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Invisalign !! - Great Neck, NY

After months of preparation.. I'll get my first...

After months of preparation.. I'll get my first trays on may 30! Really excited and anxious to get this going.. These reviews have been a huge help letting me know a little what to expect!

I'll be sure to upload pictures throughout.. I have major overcrowding issues on both my top and bottom teeth

Thanks for reading!! Any tips are greatly appreciated :)

Oh my gosh, 2 weeks and you will be Invisaligned!! Have you started gathering your little supplies like a nail file for sharp tray edges, a travel toothbrush and toothpaste, etc?


1 week till treatment

1 week and 1 day till I get my first set of trays! Wanted to post this for a good before pic..

Got my travel bag ready to go with my toothbrush, toothpaste and floss

Tray ONE

Just got home from my appointment and couldn't wait to update my review! I have read many people who said that there first trays were simple and the buttons came along after- not the case with my dentist. I couldnt believe it when he said everything would be done at once!! I got my 12 buttons (none on my front teeth) and he also did the tooth shaving (considering my very crowded mouth this was an intricate process) the buttons are not what I expected at all, nothing at all like brackets used for braces. The shaving was rough because of the difficulty on my teeth. Especially the bottom ones

So the entire process being done tonight came as a huge surprise but now that that's over- I'm even more excited to see the changes to come!! My dentist said my bottom teeth are going to straighten out slow and steady and I probably won't see changes in the top till we're close to the end.. Patience!
Wow, you got everything done at the very get go! Hope the first tray goes well for you and you can start getting your routine down. Advil and cups of ice are your new best friends!
youre not kidding! im hurting today!

Day 4 of tray one

OK.. it's now 4 days since I've begun treatment and the first 2 were not easy. It wasn't anything some ibuprofen couldn't help but I also stuck with soft foods. Now I've gotten a nice routine down which is definitely what it's all about.. In the morning I soak my aligners in Efferent (super cheap- only $5 @ Target for 120 tablets) brush them and pop them in for the day. I take them out for lunch, brush then put them back in. Dinner time same routine then before bed I soak them again and then back in they go. My ortho figured I would be compliant because I've seen the dark side of not listening to a dentist- SO TRUUE
Hi I'm in day 2 of my first set of trays in soooooo much pain. Not sure what to do and did yiu have any problem with your tonge being scrapped on bottom aligners?
My best advice - have toothpaste EVERYWHERE! haha In the car, at work, in your different bags....it gets a bit ridiculous. I'm pretty sure friends think I have an addiction to brushing my teeth because I haven't come out and said I'm having ortho treatment and that it's required....But I get compliments on the whiteness of my teeth all the time now ;) Ooh and make sure you use your Chewies so that the trays are in the right place!

Tray TWO

I switched out my trays last night (a few days early) because I'm going away this weekend and didn't want to be in pain. This time, I filed them before I put them in- huge difference and something I'll be doing for the rest of them! Today isn't so bad at all as far as pain goes. I'll definitely get another picture soon I don't know if it's just me but I see a difference!!
good luck with it! keep posting pics :) im thinking about getting invisalign soon, so im curious to know all the ins and outs!
day 2 is usually my worst day when I change the trays :( day 3 gets significantly better ..hope you're feeling more comfortable now!! i filed down the aligners before i put them in for the first time and it helped so much

tray 5

its been a while since ive updated! everything is going really well and its important to have a routine down! ive noticed a lot of changes in my teeth!! ill post another picture asap

im one week into my fifth tray and i lost my top aligner! for now- im wearing tray 4 but i have a call into my orthodontist to see what i should do..

Tray 6

So according to my dentist- ill skip to tray 6 tonight

How did skipping to tray 6 go? Was it no big deal or was it pretty uncomfortable??

hurts a lot going to tray 6 before my teeth were completely ready for it! usually by the second day the discomfort is gone.. not this time

tray 10

haven't updated in a while! it's been a busy semester and I'm very excited to share that I am almost halfway through my Invisalign treatment!! Changing the trays have gotten significantly more comfortable and I always take 2 ibuprofens and change them on a Monday night so 11/24 will be started on October 7th. My next dentist appointment is set for early November :)

Here's a new picture- I've seen a lot of change in my bottom teeth and the top ones are slowly coming together !!
Wow you already have great improvement!

Tray 18 out of 24 !!!

Haven't updated in a while! Went for a dentist appointment yesterday and everything is going as planned :) ! My bottom teeth will be done at tray 22 and then top teeth at tray 24 SO SOON
Wow, yeah, your teeth are looking great!  I just found your review.  I agree with viktoriajv below, though I suppose it may just be that it's easier to notice progress when it's extreme.  Still, very impressive progress.  Do you have an underbite or is that just how you smile to show your lower teeth? :D

Have you given any thought to the type of retainer you're going to get?
You're progress is amazing! Do you think you will need to get refinements?
wow! Absolutely fabulous! You know it is so funny that the people with a lot of crowding straighten out so quickly -- I was the same! And the people with teeth that don't look that bad take so much longer! Beautiful! I bet you are thrilled!

TRAY 22/24

I started tray 22/24 today !! My bottom teeth are done and the next 2 trays are passive aligners. My top are teeth are definitely coming together! I really can't believe how the whole process went so smoothly and fast! My dentist is so happy with my case he wants to submit it into Invisalign! Once my trays are done, he will have to do some bonding because my bite was off when my teeth were crooked and I grinded down on certain teeth :/
Your teeth have certainly made a lot of progress and they look wonderful! You should be really happy with your results so far. :)
thanks!! progress started off slowly, it was more noticeable in my bottom teeth and the top teeth really started to change later into the treatment. Patience and progress pictures kept me going! no underbite, was just smiling like that to show off the bottom teeth :)
thank you so much !! My dentist doesn't think i'll need refinements but we're not there just yet. I will need to do bonding because I grinded my teeth when my bite was off
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