of them.
I still wake up in pain but not pain like omg it hurts its sore pain I guess from healing. I massage myself every night after my shower for about 10mins it hurts cause Im rubbing deep but I do it anyway. I likeee a lottt the way I look cause I feel confederate in my clothes but till I get rid of the stretch marks I wont LOVEE the way I look.. I actually got myself a mini dress for the
Alicia Keys concert on Fri I can't wait to wear it.Posting some new Pics so U guys see whats going on..
I am so happy to hear you are doing well. I am 5 days post op. I see results but I only got my lower abs done. I think i might get my love handles done. That may define my waist more. When did you start getting your massages. I am definitely going to Suzzane. Happy that you are doing better!
Yes go to her, I started@ almost 2weeks.. shes great

Hola everyone, I went to see Suzzane today and...

Hola everyone,
I went to see Suzzane today and she is loving what she see's. She's leaving on Va-k for a week :( she needs to rest those hard working hands. lol. So thats y I went to go see here and Im going to the Alicia Keys concert tomorrow and didn't wanna look like i couldn't breath. lmao Im still a bit hard but I knowwww thats gonna take time but Im healing nicely from what I see and what Suzzane is telling me. I see Dr.M next week lets see what she saids.
Looking wonderful!
Thank Hun I really appreciate it. :)
Looks good! Yeah, usually results are not instant. Lol 3-4 months to see the final sometimes even more. Good luck!

Hey Guys, Hope everyone is heeling well and all...

Hey Guys,
Hope everyone is heeling well and all others doing their research. On Weds 4/10 makes 4 weeks post Op. I'm feeling good. Suzzane has been away all week. I have been massaging myself and keeping myself wrapped. I'm feeling good and looking good. I have been wearing things I would never wear not cause I couldn't cause I didn't like the way I look.
I have a lot of my friends asking what I have been doing. I wanna just laugh but I say I have been working out and eating right. LOL I'm posting some new pics to keep u guys up to date.
Dubby..:) You look great :)) keep up the good work I have scheduled to meet with Suzanne Next week will keep you posted with pics soon!!! Thanks so much for the info once again!!' Let's get this swelling under control LOL!! Summer is almost here :-))
Yay..! I'm gonna see her tomorrow. Lemme know what day nextweek we can meet and chat. :)
Hey Sweetie:)) I would love that :-D!!! girl chat and meeting you, you seem like such a great gal :)) I have scheduled to see Suzz...next Friday morning at 9:30am but I just realized that I am also scheduled to see Dr. M at the same time lol I may have to reschedule Suzz and see Dr. M for my post op. I should reschedule with Suzz for that Sunday if she is there ... Due to my crazy work and college schedule ... I'm all over the place!!! I will let you know soon... Question how long did Dr.M take to do the Vela on you ?? And was it worth it ??? and whats the procedure like ?? lol im sorry too many Q...lol Because I have three free ones. Thanks... BTW looking amazing keep up the good work :))

I'm so mad I updated last night and it erased...

I'm so mad I updated last night and it erased everything I wrote. So I'm gonna keep it short and simple. I went to see Suzzane Mon, I couldn't wait I missed them. I was very jealous of there tans.
On Weds I made 5 weeks post and had my follow up with Dr.M She said I look great and I could do my 1st VelaShape today (it didn't hurt like I thought), I had time so I did it and booked my next vela appt. for next weds.
Here r some update pics, I'm a bit bloated in the (kiss my undies pic) cause I'm about to get my period next week.
Gonna go see Suzzane today 4/19 can't wait at 11am..
Tip Time:
If u did ur surgery or your about to do PLEASE get stool softer..! If u don't, u will be praying to God cause it's really gonna hurt when u do poo.
I should have wrote this before but I just remember.
Have a Great Weekend everyone
@Dubby, sweetie I was looking in someone called Mommy0608 profile and I saw one of your pics. I was surprised and just want to give you a heads up :) Let me find out people are actually taking pics on this for their benefit that would be crazy ..!!!
@Jan007 O hell no... for real..! My wifi has been acting up so i cant get on the web to update, i wrote back to u and young but it didnt go threw. Ugggg I'm gonna check it out thank u ..
@Dubby I got your comment sweetie.. Did you get a chance to look at that profile I gave you ??? That crazy!!!

Hey everyone omg i havent updated for a long time...

Hey everyone omg i havent updated for a long time but i know ppl just wanna see pics on weds i will hit my 9week mark. I have been good, still a lil hard but over all looking and feeling great. Suzzane worked her magic on me and I love her for that. A lot of ppl from here and from my dr's office have been going to her and say the same thing. here r some pics of whats been going on. Oh I got the ok to start working out which i did and u can see me toning up already. Im not going crazy just light work outs dont wanna push myself and swell up. Hope everyone is doing and felling well. Hope
all the mommies had a great mothers day..
Any update pics????
Hey @ Nic28 I updated.. How did it go with my girl Suzzane
Aww man Suzzanne is a sweet heart..but I don't think the massages are doing anything for me, however it feels really nice and that's what have me keep going back lol


Hey guys hope all has been well and everyone is doing what they gotta do to be happy.. I haven't updated in a min sorry. But anyway here we go. I'm healing well I have Afew lil lumps but nothing that I'm to worried about, I told the girls in the office about it and they said give it time which I will before I freak out, lol. I became 13 weeks on weds and only time will tell how I'm gonna look in sept when I go for my 6 month appt with Dr.M. I don't get massages cause I did 7 and I don't feel I need them but I don't miss my Suazzane. :( posted some pics so u guys can see the update. I just took these pics on weds so there 13 weeks pics..
Hey Dubby! How are you?
All is well I'm so man everything I wrote erased.. Grrrr.. Gonna update now hope all is well on ur end too. Xo

