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Neck Lift and Lower Face Lift

Surgery set for this Tuesday. My anxiety is so...

Surgery set for this Tuesday. My anxiety is so high I am thinking about canceling. I'm so afraid of not being presentable in two weeks (I have a very public kind of job, plus I am a local official so I am required to be very visible). I feel like I am being so self-indulgent. My husband is a dear but I have not told anyone else because everyone is so judgmental in this town. I want to look refreshed but not look like I had surgery. Worried about surgery (just in general), worried that I will look weird and everyone will know. Looking for reassurance that it will be ok. I know I sound incredibly whiny but I just needed to vent and you ladies can understand. I am trying to hard to relax but I just can't. I know I should feel excited but instead I feel so stressed.
Feeling stress and anxiety before surgery is very common! Vent away. :) Maybe you can make creative use of summer scarves while your neck is healing!

Please do consider posting photos on your review both so we can visualize your transformation and because photos are proven to increase engagement on reviews, and it sounds like you can use support.

I will be thinking of you tomorrow!

Sooooooo I did it!

After much angst, I woke up this morning with my anxiety in check. I'm convinced that menopause had something to do with my less than usual stoic demeanor (my regular doc actually confirmed this). Pulled myself together and went through with it all! Had the surgery this morning and was home by 2. I think the worst part for me is waking up from anesthesia. Right now, I look like a Teletubby with all the bandages lol. Pain is tolerable - have only taken extra strength Tylenol but I am having my hubby fill my pain medication just in case. I really don't like taking them, but i don't want to get stuck in the middle of the night. Icing my face from the laser and under my chin also. Behind my ears is starting to ache so I think the swelling is increasing. Going back tomorrow to get drains out so I will get a better look. If I'm brave enough, I will post pics. Thank you ladies for giving me the courage to do this. I really don't know if I could have done it without reading all of your posts.
YAY! Can't wait to see your results. Don't let "grumpy people" get your down. I'm sorry you had to read that comment on my review. We've both had great results!
I can't tell you how upset that made me.....I think I'll be fine - I'll be glad when I get the bandages and drains out tomorrow and then I'll have a good look see. I'm already glad because I can move my mouth well and it doesn't look stretched out which I was really terrified of.
I hate that one person feels like they have to rain on everyone else's parade. It seemed REALLY uncalled for on my page since I have like a thousand after pictures! Some people... Keep us updated on your progress and let us see that pretty mug when you're ready!

Feeling so much better....

Had my drains removed this morning - what a relief! Took a shower - ouch, the incision where the drains were really smarted but I got through it. So far, I've been able to use Extra Strength Tylenol most of the time. I did take Percocet in the middle of the night but that's been it and I probably won't use it again. My surgeon said everything looks good. I have to go back on Monday to remove my stitches. My face is pretty swollen - probably due more to the CO2 laser (I had it around my eyes and above my mouth. I 've been taking Arnica and Vitamin C like crazy. So far, I don't have much bruising but we will see tomorrow. I don't have to wear a compression garment but I'm still icing. I know I have a lot of healing to do.
Hey Peaches - I've been thinking about you. Sounds like everything went well. I am happy for you! Looking forward to hearing more about your progress.
I'm really feeling pretty good - I'm still using ice but I was wondering about trying heat pack on my neck because it feels so sore.
Peaches, you might want to check with your PS regarding ice or heat. Mine told me to use ice to hold down swelling for the first few days. After that, heat compresses to break up bruising. You sound like you are doing well so I would suspect that you can probably switch. The heat does feel good!!

I think boredom is the worst part!

I'm three days post-op. Not that this is a walk in the park, but I definitely feel better each day. I stopped icing and have been regularly massaging my head, face and neck to relieve the stiffness. I feel like it is really helping. My neck has turned a pretty shade of yellow and under my chin looks doesn't look great but that's because of the black stitching. I have even been gently massaging the area where my platysma muscle was stitched - that was the most sensitive spot for me and the pain has reduced greatly. The sides of my face are still pretty swollen but again, the massage seems to really help. I'm getting very antsy staying in the house but I did take my dog for a short walk tonight (in the dark lol). My face is peeling from the CO2 laser but it is looking better. Taking lots of arnica, Vitamin C and biotin. I've only taken extra strength tylenol since Wednesday morning. :)

Feeling great

Feeling great - I know I have at least a week before I can be seen publicly. Stitches come out Monday and bruising has to resolve. Will try to get a side pic up too
Congrats your pics look great,i can see a huge diference. Happy Healing
Looking great!

Day 9

As you can see, I have some uneven swelling and lumpiness. Not really concerned. I wear my hair long so it kind of detracts from the area. I have been out and about for days. No weird stares. I even have a thin tape over the under the chin scar which is healing nicely. My hairline stitches are healing great. Overall, I feel great! I have been massaging my neck area to try and decrease the swelling and bruising. The arnica and pineapple didn't seem to do the trick this time, but I feel like I am healing quickly I do feel a sort of pea like feeling in one portion of my neck near the platysmaplast and I think that's why I am swelling more on that side. Did anyone else experience this?
Thank u for the massage trick after surgery Will do this as I have my neck and lower face done on 29th Terrified and could still cancel
Google lymphatic massage. There are videos that show you where and how to massage. I did it in the shower every morning after my surgery and I think it helped.
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