Update 14weeks

Okay so I feel tight at times and I'm still healing I love what I see and that's all that matters I have a few lumps,
But I will not worried till my six-month mark and September then I will have to take it up with Dr. M to see what will happen from then on other than that I'm happy in my clothes. I'm happy as a person and that's all that really matters I went to see my girl Suzzane on Monday Cause I'm bloated from my period. she brought that crap down I wish I had the money to see her at least twice a month because I feel like she really helped me at least.
I hit 14 weeks on Wednesday that just passed I'm super excited like I said I like what I C and that's all that matters I don't care about the stretch marks and I'm not so crazy about the lumps I'm just going to chill out and keep calm till September. Hope everyone is doing their homework and healing well and taking care of themselves hope everyone has a great weekend...
@Dubby .. Looking Awesome love :-D #keepupthegoodwork
you look fab, keep it up. Also I wanna thank you b.c. I started going to suzzane & I wouldn't have found her if it wasn't for you. I posted her info on my page for the T.T.sistas in NYC.
@Jizfiya Awwwww thank u that's y I wrote about her.. I'm so glad a few of u guys went to see my girl Suzzane.. She is the freaking best.. Good luck with everything.. Xo

It's been a minute

It's been quite sometime since the last time I was on the site.. These are pictures that I took the day I'm going to have to get a touch up. I went to see Dr.M in September and she said I looked great but there was this bump that was really bothering me so I came in a few months after she said we can do a touch up. Now I'm starting to notice that I have fat by my bar line on the sides and I want to get that ticket away as well.. I wanted to the touch up in March so hopefully she's available.. Over all I'm happy in my clothes I think I will be happier once I get touched up.. Take care..
I got my touch up today. Let me know how you are doing.
Omg how do u feel..? I wanna do it the end of this month or next month. I didn't set a date yet.. Did it hurt more or less.? Tell me everything.. Lol feel Better and rest.. Xo
The back hurt the most. She did great with defining my waist. So far I am happy! I bought my own garment to train my waist. I'll be posting pictures later today.

I'm not readyyyyy ( Kevin hart voice)

Okay so I've kind of been procrastinating on going to get my touch up. May 20 is the big day i'm so not ready but I'm ready. I already have my massages lined up with Suzanne, I can't wAit.
I'm going to post a few pictures that were taken a few months ago and some that I took the day.
I decided to add my bra line to be done as well. Cause when I spoke to Dr. M about the two little pockets on the side that I didn't like that part wasn't done. I hope she can fix the imperfections that I don't like because when I squeeze my stomach like pinch it I can feel that one side has more fat than the other so hopefully it all evens out this time.. Cause I ain't doing the shit again..! Lol
U r a couple days out from touch up. How r u doing?
Hey I'm sore but well thank u.. It wasn't as painful as the 1st go round. The massage did hurt I was holding my breath most of the time but Suzanne said it's better to go see her asap. I will keep updating. :)

Ok I did it..

Ok so I got my touch up with added bra line.. It went well. I did it may 20th and had an appt set up with Suzzane (massage) Fri 23rd ????. If u need her info it's on one of my updates.. She's the best.

Suzzane's Wrap

I wanted to post some pics from when Suzzane wrapped me tight with her herbs.. You have to stay with it on 24hrs so I did it Fri at 1:30pm I showered today around 4pm. MAKE SURE U WEAR CLOTHES YOU DONT CARE ABOUT AND COVER YOUR COUCH OR BED WITH TOWELS U DONT CARE ABOUT, it stains..
After I showered I just wanted to air dry.. Lol I can see that my belly is gonna black and blue. I'm so happy those lil fat pockets are gone.. I washed my black garment and put that back on.. I'm seeing Suzzane again Weds.
I can see the difference already. Good luck.

Wrap #2

I went to get my 2nd wrap on the 27th, it wasn't as painful as the 1st Im still pretty tight. As Suzzane works her magic hands u can see a difference right then and there when she's done. Love that lady.. I'm putting up her info again just incase anyone is looking for after surgery..
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Wrap #3

So I went to see DR.M on Monday 6/9 she said I'm heading very nicely. There's one lil part that I don't like on my right hand side. She said give it some time if it doesn't go down we might have to drain it. I think it's seroma uggggg another scar I don't want.. Anyway I love the way it can out everything is flat except that bump.
Anyway I went to see my girl Suzzane today for her to rub me down. Lol she said aswel just wait and see.. Ugggg to her too.. Lol
Hope my pics are helpful to u guys..
I wAs asked today if it's worth all the pain I said hell yea.. I would do it again..
I was told yesterday by my PS to start getting lymphatic massages, but I was wondering I don't know if I could use her with the herbs until my incision is closed. Does she do just the massage?
@halfbakedchica yes girl she is the bomb..!! She will tell u if u can use the herbs or not..
@ halfbakedchica Girl Suzzane is The bomba ..! She will tell you if you can use the herbs are not due to your incisions but if you don't want to use the herbs she won't use them

Wrap #4

So I did wrapped for last week Susan always with her healing hands I love I wish I had money for her to massage me at least once a week for months but I don't..
You can always see the difference after her massages how much flatter my stomach is.
Your revision looks great! Did you have to pay any additional money/fees for your revision?
Looking good!
Do u have any updates?!

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